Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Being generous

  • Chargers have issues protecting the football

    One of the factors of the San Diego Chargers limping into Sunday's contest against the Ravens with a 4-6 record is the hosts' inability to protect the football.

  • Being Generous This Holiday Season Could Lead to Savings at Tax Time

    Americans can be some of the most generous persons on earth. What we see in times of disaster, like Superstorm Sandy, is that people come together and can be incredibly generous with their time and money. Some people volunteer, some cook warm meals ...

  • Are you thinking about being generous this season? Will you act on it?

    The meaning of the word generosity, however, has evolved over the centuries, becoming more identified with a nobility of "spirit" and more recently with being "open-handed" and liberal in the giving of money and possessions to others. Over time, it ...

  • Ed Norton's Crowdrise Brings Fundraising (And Fun) To The Masses

    Or from seeing them become more peaceful or more hopeful. Being generous almost always lifts you up as much as the person you're sharing something with.

  • Boehner Punishes Conservative Heroes Amash and Huelskamp

    That stupidity arguably cost Romney a lot of votes that being generous to Ron Paul might have gained him and accounted for some significant percentage of the "missing" conservative voters on Election Day.

  • Generosity and Children

    The study begs the question, what is generosity? Is generosity limited to how much is given or is it simply the act of giving? Most dictionaries define generosity as being generous. Generous is defined as "Liberal in giving," "Characterized by a noble ...

  • Jedi Mind Trick Nation

    And Obama criticizes Israel for building settlements, and Hillary Clinton criticizes Israel for not being "generous" with the Palestinians. Abracadabra! No more problems in the Middle East. Problems surround us. They threaten to bankrupt us -- or, just ...

  • Eddie Murphy named the 'most overpaid actor'

    Most politicians are aspiring actors and bankers, and thats being generous, not as generous as these pay outs , but generous all the same.

  • Giving is Receiving this Christmas

    This is definitely the time of year when we should consider being generous to those less fortunate, and ARK will ensure that your donations go exactly where they are needed.

  • Autumn statement 2012 - coverage of George Osborne's speech as it happened

    With some crafty jiggery-pokery with the 4G spectrum revenues, and pocketing more than £4bn that he assumes he will repatriate from Switzerland (presumably all that money is being transferred to the Cayman Islands as I write), Osborne managed to dodge ...

  • Nicole, 14, struggling being seperated from her family

    Without the help of the hundreds of generous readers who reach deep in their pockets each holiday season and donate to the campaign, we cannot continue this proud tradition.

  • Natural cycle on its head

    According to a new academic study, large numbers of older people are handing over money to their adult children and their grandchildren as the recession grinds down household incomes.

  • Salvation Army partners with Wal-Mart to 'Fill the Truck'

    But Lake Havasu City residents have a history of being generous to the Salvation Army, he added. "We live in a wonderful community that's supportive of us and what we do," Feist said.

  • Businessman gives $7m to UOW kids' program

    "The university being the recipient of such a generous donation was a great boost for the Illawarra region," Prof Wellings said.

  • Witness greatness: In close proximity to Manny Pacquiao

    Pacquiao gets a lot of free apparel from Nike and being the generous man that he is, most of these things find their way to most of the members of the group.

  • Dame Elisabeth Murdoch's extraordinary life devoted to helping others

    She was both an extraordinary human being and a generous benefactor. Quite typically, when she turned 90, some 550 people were invited to come to Cruden Farm to hear Kamahl sing, the proceeds going to a local hospice.

  • Chancellor's autumn statement brings good news for UK creative industries with ...

    The games industry contributes around £1bn a year to the UK economy, but has been losing staff and development contracts to countries offering generous tax subsidies. Tax relief in Quebec is worth up to 37.5% for creative industries employers. "This ...

  • Human smuggling group busted at Quebec border

    If they are captured at the border, the migrants risk being returned to the United States on the basis of a bilateral agreement.

  • Striking Bombardier rail workers set to vote on offer

    "It's all within the framework that was on the table and about being creative and see how you can work things out with what was there and also to try to meet the union's preoccupations and also our own.

  • How much should you tip your housekeeper or mailman these holidays? Add to ...

    "Doormen, porters and maintenance staff deserve a generous hand, but I think it's important to ask friends and neighbours what they give, and then decide accordingly," Mr. Haber says.

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