Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Serial killers

  • Serial Killer Went on Cruise After Killing...

    Alaskan barista Samantha Koenig was abducted, sexually assaulted and strangled by traveling serial killer Israel Keyes who went on a two-week cruise before returning to dismember and hide her body, according to new details released by the FBI.

  • Most Serial Killers Flaunt Their Evil

    Some serial killers follow a similar pattern. They can be extroverted, even attention-seeking. In the case of Rodney Alcala, it's not only his behavior in the green room that was creepy.

  • Serial killers' DNA might help to solve old murders

    CHICAGO - Detectives have long wondered what secrets serial killer John Wayne Gacy and other condemned murderers took to the grave when they were executed - mostly whether they had other unknown victims.

  • Serial killer's murders Victoria's worst

    A prosecutor has described the crimes of Victoria's worst serial killer as among the most shocking combination of murders committed in the state, as part of the Crown's submission that he should never be released from jail.

  • Shocking Serial Killer Homework Assignment Canceled At Australia High School

    The choices the students had included: Draw a cartoon about how a serial killer murdered someone; produce "detailed artwork" about the serial killer; compose a poem or rap about a serial killer; make a children's book which "teaches them about serial ...

  • Cunning serial killer Paul Haigh confessed to two unsolved murders with an eye ...

    SERIAL killer Paul Haigh was "planning for the future"' when he confessed to two unsolved murders, according to a veteran detective who says Haigh is the most cunning criminal he's ever met.

  • Serial killer Paul Haigh reneges on promise not to pursue life in jail without ...

    VICTORIA'S worst serial killer, Paul Haigh, appears to have changed his mind about confession being good for the soul. Haigh was adamant when he made his surprise confession in 1986 to two cold-case killings that he had also abandoned plans to appeal ...

  • Documentary claims serial killer murdered Nicole Simpson, Ron Goldman

    Did a serial killer - and not O.J. Simpson - kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman? That's the premise of a new feature-length documentary by Investigation Discovery that details the life of Glen Rogers, one of America's least-known serial killers.

  • Middle Eastern Shopkeeper Murders Spark Fear of a Brooklyn Serial Killer ...

    While the Post is quick to pin the crimes on a "suspected serial killer," the Daily News insisted the "8" in each of the store's addresses does not mean the killer has a numerological obsession.

  • Book looks into motives of serial killers

    Steve Giannangelo, special agent supervisor at the state Department of Revenue's Bureau of Criminal Investigation, also is an adjunct professor in the criminal justice department at the University of Illinois Springfield.

  • Police investigating four Wash. murders following alleged serial killer's death

    This undated handout photo provided by the Anchorage Police Department shows Israel Keyes. Keyes, charged in the death of Alaska barista Samantha Koenig, has killed himself, and authorities say he was linked to at least seven other possible slayings in ...

  • Serial killer found dead after apparent suicide

    A serial killer was found dead in his jail cell in Alaska on Dec. 2. According to NBC News, Israel Keyes committed suicide while awaiting trial for a murder-kidnapping which he confessed to authorities.

  • Ex-cop warns over serial killer's Paul Haigh's release bid

    SERIAL killer Paul Haigh was "planning for the future" when he confessed to two unsolved murders, claims a veteran detective who says Haigh is the most cunning criminal he's met.

  • 'Serial killers,' like leopard that has slain 15 in Nepal, may just like salt ...

    Certain animal predators may become serial killers of people, suggest animal experts and reports of multiple deaths inflicted by particular animals.

  • John Wayne Gacy's blood could solve old murders

    CHICAGO (AP) - Detectives have long wondered what secrets serial killer John Wayne Gacy and other condemned murderers took to the grave when they were executed - particularly whether they had other unknown victims.

  • Is "John Doe Duffle Bag" The Serial Killer Targeting Middle Eastern Men In ...

    Shell casings found in the shop are from the same gun used to kill two other Middle Eastern store owners in Brooklyn over the summer, and investigators suspect that this may be the work of a serial killer. The motives remain unclear. Police sources ...

  • Hamill: 'Mouse' turned out to be serial killer

    It’s ironic that the accused serial killer came from a Brooklyn neighborhood known for mob killings. Still, nobody in Bensonhurst can believe that a “nobody†named Sal Perrone is the Son of Sal murderer.

  • Serial killer Anthony Sowell's artwork back on 'murderabilia' website

    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A drawing showing 11 tombstones and credited to Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell is for sale again -- after disappearing from a website that peddles so-called "murderabilia.

  • 'Dexter' recap, 'Helter Skelter'

    While that isn't a question I would normally ask, seeing as serial killers such as Dexter have proven themselves capable of handling any surprises that come their way, the question arises tonight.

  • Book Review: Serial Date by D.V. Berkom

    In an unexpected turn of fate, former assassin Leine Basso is offered a job working security in Los Angeles at a gigantic hit reality show called Serial Date--where beautiful young women get to date ex-cons posing as serial killers. Though L.A. brings ...

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