Thursday, December 6, 2012

Food safety

  • FSIS Updates Research Priorities to Address Emerging Food Safety Concerns

    WASHINGTON, December 6, 2012 - USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has updated its research priorities to keep pace with ever-changing issues and opportunities in food safety and public health related to the meat, poultry and egg products ...

  • Foodborne outbreaks and product recalls fuel demand for food safety products ...

    Demand will also be boosted by the adoption of more stringent food safety regulations in developed and developing countries as prevention, identification, and traceability remain key issues for consumers, food industry participants and legislators.

  • Scientists urge food safety professionals not to dismiss social media

    With an estimated two billion people using the Internet worldwide, a scientific paper has outlined why food safety professionals cannot afford to dismiss the use of social media as a communication tool.

  • CSPI Calls New 5-hour Energy Safety Video Misleading

    The Washington, DC-based Center for Science in the Public Interest is asking consumers "not to believe" a new video posted online by 5-hour Energy, which has come under fire recently after reports of health issues possibly linked to the product.

  • Plant-Based Oils May Reduce Salmonella in Chicken

    The studies' lead author, Walid Alali, Ph.D., told Food Safety News he has not heard of any studies estimating the percentage of carcasses contaminated by rupturing of the crop versus the cecum.

  • First company shut down by FDA under new food-safety law

    WASHINGTON - If produce companies were questioning whether the Food & Drug Administration would use a new enforcement tool and shut down a food plant under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, ask nut processor Portales, NM-based Sunland ...

  • Should Consumers Be Concerned About Yersinia?

    Here at Food Safety News, we also reported on the study. The group's testing of 198 pork samples, 148 of which were pork chops and 50 of which were ground pork, found relatively low levels of contamination for the bugs that regularly make headlines ...

  • Co-op rebuilds feed mill facilities anticipating new food safety standards

    Capital Press. PRESTON, Idaho -- Losing its local feed mill, grain storage and office space to a fire early this year has helped Valley Wide Cooperative prepare for anticipated federal food safety regulations, according to the company's feed division ...

  • Letters: Food safety, now

    The blame for not fully implementing last year's Food Safety Modernization Act may rest with E. coli conservatives in the Republican Party, so-called because they'd rather see people infected with bacteria than see food companies regulated.

  • Global Trend to Update Food Safety Laws Continues in the Philippines

    The Philippines may soon join the United States and Canada by updating its food safety law. In Manila, the Philippines Senate Committee on Trade and Commerce has reported Senate Bill 3311 to the floor.

  • Harry's Berries Products in CA Recalled for Botulism

    Header graphic for print. Food Safety News Breaking news for everyone's consumption. Home · Foodborne Illness Outbreaks · Food Recalls · Food Politics · Events · Subscribe · About Us · Directory ...

  • FDA Sued for Withholding Data on Food Animal Antibiotics

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) decision to "withhold agency data regarding the sale of antibiotics for use in food animals" is unlawful, according to a lawsuit filed by the Government Accountability Project (GAP) Wednesday. Drug ...

  • In response to suit, FDA says food safety rules take time

    Creating new rules for food safety is too complex a task to be completed quickly and a lawsuit seeking to compel government action should be dismissed, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Third Complaint Filed Against State Garden in E. coli Outbreak

    "E coli wreaked havoc on what was suppose to be a special time for this family that had just welcomed a second child and grandchild," said William Marler, managing partner of Seattle-based Marler Clark, which underwrites Food Safety News. "Erica Duerr ...

  • Mad Cow Research May Be Key to Treating Human Disorders

    More than 460,000 BSE-infected cattle entered the human food chain before controls went into effect in 1989 in England and Ireland.

  • Empanadas Produced Without Government Inspection Recalled

    Cantina Foods of Buffalo, NY issued a voluntary recall of its Beef and Cheese Pastellios Tuesday after an inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) revealed that federal officials had not inspected the ...

  • FDA Seeks to Dismiss Lawsuit Over Delay of Food Safety Rules

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is making a big effort to enact the delayed Food Safety Modernization Act, but the rules being developed are complex and need more time, the agency argued in a motion to dismiss a lawsuit over the delay, which was ...

  • FDA Expands Irradiation Uses for Meat and Poultry

    FDA says that since that time, it has received many comments from consumer advocacy groups - including Public Citizen and the Center for Food Safety - requesting the denial of both petitions, as well as the denial of another rule permitting irradiation ...

  • Acquisition enables total integrated food safety solution, says Birko

    Birko purchased all assets and proprietary intellectual property from ETI and it will become part of the service division for the food safety solutions provider. ETI's Mitch Espy said: "Having all the resources - chemistry, equipment and servicing ...

  • Dubai Municipality: Dubai eateries to get award for best food safety practises

    Dubai Municipality has recently established an award for eateries that excels in measures and practices to ensure food safety, informed Khalid Shareef, Director, food Control department at the civic body. "Under the patronage HE. Eng. Hussain Nasser ...

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