Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Own healthy mind & body

  • Gaiam Releases Colleen Saidman's Yoga For Weight Loss To Promote A ...

    NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Gaiam, Inc., the leading distributor of lifestyle media, announced today the release of Colleen Saidman's "Yoga for Weight Loss" DVD.

  • Believing the Mind and Body Are the Same Promotes Healthy Behavior

    One essay promoted the idea that the mind and body are separate (a philosophical position called "dualism").

  • How to Live Longer and Better: Design the Second Half of Your Life

    It's time for us midlife women to heed an important call-to-action to slow the progression of "chronic conditions" through healthy lifestyle changes that embrace mind, body and spirit. It's less about medical intervention and health care and more about ...

  • Frankie Muniz on mini-stroke: I'm happy to be alive

    Some people can even 'get high' off their own bodily chemicals, with enough training, but especially those patients whose bodies produce insufficient endocannabinoids to maintain good health, they need to consider turning to cannabis. It promotes a ...

  • Loss at the Holidays: Dealing With Holiday Cards, Loneliness and Relatives

    A week or so ago, I spoke to a bereavement group about staying healthy and happy through the holidays. The discussion quickly moved from holistic wellness (mind, body and spirit) to getting through the mental side of dealing with loss at the holidays.

  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum: A Report From the Trenches

    That's the word that comes to mind with the full-scale press that has descended upon the news that Prince William and his wife, Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their first child and that she is in the hospital for treatment of ...

  • Mind over body: Relaxing Your Way to a Healthy Heart

    "It appears that Transcendental Meditation is a technique that turns on the body's own pharmacy to repair and maintain itself," Schneider said.

  • What Kate Middleton Lost When Her Pregnancy Was Announced

    (That call is worth another outraged column all its own. Really?) Illness .... <strong> What's happening to Mom: </strong>You've got up to 50 percent more blood circulating in your body and your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit (it will get much ...

  • Letter: Recess good for both body and mind

    The Healthy Schools New York (HSNY) Initiative led by the Student Support Services Center (SSSC) at the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership is partnering with local school districts to enhance the academic success of students.

  • A Cupcake May Be a Healthier Choice Than a Muffin

    ... to be better off eating a cupcake for breakfast than a muffin. Not that I am endorsing either choice, mind you. ... What may seem healthy, or at least healthier, could be a bad choice for your body. Although most of us know to consult the nutrition ...

  • Prep girls' basketball: Healthy Bell eager to compete again

    "Being sick was a drag, but I knew that I had to sit out to get healthy. I'm ready to do what I need to for us to win.

  • New survey shows 47 percent of women gain four to five pounds during holidays

    The good news: By taking a holistic approach to managing your weight that incorporates your mind, body and spirit, you can avoid the risks of expanding your waistline.

  • 9 Smart Reasons To Second Guess Your Retirement Plans

    Retirees averaged a 0.24 increase in their Body Mass Index. "Given the increasing number of people approaching retirement age, the population level impact of the weight gain ascribed to retirement on health outcomes and health care system might be ...

  • The Happiest Place On Girth

    The co-authors, Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis, advise body-loathing women (of all sizes) who want to feel sexy to strut naked, in high heels, in front of their mirror.

  • Can Big Data Make Us Healthier?

    The exhibition hall was filled with sensor-based devices that can track blood pressure, body weight, blood glucose, pill-taking behavior, and just about any other facet of human life.

  • Mind, Body, Fitness Goals: How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight! (Part 1)

    A strong mind-body connection can help keep you totally focused on your workout, allowing you to work out more intensely and potentially burn more calories, while being mindful of form to ward off potential injuries.

  • Making it through the holidays after a loss

    Quite often during grief a person will neglect their own needs in order to "keep busy." Suffering the death of ... Your body needs nourishment, so eat a healthy and regular diet. Avoid junk food ... Your body and mind need time to rejuvenate. If you ...

  • Ageless Grace class at Hale Senior center shows you're never too old to wiggle ...

    ... tailbone to your neck." Ageless Grace is an organic movement rather than choreographed, she said. "It's up to me to facilitate the moves so the students can follow me and yet exert just the right amount of pressure for their own bodies." ... The ...

  • The Pulse of the NBA

    I asked Kevin Durant, a member of Team USA, following the Thunder's win in Brooklyn last night what came to mind when I mention the gold medal game and Pau Gasol, and his response was, "he's a beast.

  • New Frontiers for Heart Healthy Ingredients

    While some fibers work at countering plaque buildup by clearing cholesterol from the body, others have direct chemical reactions that positively affect blood flow and still others simply replace fat calories.

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