Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flood protections

  • Are Silicon Valley Companies Prepared For a Flood?

    But collectively the companies supported Measure B in Santa Clara, which renewed a property tax to pay for clean water and some flood protections. And the group has signed onto a fundraising effort with Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the Gordon and Betty ...

  • AP IMPACT: NYC flood protection won't be easy

    And they must accept an unsettling reality: Limiting the damage caused by flooding will likely demand numerous changes, large and small, and yet even substantial protections will be far from absolute. Sandy's toll is overwhelming. But finding the money ...

  • Flood protection, open space bills pass N.J. Assembly

    Several measures that would allocate $9 million in funding for open space and flood-protection projects in Bergen and Passaic counties passed the state Assembly Monday with bipartisan support.

  • Big bill for levee upkeep -- the 'Rolls Royce of flood protection' -- coming ...

    This Nov. 26, 2012, photo shows a flood wall and floodgate along Lakeshore Drive and Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans. By the time the next hurricane season starts in June 2013, New Orleans will take control of much of a revamped protection system of ...

  • Flood Protection For At-Risk Homes In Portsmouth

    Cllr Eleanor Scott, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Community Safety at Portsmouth City Council, pictured with Anthony Lewis, of Florence Road, Southsea - one of the residents to benefit from free flood protection measures installed by the council.

  • Quinn Unveils City Flood Protection Plan

    Speaking before a civic group two weeks after superstorm Sandy devastated the region, Quinn described flood protection as the "single most important infrastructure challenge of our time.

  • Better flood protection for Porthmadog

    Environment Agency Wales has been working over the last couple of months to restore and strengthen the Cob Crwn embankment near Snowdon Street, and to reinforce the Cyt tidal gates.

  • North Lafourche voters to decide sales tax for flood protection

    Bourgeois has described the measure as a commitment made urgent by recent flood woes in the northernmost reaches of the parish that will benefit current and future generations.

  • New flood looms with Truckee River project still awaiting to provide major ...

    Roughly $50 million has been spent over the years to acquire about 143 acres of flood-prone property along the river. While in line with long-term flood-protection goals, the land acquisition does relatively little when it comes to actually controlling ...

  • Senator calls for fast tracking of flood protection following Sandy

    He will also pushed for a in-depth study, to be done by the Army Corps of Engineers, so a comprehensive and long term plan for flood protection can be created. "To protect ourselves in the future, we must Accelerate, Study, and Streamline" Schumer said ...

  • Coastal cities need flood protection

    Let me propose an initiative: Get the nation started on the surge barriers, flood walls and other big infrastructure projects that can protect our coastal cities from being ravaged by the next Hurricane Sandy.

  • Billions spent on flood barriers now might save New York later

    Could a surge-protection barrier have saved New York City from much of the flood ravages of superstorm Sandy? Malcolm Bowman and other hydrologists are convinced it could have.

  • I-Team: Federal Flood Protection Projects Delayed, Unfunded

    The project is supposed to review flood protection options for 13 miles of coast on Staten Island from Fort Wadsworth to Tottenville - some of the areas hardest hit by Sandy.

  • Flood protection upgrades continue at Dresden plant

    A 4,000-foot-long portable dam and other equipment are being delivered over the next few weeks to augment the nuclear facility's flood protection strategy. Exelon is reviewing other modifications to the plant that could be implemented as well ...

  • Santa Clara County $548 million parcel tax for flood protection, water cleanup ...

    Dubbed the "Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program" by the water district, Measure B is designed to continue the parcel tax -- $56 a year for the average home -- through 2028, increasing at 3 percent a year to about $87 per home, rather ...

  • New York to review response to superstorm

    The city will consider expanding evacuation zones, strengthening building codes and adding coastal protections, such as dunes and levees, to prevent a repeat of the devastating flooding from the late October storm. Sandy killed more than 100 people in ...

  • New flood protection now complete

    The levee, along with the Birdland Park levee, is designed to provide new flood protection for part of Des Moines north of the downtown area.

  • Sugar interest group asks for flood protection

    The request was brought about by the devastating flooding caused by hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike and Isaac, said Jim Simon, general manager of the American Sugar Cane League.

  • Morganza deserves support

    The most important piece of flood protection in place or planned for our region is the Morganza-to-the-Gulf hurricane-protection system.

  • £100000 to tackle floods

    Fife Council believes it is now one of the leading local authorities in Scotland when it comes to flood protection and dealing with the effects of flooding.

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