Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fun exercises

  • Jane Fonda, 75, makes exercise 'fun and easy' as she releases new yoga DVD

    Fun and easy: While she looks great, the star admitted her age is now catching up with her. Feel the burn: Fonda has made more than 20 exercise videos and is credited with getting the baby boomer generation off the sofa and into the gym. In the ...

  • Five fun exercises to combat Australia's growing obesity epidemic

    AUSTRALIA'S growing obesity epidemic means we all know we need to exercise more - the trick is finding a way to make it fun. CATHERINE LAMBERT gets hot and sweaty with five fun exercise techniques, without a treadmill or weights in sight.

  • Holiday Weight Loss: 10 Fun, Funky Ways To Exercise When You Don't Want To

    As a result of all the seasonal spirit this time of year, even the fittest start loosening their pants at the dinner table. Although many of us pledge to lose the extra pounds we gain once the new year arrives, the colder weather and warm fireside ...

  • New program makes exercise fun for Belding Middle School students

    BELDING - The first 10 minutes of a middle school physical education class, a time set aside for stretching and preparing for activities, are not always the most exciting, but at Belding Middle School students now eagerly wait to see what warm-up ...

  • Best video games for adults this 2012 holiday season

    While people who know the franchise and its characters will pull the most out of the new, more story-driven game, it's still fun for first-timers to pick up and get to know. Weapons are varied and situation-specific, requiring a good deal of shooting ...

  • Florida 4-H and UnitedHealthcare Launch Partnership Promoting Healthy Living ...

    During the kick-off event, UnitedHealthcare and 4-H encouraged hundreds of attendees to participate in simple, fun group dance and fitness activities designed to burn calories and promote health. Florida 4-H received a $30,000 grant from ...

  • BusinessGame, Experiments Bring '100 Percent Fun' to City Schools Students

    Other fun activities included during the game included chicken toss, mummy game, musical chairs and dizzy bat race. Other schools attending included Black Fox, Bradley and Cason Lane academies, Hobgood, Mitchell-Neilson, Northfield and the Discovery ...

  • Santas getting warmed up for fund-raising fun run in aid of children's hospice

    VOLUNTEERS from Rainbows Hospice and staff and students from the University of Derby have been limbering up for the annual Santas on the Run event.

  • Swimming: Enjoying Summer Fun in the Winter

    Zumba has started an Aqua Zumba series, for those looking for a fun, low-impact, high intensity form of exercise. There are even ability and age appropriate water exercise classes approved by the Arthritis Foundation and Silver Sneakers, the national ...

  • Duolingo (for iPhone)

    You work through exercises or activities to complete lessons which are part of larger units. The structure is clear, shown on a tree in Duolingo, and the app keeps track of your progress synchronously across both the iPhone app and the Web version.

  • Exercise For The Post 50 Can Improve Your Attitudes About Aging

    Klusmann also measured their "approach" motivation regarding physical exercise, in which they answered questions about whether they found it fun and enjoyable. By the end of the six-month period, the women in the physical exercise group showed a ...

  • Turbo Kick gives workouts a boost

    When choosing a workout routine, why not go with an exercise program that is fun? Turbo Kick, an innovative, fast-paced workout that combines shadow boxing, kickboxing, sports drills, yoga and dance choreographed to high-energy music, is such a program ...

  • Cardio tennis combines best aspects of aerobic workout, tennis drills

    "It's a distraction, and there's the fun factor. It's a good cardio workout, and it's never exactly the same.

  • 12 fitness trends we loved in 2012

    "If you don't like to exercise alone, these are fun," says Ruth Frechman, a certified personal trainer in Burbank, Calif.

  • Make the move

    Physical disability does not mean watching friends exercise, go to the gym, play games and have fun while you sit aside.

  • Jane Fonda promotes 'fun and easy' yoga at age 74

    She started out doing hard-core aerobic workouts in the early 1980s. "Not anymore. I'm not asking them to do anything too hard.

  • Family fitness fun business starting soon

    When he came along I found it hard to get to the gym or do those exercises as it isn't easy to just drop him off especially since we don't have any family in the area, so i went walking but found this just wasn't enough.

  • 5 Fun NH Weekend Activities, Nov. 16-18

    We will start with some basic exercises to help you develop your ears, and then gradually build on those skills. Open to all instruments, all ages and all levels.

  • Gear adds more fun to home workouts

    "They are great because you can wrap them around a tree, or wrap them around a railing or stand on them - there's a million sort of different exercises you can do with them," he said. "You can get them in different lengths, different resistances ...

  • Mower County Senior Center: Dance for fun, your health

    Most dance classes begin with a warm-up including several stretching exercises. Strength is defined as the ability of a muscle to exert a force against resistance.

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