Thursday, December 6, 2012

Education: florida

  • New Thoughts And Old Thoughts On Florida Education From Indiana ...

    Next week the State Board of Education will interview finalists for to become the next Florida education commissioner.

  • Florida Teacher Evaluation Results Retracted For Education Department ...

    Florida's Department of Education released the first results of a sweeping new teacher evaluation system Wednesday morning that sought to provide more accurate data on teacher effectiveness and increase accountability.

  • Florida's Education Reform Model Can Unite Us

    In the wake of one of our most divisive elections, Americans are looking to our leaders to bring the country back together. No issue has greater potential to unite the country than improving the way we educate our children. If we love our children and ...

  • Funding reform for Fla. education

    Department of Education showed K-12 graduation rates for 47 states. Of these 47, Florida's graduation rates ranked at the bottom, surpassing only five others at 74.5 percent.

  • Fla. education chief defends teacher evaluations

    Florida's interim education commissioner says early glitches are no reason to slow the implementation of the state's new teacher evaluation system.

  • Education Foundation Blogger Defends Jeb Bush's Record

    Yet the state has moved the needle in a meaningful way. Does Florida have a very long way to go? Absolutely. Is everything Florida does perfect? No. Did Florida gains backslide a bit in 2011 after more than 10 years of solid gains. Yes. Does digital ...

  • Florida House Education Panel Gets A Language Lesson

    The new members of a House education budget panel got a lesson today in how to do their jobs. It's information the Florida House Education Appropriations Subcommittee will need before starting the work of crafting a massive education budget for 2013-14.

  • Dunn is finalist for Florida Education Commissioner

    Murray State University President Dr. Randy Dunn has been selected as one of three finalists to be the next Florida Education Commissioner. According to Florida Department of Education spokeswoman Tiffany Cowie, Dunn and the other two candidates will ...

  • Florida Board of Education Sets Goals Based on Race

    The Florida Board of Education recently voted to set student achievement goals in math and reading based on race and ethnicity, a decision that has received significant criticism as being narrow minded and discriminatory.

  • Florida names finalists for 401(a) financial education, advice

    Florida State Board of Administration, Tallahassee, named Ernst & Young Investment Advisers, Financial Engines Advisors and Financial Soundings Investment Advisor as finalists in a search for financial education and advice services to participants of ...

  • 13th Grade: Explaining the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test

    Students are considered college-ready if they score 113 on the math test, 104 on the reading test and 99 on the reading test. All three tests are scored on a 50 to 150 point scale.

  • Florida University Leaders Trying to Avoid Tuition Hike

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. รข€" State university presidents and student government leaders are offering Florida lawmakers a tuition deal.

  • Florida high-school graduation rate among nation's worst

    Florida's high-school graduation rate has climbed steadily in the past decade and this year made a sizable jump. But students still graduate on time far less often than those in other states, new federal data show.

  • Bennett seeking top FL education position

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana's outgoing state schools superintendent says he's applying to become the new Florida state education commissioner. Tony Bennett is a Republican who lost his re-election bid after a four-year term in which he pushed for ...

  • Rick Scott Wants Florida Colleges To Offer $10000 Bachelor's Degrees (VIDEO ...

    "Today, I'm issuing a challenge to our state colleges to help them improve the value of higher education for Florida families by improving affordability and results," Scott said at St. Petersburg College. "I'm issuing a challenge ... to find innovative ...

  • TEXT - Fitch affirms Florida Ports Financing Commission revs

    SECURITY The bonds are limited and special obligations of the commission, payable solely from $25 million appropriated annually from motor vehicle license tax revenues deposited into the state transportation trust fund, subordinate to the state ...

  • FWC Announces 2013 Python Challenge

    The kickoff is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the University of Florida's Fort Lauderdale Research & Education Center, which will hold its invasive species open house that day.

  • IN THE 13th GRADE

    But Rodicio said offering remedial courses allows Florida colleges to keep their doors open and give all students the opportunity to get a college education. A downside, Rodicio said, is that students who fail a remedial class are less likely to make ...

  • Jeb Bush weighs in on national and Florida education benchmarks

    Florida has been leading the way when it comes to setting new education benchmarks at the state level, and now, former Florida governor Jeb Bush has criticized the state of education in the United States, reports ABC News. According to Bush, the ...

  • BC-FL--Florida News Digest, FL

    TALLAHASSEE - Florida's interim education commissioner told worried lawmakers on Thursday that glitches in the first release of scores under the state's new teacher evaluation system are being fixed and that there's no reason to delay its implementation.

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