Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Emergency manager

  • Emergency financial manager for Detroit inevitable, sources say

    Treasurer Andy Dillon has been meeting with Detroit's elected officials today warning that the city's financial condition means appointment of an emergency financial manager is all but inevitable, with today's talks centered on who would be named to ...

  • Detroit schools emergency manager seeks quick decision on suit seeking his ...

    LANSING - Roy Roberts, the state-appointed emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, today joined the man suing to have him removed in urging the Michigan Supreme Court to take up the case quickly.

  • Doomsday Preppers: Mea Culpa

    This is, as a fellow emergency manager noted: "a level of indulgence that is selfish and counter productive to providing for the common good.

  • State education bills include parts of voter-rejected emergency manager act?

    Despite this, educators across the state have put out a call for action to oppose four bills, which some feel have elements of the emergency manager law and will do even more damage to public education. Proponents of the bills argue that ...

  • Emergency Operations Manager Grant named to national advisory board

    Emergency Communication Network (ECN), the nation's largest mass notification provider, has recently announced that it has selected Dyersburg Emergency Operations Manager Mark Grant to join its newly created CodeRED Client Advisory Board.

  • Office of Emergency Management vacating its airport offices to ensure FAA ...

    BERRYVILLE -- The Carroll County Office of Emergency Management is in the process of vacating a facility at the county airport to comply with federal grant obligations, County Judge Sam Barr said Friday.

  • Flint emergency: One year later, state-appointed financial manager facing ...

    Flint Councilman Bernard Lawler (left) and Councilman Sheldon Neeley (center) consult during a council meeting Monday, Nov. 26. The Flint City Council is suing over the state's appointment of Flint emergency financial manager Ed Kurtz. Lauren Justice ...

  • State treasury: Flint emergency financial manager still needed

    FLINT, MI -- It's been a year since Flint was taken over by the state, but a top supervisor of Michigan's emergency financial manager program says Flint's state-appointed manager isn't leaving anytime soon. While the city currently has a balanced ...

  • Snyder: Voter confusion helped defeat emergency manager law

    The defeat if the emergency manager law is a blow to Snyder, who was successful in opposing five proposed constitutional amendments Tuesday, including one that would have required a statewide vote on the proposed public bridge to Canada that he ...

  • Croton Director Of Emergency Management Takes Over EMS

    Dick Nagle, director of Emergency Management, was appointed "acting department head of the Croton EMS," at Monday evening's Board of Trustees meeting.

  • Schwartze selected as Springfield's director of emergency communications

    Schwartze said she will no longer need to fill the role of emergency management as well as communications as she did for Columbia because Springfield has two separate departments handling those responsibilities.

  • Michigan court rejects emergency manager law challenge

    Current emergency manager law remains in effect. * Activist to appeal court decision. * New Michigan law considered. Nov 16 (Reuters) - A Michigan appeals court panel ruled on Friday that the state's current emergency manager law can remain in effect ...

  • New emergency manager in place

    Speaking from her office in the depths of the Bourbon County Courthouse, Terri Coop said she is looking forward to serving Bourbon County as its new Emergency Manager. Her office, which resembles a bunker of sorts, with shelves upon shelves of manuals ...

  • Michigan emergency manager issue still in talks

    Brian Calley says leaders continue to discuss alternatives to the law rejected by voters that lets emergency managers take over local governments and gives them sweeping powers.

  • Emergency manager law rewrite could spring this week

    Under one version being discussed, local governments in financial trouble could ask the state for an emergency manager - otherwise, they would face the prospect of federal bankruptcy.

  • Michigan's toughened emergency manager law rejected

    The group Stand up for Democracy, which pushed for the repeal of the emergency manager law, takes the position that the 1990 law has already been repealed and there is no emergency manager law today. Snyder argues otherwise, though there has also ...

  • County Assesses Flood Preparations

    Washoe County Emergency Manager Aaron Kenneston believes we just got lucky. "When that snow came down quickly it changed the model from 19 feet at the Vista gauge, to 13½ feet, which was 1½ feet under flood stage; so that's very fortunate for us," said ...

  • Flint emergency: A year later, does Flint still need a state-appointed ...

    Former emergency manager Michael Brown on Wednesday discusses the decisions he and current emergency financial manager Ed Kurtz have made over the past year since Brown was appointed by Gov.

  • Emergency request filed to remove Detroit schools' financial manager

    A lawsuit seeking the removal of the Detroit Public Schools emergency financial manager was filed today with the state Supreme Court after it was rejected by the state Court of Appeals last week.

  • Michigan emergency manager law: What's next after Public Act 4 repeal?

    LANSING, MI -- Michigan voters on Tuesday elected to repeal the state's so-called emergency manager law, but several municipalities and school districts remain in a state of financial emergency.

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