Thursday, December 6, 2012

Florida teacher evaluations

  • Florida Teacher Evaluation Results Retracted For Education Department ...

    Florida's Department of Education released the first results of a sweeping new teacher evaluation system Wednesday morning that sought to provide more accurate data on teacher effectiveness and increase accountability.

  • Fla. education chief defends teacher evaluations

    Fla. education chief defends teacher evaluations. December 06, 2012 14:33 EST. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Florida's interim education commissioner says early glitches are no reason to slow the implementation of the state's new teacher evaluation system.

  • Florida teacher evaluation report shows 94 percent get top marks on First Coast

    After releasing its first-ever, statewide look at public school teacher evaluations, Florida's Department of Education has pulled the report and its data from public view.

  • 2011-2012 Florida District And State Teacher Evaluation Data

    Effective: The next highest evaluation tier. These teachers generally meet the goals for instruction and student Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test results. About 55 percent of Florida teachers earned an "effective" rating in 2011-2012, the largest ...

  • Florida's teacher evaluations aren't ready

    So it is with a flawed evaluation system for Florida's teachers. Accountability is needed, no debate there. The effectiveness of the teacher is the most important factor in education. But make evaluations credible. If Florida's new evaluation system is ...

  • State: Almost half of local teachers are highly effective

    The results from the 2011-12 school year released Wednesday represent the first time teacher evaluations have been linked to students' scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Statewide, of 157,000 teachers evaluated, only about 5,000 ...

  • Teachers in Leon County Schools overwhelmingly received high ratings in the ...

    "Florida teachers are not afraid of accountability - we welcome it," said Andy Ford, the teachers union's president, Wednesday in a statement.

  • State pulls back data on teachers

    The Florida Department of Education released statewide data on the new teacher evaluations Wednesday only to pull it back in the afternoon.

  • Central Florida teachers react to new evaluation system

    Nearly 97 percent of Florida teachers were rated as "effective" or "highly effective" under a controversial new evaluation system and for the first time, it was published on the Internet, until it was quickly pulled. The State Department of Education ...

  • DOE: 99.5% of Marion teachers receive 1 of 2 top ratings

    Florida agreed to a more stringent evaluation system in order to get more federal education funding. The controversy stems from the fact that half of a teacher's evaluation is tied to student performance. Union officials maintain that teachers do not ...

  • Union questioning Florida teacher evaluation plan

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Margaret Goodman says she received high marks from all five principals she's worked for during 39 years, yet Florida's new evaluation system gave her a low rating of "needs improvement." The third-grade teacher at St.

  • Florida releases first report on test-driven teacher evaluations

    Wednesday's report on teacher evaluations did not include information on about a quarter of Florida teachers. It is missing the majority of Miami-Dade's teachers and all of Palm Beach County's.

  • See Brevard teacher evaluation results

    See how teachers at every Brevard public school fared on the new evaluation system, which aims to better differentiate struggling employees from those outperforming their peers.

  • Fairness of teacher evaluation system debated

    Teachers are now receiving final evaluations for the 2011-12 school year, the first in which they are being measured by their students' progress on the math and reading portions of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. And the system is coming ...

  • Controversial teacher evaluations are in

    Controversial teacher evaluations are in. Story Created: Dec 05, 2012 at 6:34 PM America/New_York. | More. LEE COUNTY, Fla.

  • Confused, discouraged teachers file complaints over new reviews

    When Central Florida teachers got their final job evaluations this month, many were puzzled or discouraged by how student test-score data affected their reviews.

  • Collier, Lee teachers receive high rankings on state evaluations; Some ...

    The vast majority of teachers in Collier and Lee county public schools ranked effective or highly effective on the state's controversial new evaluation system, according to data released Wednesday by the Florida Department of Education. But by ...

  • Remainders: Teachers rally and counter-rally over evaluations

    (E4E); Critics of E4E and the state's teacher evaluation requirements staged a counter-rally Sunday. (Ed Notes); The Brooklyn Free School is part of a resurgence in a controversial form of unstructured schools.

  • Teachers upset with newly released appraisals

    As a media specialist at Littlewood Elementary, she does not prepare students for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

  • Report: Brevard teachers outperform peers across state

    More than a quarter of Brevard public school teachers are considered highly effective, the highest possible ranking in a new state evaluation system rolled out last school year. A preliminary report released by the Florida Department of Education today ...

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