Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Better marriage

  • Diaz recalls the good old days of lulus, no gay marriage

    Some people (including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, apparently) look at the current fate of the mainline Democratic conference and see a rich comeuppance for its poor performance in 2009 and 2010.

  • 'Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage' by Dr. Gary Smalley-Focus on the Family

    Contrary to popular opinion, Dr. Gary Smalley, Focus on the Family, teaches "conflict can take you to deeper levels of intimacy," the subtitle of his November 6th release, Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage. Where readers learn conflict is not only ...

  • Dr. Greg Smalley Reveals How to 'Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage'

    From a very young age, he attended marriage conferences held by his father, Dr. Gary Smalley. This foundation ultimately led to his own passion and to the marriage counselor and author that he is today.

  • Good Relationship with In-laws Improves Marriage for Men, Increases Chance of ...

    For men, a good relationship with their in-laws benefits the marriageThe holiday season is ripe with opportunity for family disputes and blow-ups.

  • Gay marriage approved in two states on a good night for US liberals

    It was a good night for Barack Obama. It was a good night for Democrats. But, perhaps just as strikingly, election night 2012 was a vindicatory coup for social liberals.

  • 'The Good Wife' Recap: Can These Marriages Be Saved?

    The personal has always been political on The Good Wife. That's especially true this week, when marriage itself is on trial.

  • Election Reflects Need to Better Present Marriage Beliefs

    BALTIMORE - Bishops and Catholics must work to better deliver the Church's teaching on marriage in light of the recent U.S.

  • 30 Rock Star Marriages: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    If you want to marry a rock star, you better have a strong constitution because it could be a bumpy ride. Yes, we know, all marriages, in theory, are always a work in progress, but if you mix one rock musician with thousands of crazy, love-sick ...

  • Same-sex marriage law good for business, employers say

    As a longtime Federal Hill business owner, Penny Troutner cheered the passage of Maryland's same-sex marriage law. Not only does the owner of Light Street Cycles believe it's a matter of fairness, she believes it's good for business. That goes for ...

  • Same-Sex Marriage in Maryland Will Be Good for Business

    Bonnie Berger, an interfaith minister in Takoma Park, said she could be officiating 50 percent more marriage ceremonies a year with the new law.

  • A Long Marriage

    My husband and I (high school sweethearts who got married in college) stayed home from church on Sunday, celebrating each other in this, our 49th year of marriage. Life is good, even better than your article reported. There's the extra poignancy in ...

  • Married life, for better and worse

    Leslie Mann wants you to know that the Viagra sex scene in "This Is 40" didn't happen to her. Sure, the movie, one of several spotlighting the ups and downs of married life this awards season, draws on her union with writer-director Judd Apatow. And it ...

  • Wiz Khalifa Talks Marriage, Childhood & Weed With Larry King (Video)

    During their conversation, the hip-hop star opens up about his youth as an Air Force brat, why his relationship with his father will make him a good dad, smoking weed, his hip-hop career, and of course, getting married to Amber Rose. Below are a few ...

  • Donald Trump Attended Gay Wedding and Found it 'Beautiful', He Tells George ...

    He confided that he recently attended a same-sex wedding and that he'd found it "beautiful." I remarked that NY is now a marriage-equality state, and that after all, marriage is better for business! Minds are changing across America, and I am always ...

  • Women, Support Gay Marriage: Lesbians Are Better at 'Halo' Than You

    Two weeks ago, College Humor released a hilarious video that told straight men that if they didn't support gay marriage, gay men would marry their girlfriends…and they'd make much better husbands. Now gay women are having their say. And they're saying ...

  • How to Live Longer and Better: Design the Second Half of Your Life

    I considered my life as fairly standard for an educated and career-oriented woman -- save for a splash of international work in Switzerland, a new marriage and my topsy-turvy adventures as a good-humored stepmom and irreverent aunt. Over the last three ...

  • Gay Marriage Should be Addressed by SCOTUS and Championed by ...

    The more willing parents there are, the better. Marriage can reduce child poverty dramatically and increase the likelihood of a child wanting to go to college.

  • Against 'Decadence': Fewer Kids, Better Future

    This is one where liberals can do better. There's a moral case for low birthrates. It includes but goes beyond environmentalism, "radical" or otherwise.

  • Poll: Attitudes toward gays changing fast

    Those who say their views on same-sex marriage have changed significantly now support it, 71%-28%. Asked why they had changed their minds, more than one-third say they have become more tolerant.

  • Support for marriage is good for society

    The number of children living in poverty is falling. However, this does not represent a triumph of government social policy; it is, rather, a statistical glitch.

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