Thursday, December 6, 2012

Unemployment insurance extension

  • Unemployment Extension Demanded By Democrats

    "We have 2 million families that are in a very difficult situation if we do not extend unemployment insurance benefits," Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.

  • Obama must push for another extension of unemployment insurance

    Discussion over the fiscal cliff is focused on taxes and spending cuts, but there are other policy measures - unrelated to either - that are also due to expire at the beginning of next year.

  • Majority of Senate Democrats back federal UI extension

    A yearlong extension is estimated to cost about $30 billion. "Extending unemployment insurance helps sustain demand for local businesses during economic downturns by helping people pay their bills while they look for a new job," Reed said.

  • New Developments on Federal Unemployment Extensions (Up-dated December ...

    We are fast approaching the end of the federal extensions of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits here in California.

  • Severance pay for the unemployed

    29, the federal program to extend unemployment insurance benefits will end, unless Congress votes to renew it once again. Federal lawmakers have passed 10 such extensions since 2008, but the financial and social costs of paying people not to work are ...

  • Federal extensions of unemployment insurance set to expire at end of 2012

    The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development is advising approximately 39,000 unemployment claimants who are receiving federally extended unemployment insurance that their benefits will cease the first week of January 2013.

  • Unemployment Benefits Extension Would Create 300000 Jobs: CBO

    WASHINGTON -- Preserving extended unemployment insurance through next year would add 300,000 jobs to the economy, according to a new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office.

  • Unemployment checks to stop for 400000 Californians

    The federal government will stop honoring the unemployment insurance extensions at the end of the year unless Congress and the president act.

  • The Importance of Unemployment Insurance for American Families and the ...

    Whether to extend unemployment benefits—a decision currently tied up in the greater debate around the federal budget—should be motivated by consideration of the benefits and costs of the program.

  • Federal Extensions Of Unemployment Insurance Set To Expire

    The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development is advising approximately 39,000 unemployment claimants who are receiving federally extended unemployment insurance that their benefits will cease the first week of January 2013.

  • Budget Office warns, extend unemployment benefits or kill the recovery

    As The Ed Show reported last week, more than 12 million Americans are still unemployed. Five million have been out of work for more than 27-weeks.

  • Republicans cool to Obama's unemployment proposal

    Democrats on both sides of the Capitol are calling the extension a top priority in their quest to complete a fiscal package before the end of December.

  • Millions of Americans at risk of losing unemployment compensation unless ...

    If Congress fails to extend it, the federal unemployment insurance program is set to expire at the end of December. Not only is unemployment compensation at risk for millions of Americans but the looming fiscal cliff could lead to additional layoffs if ...

  • Final unemployment extension program set to end Dec. 29

    Claimants currently on regular unemployment insurance benefits will not experience an interruption in their claim. Only those in the federal EUC extension program will be affected. Prior authorizations of the EUC program provided for a graduated phase ...

  • Jobless benefits to end for 29000 SC residents

    COLUMBIA, S.C. - About 29,000 South Carolinians will stop receiving jobless benefits at year's end as federally funded extensions expire, the state's unemployment agency reported Tuesday. Payments ... Anyone filing for unemployment insurance after Dec.

  • California Unemployment Up-Date - End Of The Year Set To Bring End To ...

    The California Employment Development Department (EDD), which administers the regular state Unemployment Insurance (UI) program in California, along with the federal extension program known as Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), ...

  • How Hard Is It to Find a Job?

    A reporter asked me the other day about extending unemployment-insurance (UI) benefits, which have been part of budget talks to avert the "fiscal cliff.

  • Dangers of 'fiscal cliff'

    ... the Congress to continue the "payroll tax holiday" and unemployment insurance benefits. In an October 2012 brief on the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance extension, CBPP reported that both were still needed to spur growth in a fragile economy.

  • Fact check: Dueling fiscal cliff deceptions

    According to the calculations provided by Boehner's office, the White House offer included $110 billion for a payroll tax extension; $30 billion for unemployment insurance; $27 billion for stimulus tax extenders; $25 billion in unpaid expense related ...

  • The Morning Plum: Why Obama won't negotiate with GOP over debt ceiling

    Now, it's true that if the middle class tax cuts are extended, Democrats lose a key piece of their leverage, and the remaining things Dems will want - an extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance, and a rise in the debt limit - will ...

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