Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Burn calories

  • Hundreds hot to trot, burn calories

    Exercise burns off calories, right? And when you burn off calories in a benefit that provides food for the hungry, you're really just taking calories from one group of people who doesn't want them and turning them into calories for another group of ...

  • Thanksgiving Calories: How Much Exercise It Takes To Burn Off That Feast

    Turkey with gravy, stuffing, buttery mashed potatoes, pecan pie with vanilla ice cream -- if you're not careful, your Thanksgiving favorites can mean trouble for your waistline.

  • Exercise To Burn Off Each Thanksgiving Dish

    Thanksgiving Food. This Thanksgiving, like every Thanksgiving, I'm definitely planning on making good use of my fork. And like every day-after-Thanksgiving, I'll be trying to burn off all those extra calories (and the extra extra calories from all the ...

  • Watching scary movies may help burn calories

    It's that time of year, when businesses think it's OK to begin putting out holiday decorations and displays before anyone has even thought about turkey.

  • Running a Half Marathon Required to Burn off Thanksgiving Day Calories

    So just how much running are you going to need to burn off your favorite Thanksgiving food? Generally, a 150-pound person running at an average pace will burn about 100 calories a mile. Here's a breakdown of typical foods found on holiday menus and ...

  • The Sneaky Way to Burn 200 Percent More Calories During Your Next Workout

    Here's why: Oddly, in their study, they found that people burned a lot more calories—as in 200 percent more—when they worked out alongside someone the study participants perceived as being more physically fit than they were.

  • What burns more calories: short bursts of exercise or longer workouts?

    The idea that every kilometre burns the same number of calories goes back to a classic 1963 study by Italian physiologist Dr.

  • Thanksgiving morning Zumba class helps people burn calories before putting ...

    Crane said that an hour-long Zumba workout burns between 500 and 1,000 calories. USA Today estimated the total number of calories in the average Thanksgiving meal at more than 1,600. "I don't expect this class burned off the meal I'm going to have," ...

  • How to burn off your Thanksgiving calories

    To burn off those extra 2,000 calories, a 180-pound person would have to walk briskly (about 3.5 miles an hour on a level surface) for 5 hours or more, says Heather Mangieri, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a sports ...

  • Burning Off Calories On Thanksgiving

    BILLINGS - Many people in their Magic City, along with the visiting relatives from across the country, made time to burn off some calories before eating the big Thanksgiving dinner Thursday morning. 2012 is the second year for the Run Turkey Run 5k and ...

  • Want To Burn Thanksgiving Calories? You Gotta Actually Cook The Dinner

    If you spend 45 minutes seasoning and prepping your bird (including stirring and whisking the gravy), you'll burn 122 calories. About 20 minutes of peeling, cutting and mashing those potatoes, equals 54 calories. Another 20 minutes of trimming, cooking ...

  • Eat and burn calories

    Of course, there will be lot to eat, but you can burn your calories by taking part in some interesting games. So, if you want to pin the tail on a donkey, there is Tail the Donkey.

  • How to burn 1000000 calories

    CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The cyclists, serious and not-so-serious, that have rented bicycles from the Bike Chattanooga's fleet of bikes have burned over 1,000,000 calories since the program launched in July of this year. This milestone also marks ...

  • This is your brain on exercise

    "The most active burned 3,434 calories per week (an extra 500 calories per day on average) compared to those in the bottom percentile who only burned 348 calories per week [through activities]," Raji said. "The most active had 5 percent more gray ...

  • A Little Intense Exercise Burns Holiday Calories

    Researchers found people can burn an extra 200 calories a day by getting in a total of two and a half minutes of hard exercise during a 25-minute workout.

  • Burning off those Turkey Day calories

    MARQUETTE -- After getting their Thanksgiving fill, dozens of YMCA members in Marquette worked to burn off those calories. Each year the YMCA hosts Fitness Feast, a marathon of fitness classes the day after turkey day. The five-part series included ...

  • How Heavy Weight Lifting Benefits Women

    For every pound of muscle you gain, your body naturally burns an extra 35-50 calories per day, just by obtaining muscle! Therefore, a weight lifting session continues to burn calories even after your workout is over with where as cardio stops burning ...

  • Want to Burn More Calories at the Gym?

    I go to an intense workout. There is a reason why it is hellishly hard, thank you Barry Jay. The instructors push you to your absolute limit (see that beautiful woman on the left?

  • Not just crackers, burn calories this Diwali

    It's that time of the year again. Time to celebrate, party, and gorge on sweets! Diwali is just round the corner. Excitement is in the air.

  • Burn Off Extra Holiday Calories With These Moves

    (WUSA) -- Many of us would feel almost as good as those Powerball winners, if we could just make it through the holidays without gaining weight.

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