Thursday, December 6, 2012

Florida department of education

  • Florida Department of Education retracts teacher evaluation report

    Florida's first-ever release of a teacher evaluation report did not go the way officials had hoped. Late Wednesday, Department of Education officials retracted data released earlier in the day. The data attempted to show how Florida public school ...

  • State pulls back data on teachers

    The Florida Department of Education released statewide data on the new teacher evaluations Wednesday only to pull it back in the afternoon.

  • Dunn is finalist for Florida Education Commissioner

    According to Florida Department of Education spokeswoman Tiffany Cowie, Dunn and the other two candidates will be interviewed Tuesday at the Tampa Airport Marriott.

  • State Analysis Says Florida Charters Perform Better Than Traditional Schools

    Student achievement data compiled by the Florida Department of Education suggests charter students are performing better than their peers in traditional schools.

  • Florida Board of Education Sets Goals Based on Race

    The Florida Board of Education recently voted to set student achievement goals in math and reading based on race and ethnicity, a decision that has received significant criticism as being narrow minded and discriminatory.

  • 13th Grade: Explaining the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test

    Students are considered college-ready if they score 113 on the math test, 104 on the reading test and 99 on the reading test. All three tests are scored on a 50 to 150 point scale.

  • Jeb Bush weighs in on national and Florida education benchmarks

    Of course, we want every student to be successful, but we do have to take into account their starting point," Cheryl Etters, spokesperson for the Florida Department of Education told the The Examiner. Despite being in favor of education benchmarks ...

  • IN THE 13th GRADE

    But according the Florida Department of Education, about one-third of the cost of remedial education is spent on students who are fresh out of Florida high schools.

  • Fla. education chief defends teacher evaluations

    The Department of Education took down a website showing nearly 97 percent of Florida teachers were rated "effective" or "highly effective" within hours of putting it up.

  • New Thoughts And Old Thoughts On Florida Education From Indiana ...

    Next week the State Board of Education will interview finalists for to become the next Florida education commissioner.

  • Funding reform for Fla. education

    Last week, data released by the U.S. Department of Education showed K-12 graduation rates for 47 states. Of these 47, Florida's graduation rates ranked at the bottom, surpassing only five others at 74.5 percent. Defendants of Florida's education system ...

  • Most Florida teachers earn good evaluations

    Across the state, nearly 97 percent of classroom teachers evaluated earned "effective" or "highly effective" ratings, the top two scores in the plan, according to a report from the Florida Department of Education. More than 22 percent of them received ...

  • Common-Core Deal in Florida Sparks Legal Feud

    The Florida Department of Education terminated a $20 million contract with Infinity Software Development on Oct. 30, about a week after the company filed a lawsuit against interim Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart.

  • State: Almost half of local teachers are highly effective

    The Florida Department of Education released its ratings of teachers in five categories. Here are ratings of teachers by district: Manatee Highly effective: 47.4% Effective: 50.3% Needs improvement: 0.9% Developing:* 1.3% Unsatisfactory: 0.1% Percent ...

  • Report: Brevard teachers outperform peers across state

    A preliminary report released by the Florida Department of Education today shows that Brevard teachers outperformed their peers across the state in 2011-12.

  • Third Place: Middle School

    Other flaws in the FCAT include a mass miscalculation of school grades based on FCAT grades for 200 schools in 40 districts in Florida just last year.

  • Florida teacher evaluation report shows 94 percent get top marks on First Coast

    After releasing its first-ever, statewide look at public school teacher evaluations, Florida's Department of Education has pulled the report and its data from public view.

  • TEXT - Fitch affirms Florida Ports Financing Commission revs

    SECURITY The bonds are limited and special obligations of the commission, payable solely from $25 million appropriated annually from motor vehicle license tax revenues deposited into the state transportation trust fund, subordinate to the state ...

  • Hernando educators excel

    According to the results posted by the Florida Department of Education, 81 percent, or 1,545, of the 1,992 teachers evaluated, were graded as "effective" while 320, or 16.9 percent, were graded as "highly effective" - the highest evaluation a teacher ...

  • Collier, Lee teachers receive high rankings on state evaluations; Some ...

    The vast majority of teachers in Collier and Lee county public schools ranked effective or highly effective on the state's controversial new evaluation system, according to data released Wednesday by the Florida Department of Education. But by ...

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