Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jay z ellen grossman

  • Jay-Z's Subway Companion, Ellen Grossman, Now a Fan of the Rapper

    Jay-Z has a fan in Ellen Grossman. The 67-year-old New York City resident, who shot to instant fame this week after popping up in a video of the rapper riding the subway, is speaking out for the first time about that fateful encounter in October when ...

  • When My Friend Ellen Grossman Met Jay-Z

    That's no "adorable old lady," that's my dear friend Ellen Grossman. In an instant she had gone from being a largely anonymous New York artist, to Ellen Grossman, the Amiable New Yorker Who Asked Jay-Z if He Was Famous as He Was on the Way to ...

  • Jay-Z Unrecognized by Artist Ellen Grossman on NYC Subway

    When Jay-Z took a seat next to artist Ellen Grossman on the R train last month (he was on his way to his eighth and final show at Brooklyn's brand new Barclays Arena), she had a sneaking suspicion he might be kind of a big deal.

  • Subway Lady Ellen Grossman on Meeting Jay-Z: 'I Loved It!'

    The breakout star of Jay-Z's mini-documentary "Where I'm From," a look at his opening eight concerts at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, is a 67-year-old white woman.

  • Ellen Grossman, Jay-Z have adorable conversation on the NYC subway

    This is the coolest coincidence I've seen in all of my days," said one Reddit user. "The title of this article should read: 'Jay-Z: Musician Had No Clue Who Ellen Grossman Was, On The NYC Subway,'" another commenter wrote on International Business Times.

  • You Never Know Who'll Sit Beside You on the Train. Right, Jay-Z?

    O.K., so Ellen Grossman didn't recognize Jay-Z when she sat next to him on the subway the other week, as touchingly demonstrated in the video below that's been making the rounds.

  • On Meeting Jay-Z on the Subway

    A video that's well on its way to becoming a viral phenomenon features a Brooklyn-born 67-year-old artist named Ellen Grossman and Jay-Z, the Brooklyn-born rapper who hardly needs any introduction (but you should you want one, here's Tablet's David ...

  • Ellen Grossman Picture and Video: The 'Old Lady' Who Didn't Recognize Jay-Z

    Jay-Z performs during the closing ceremony on day 11 of the London 2012 Paralympic Games at Olympic Stadium on September 9, 2012 in London, England.

  • Jay-Z's ADORBZIES Subway Commute With A Sweet Old Lady Who Doesn't ...

    Brooklyn's most beloved music-maker has got 99 Problems, but rising gas prices ain't one! Ch-ch-check out the saccharinely sweet vid of Jay-Z and his newest fan, Ellen Grossman, commuting to the Barclay Center together (above)! The Empire State of Mind ...

  • Jay-Z On The Subway: Video Of Conversation With Artist Ellen Grossman Goes ...

    Opting to take the subway to his final performance, Jay-Z was swarmed by hysterical fans meeting their idol up close.

  • Jay-Z's subway chat with artist Ellen Grossman goes viral

    In a clip from Jay-Z's Life and Times: Where I'm From documentary, the rapper decides to eschew the chauffeur driven limousine more commonly associated with megastars and to ride to his concert at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on the New York subway.

  • Woman who didn't know who Jay-Z was is now among his biggest fans

    Ellen Grossman had a chance meeting with the rapper on the R train in October, as the rapper's camera crew looked on. RELATED: JAY-Z EXPLAINS WHO HE IS TO LADY ON SUBWAY. "He was so nice," Grossman recalled of the unforgettable encounter.

  • An Old People's Guide to Jay-Z

    That's what a woman so lovingly referred to by the Internet as "Old Lady"—at least until she was later identified as 67-year-old artist Ellen Grossman—asked Jay-Z when the rap supernova sat next to her on a Brooklyn-bound subway in September, footage ...

  • Jay-Z's sweet subway exchange makes a star of NYC artist [Video]

    On film she identifies herself as Ellen, but it didn't take folks long to discover that she's Ellen Grossman, an artist noted for her work in drawing and sculpture.

  • Ellen Grossman: Get To Know The Elderly Woman Who Had No Clue Who Jay-Z ...

    Get to know Ellen Grossman, the New York artist seen in Jay-Z's documentary video who admits during a ride on the subway that she has no clue who he is.

  • Woman doesn't recognize Jay-Z during subway ride

    A 50-second clip showing the encounter between Jay and gray-haired Ellen Grossman went viral Wednesday and became a hot topic in the blogosphere.

  • Jay-Z releases video from subway ride

    ... Jay-Z's own cameras. The video shows the rapper, surrounded by his bodyguards and fans, stepping into the R train as he takes a seat next to artist Ellen Grossman, 67, who didn't initially know who Jay-Z was. Jay-Z takes the subway to his Brooklyn ...

  • Jay-Z Unrecognized By Subway Passenger, Video Goes Viral

    But there's a breakout star in the 24-minute video - Brooklyn artist Ellen Grossman. "Where I'm From" captures Jay-Z taking the subway to his last night at the 18,000-seat arena. Jay sits next to the unassuming 67-year-old woman and makes conversation.

  • Jay-Z posts a video of a conversation with a 67-year-old lady that goes viral

    Music mogul Jay-Z takes the New York subway to the Barclays Center and meets Ellen Grossman. The 67-year-old lady does not recognize Jay-Z but she notices that everyone else is taking pictures of him. They have a sweet conversation which was posted ...

  • Jay-Z chats with New Yorker who has no idea who he is (Video)

    Shawn Carter, better known to fans as 'Jay-Z' sat down next to kind older woman on the New York subway where the two engaged in a pleasant conversation.

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