Monday, December 3, 2012

Nickelback parodies

  • 'Look at This Instagram' Puts Modern Twist on Nickelback Song

    Now, College Humor is parodying the song in a music video dubbed "Look at This Instagram." Filled with original lyrics, the song pokes fun at Instagram users and their cliché photographs of inane crap.

  • Power Ranking the Biggest Twitter Beefs in Sports

    18: Peter Moylan Versus Nickelback. Hi-res- ... Do you remember that one time when Donald Trump was a respected business person with a successful television show and not a bombastic parody of himself? I know it seems like a while ago, but there was ...

  • Hits and Misses: Boy Meets World, Team Breezy Death Threats and more!

    While Two and a Half Men is the TV equivalent of Nickelback for me, I don't think he should've bit the hand that feeds him.

  • Musicĺs 3Rs 11.12.12: Donĺt Put Your Dick In Itů

    From Lil Wayne losing to Quincy Jones in court and Miley Cyrus getting an offer for lesbian softcore porn to No Doubt's controversial video, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger talking a roadie into a painful act and more, 411's Sean Comer breaks down the Right ...

  • Canada's least wanted

    ''You got me Nickelback?'' Yes, even nerds hate Nickelback. Unfortunately after this little bit of self-parody comes the song itself, which sounds like something co-written by Jack Johnson and Smash Mouth, and sung by a constipated musk ox. And that's ...

  • 10 Holiday Pet Peeves

    The fact they still play it during Christmastime when it seems like everybody hates the song is just as baffling as why Nickelback is still relevant even though everybody hates them. 3) Family Holiday SUDs -- I've talked about how I hate Stupid ...

  • X Factor goes to the movies

    Last week, Nickelback. This week, a pop/soul classic. The vocal is solid but unspectacular. It's missing all the dark tones and grit that Vino brought to his first few performances.

  • Steel Panther gig review - O2 Academy Bristol

    A parody band that Replace the innuendos and metaphors of a genre and indeed era gone by, with an ejaculation of hardcore sexual perversions, in your face vulgarity, and no holds barred offensive comedy, and it was nothing short of hilarious.

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