Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Exercises and workouts

  • Cardio tennis combines best aspects of aerobic workout, tennis drills

    Cardio tennis includes a short warm-up, a cardio workout and a cool-down phase. The full-body cardio workout, similar to interval training, usually consists of fast-paced drills where the instructor feeds balls to the players and they hit forehands ...

  • Burn off Thanksgiving with DVD exercises; Web sites help find time for workouts

    20 and will include three interval workouts including a ballet-inspired barre routine (using a chair and weights), an "equipment-free fat blaster" and a dumbbell workout. The 69-minute DVD comes with an interactive exercise calendar and "bonus moves to ...

  • Fitness on the Fly: 3-Move Core Workout With a Med Ball

    Fitness on the Fly provides readers/viewers with fast, training specific videos on a variety of topics including workout routines, exercises to know and cutting edge training techniques. This week, Joe Dowdell, founder and CEO of Peak Performance lays ...

  • 5 ways to boost your workout and reach your fitness goals

    According to numerous recent studies by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology high-intensity training is twice as effective as normal exercise. And you will burn more calories in your one hour work out. What's more by boosting your workout ...

  • Cap Barbell Kettlebell Review: A Whole New Spin On Kettle

    Core Muscle Workout: The kettlebell is famous for its benefits to core strength. Workouts using a kettlebell engage a greater range of muscles than a dumbbell as the exercise is less isolated. While this means it's not always quite as easy to focus on ...

  • Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred Review: She'll Make You A Loser

    20 Minute Program: The Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred's real selling point is that the program is based entirely on a workout of no more than 20 minutes a day. That sounds like a dream come true to many people, and rightly so. Having to exercise for ...

  • The best mind-body workouts for the New Year

    So what is the real key to New Year exercise success? Find the right workout. "Perfect workouts" do exist - ones that boost stamina and cardiovascular health, stretch and strengthen muscles, and make us feel amazing.

  • 3 Thanksgiving Workout Strategies

    ... family activities on the horizon and little free time to oneself, most people can still find 10 minutes to squeeze in a quick exercise session. That's plenty of time to do a calorie-burning, metabolism-boosting workout! For each of these three 10 ...

  • Modern workouts are 'kids' stuff,' say exercise efficiency score engineers

    Today, Nov 10, 2012, the Body Oars engineers behind the upcoming Efficiency Scores for exercise methods and workout machines, told the internet publishing giant examiner.

  • News: Grab a Partner for a Better Workout

    If a partner workout sounds like your thing, consider hitting the gym with that special someone as a power couple or dragging a pal along for some awesome partner exercises. Do you prefer working out with a buddy or flying solo? Let us know in the ...

  • How to attempt fast weight loss

    But for some surprisingly odd reason, your fast weight loss planning did not workout for you. To help you get back on track for fast weight loss the healthy and right way, Arnav Sarkar- our fitness coach reveals the secret of fast weight loss exercises ...

  • Trainer Q&A: How Much Should I Rest Between Sets

    How long you rest in between exercises is completely dependent on your goals and your individual workout. For instance, heavier workouts may require a few minutes between exercises whereas workouts designed to increase strictly size should feature ...

  • Fusion Training Center: Working Out Your Way

    I don't recommend that to people. If you workout once in a while, then you're spending money on a luxury item and you have nothing to show for it," Trigg said.

  • Shake up your December plan

    When you're adding dynamic activities to your workouts, always look for exercises that challenge your body in a number of different ways.

  • Victoria's Secret: Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrossio Reveal Intense Workouts

    The Brazilian knockout begins her work outs at 9 a.m. getting on the bike for a half hour, followed by core exercises, shadow boxing, glute and legs work outs and then an intense jump rope routine.

  • Our man in the gym wanted a break from what had become mind-numbing ...

    This isn't quite what I had in mind when on a hunt to juice up my morning workout routine, which had grown as stale as a week-old, gluten-free bagel.

  • Exercise For The Post 50 Can Improve Your Attitudes About Aging

    Perhaps this latest research, from an ongoing study called "Berlin Fit," will give you that added boost to your exercise motivation. Even if you're tied to your treadmill, you'll find renewed reasons to keep that workout routine an important part of ...

  • Stress for success: Workouts, endorphins can help you survive the holiday season

    So, if your stomach is tied up in knots, try a stress-busting workout to ease your angst. • Yoga: still body, still mind.

  • Downers Grove school invests in fitness

    ... the Action" grant from FORWARD (Fighting Obesity Reaching healthy Weight Among Residents of DuPage) in early November.

  • Top Quality Exercise and Workout Training Guide from Workout Buddy X

    The Workout Buddy X Review on Top Software Reviews is the best way to get a detailed understanding of the features of the program.

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