Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happier at home

  • Clever Ways To Color Your World

    (NAPSI)—Feeling happier at home may hinge on something as simple as repainting the walls. Different colors affect your mood, your energy and your efficiency in different ways.

  • Feeling Resentful? 6 Hard Facts About Shared Work

    One obstacle to happiness is feeling resentful when another person won't do his or her share of the work. In Happier at Home, in my description of the three kinds of "happiness leeches," this kind of person is a "slacker." Resentment comes when you ...

  • Gender equality at home doesn't protect against divorce, study says

    Studies say men are happier when they share in housework - but gender equality at home does not, by itself, prevent divorce, a new study says.

  • What can I do to be happier?

    GRETCHEN Rubin asks that we make ourselves happy by bringing home happiness. And I did that. I moved our dining table to the corner of the living room where sunlight sits gently upon it at noon when we have lunch.

  • A Reluctant Baker Makes Millions With Cupcakes

    The instructions not only included what seasonings to use to spice up your pot roast, but additional tips on how to jazz things up at home -- reminding housewives to slap on a little lipstick before their husbands returned from work. It was a different ...

  • Pros Help Home Chefs Spice Up Family Meals

    And Kate, 11, who says she only likes about 10 different foods, is happier at dinner time. "She (has) made things I've never had before or never really heard of, but they were really good.

  • Boomers who remarry learn from failed relationships

    He was 48 and dating for the first time since his children left the home; she was 29 and had just ended what she described as an emotionally abusive marriage to her first husband, with whom she had a daughter.

  • 7 Things I Learned About Money by Becoming a Mother

    From shopping with a cart instead of a basket (the effort of holding stuff may make you crave indulgences) to keeping your kids at home so they don't beg, here are 14 steps to grocery shopping perfection. Additionally, before you make an impulse buy ...

  • Fitness Expert Denise Austin Launches FOREVER FIT at Rite Aid

    Added Austin, "Rite Aid is committed to offering its customers the products and services needed to live healthier, happier lives. They understand the positive effect exercise has on a person's overall health, and that's why I'm so excited my line of at ...

  • Vote yes on fresh school meals

    With food in short supply at home, he had little choice but to eat cafeteria offerings, but he was disheartened by the rubbery meat patties and limp vegetables that characterize frozen reheated school lunches.

  • 7 simple ways to stop comparing yourself to other moms

    So if another stay-at-home mom you know also works part time, and you can swing the same arrangement, make it happen. 2. Don't assume.

  • Build a Better Budget in 2013

    If you spend too much on eating out, cook more gourmet dinners at home. Change your route to work so you don't pass the Starbucks every day, or head to the gym instead of happy hour more often. Before you know it, budgeting will become a habit, and you ...

  • Calling All Party Animals!

    Bringing Petco's Holiday Boxed Dog Toy Sets to a party ensures the four-legged recipient will be one happy dog. These prepackaged sets come with an assortment of dog toys and are perfect for the procrastinator!

  • HEMET: After-school program offers opportunities to grow

    Coach Melvin Carter works with some of the children who participate in the Home Away From Home after-school program at Hemet United Methodist Church.

  • SJ Relatives Pleads Guilty to Abuse of Mentally Ill

    The clients, many who suffer from schizophrenia and other severe mental disorders, were taken into the care of licensed care facilities or adult protective custody.

  • A year-round Christmas

    Everyone seems just a little happier during the holiday season. If you stripped away all the festive ... If simply decorating your home or town with pine, bows and garland make all the difference, then I vote for year-round Christmas. We wouldn't be ...

  • Getting bang for your Christmas bonus

    If you are happier at home, treat yourself to something you wouldn't normally be able to afford - spoil yourself. But make sure the amount you set aside for something frivolous is not more than about 10% of the total amount.

  • Transsexual Gabrielle Ludwig returns to college court

    Even in defeat, even when told of remarks of the two Siskiyous spectators, she says she has never been happier. "I found a home with a bunch of dysfunctional lesbians, one deaf kid and a transsexual woman," she says, laughing. "This is my home. This is ...

  • Right at Home seeks share of senior care market|

    "Staying in your home and supplementing what families do in the home has a much lower cost to the family than to put mom or dad into one of those facilities," Gall said.

  • Priscilla Gilman on Embracing the Strengths of a Special Needs Child

    We took a year off from graduate school, and with his brothers, we took care of her at home with hospice for a year. That was ... The more honest I can be about my limitations as well as my strengths, the happier and more peaceful I can be. 4. Was ...

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