Thursday, December 6, 2012

Florida teachers

  • Florida Teacher Evaluation Results Retracted For Education Department ...

    Florida's redesigned teacher evaluation system is part of the Obama Administration's education reform efforts through Race to the Top, a competitive program that gives states $4.3 billion to design new ways to assess teachers and connect student ...

  • Fla. education chief defends teacher evaluations

    The Department of Education took down a website showing nearly 97 percent of Florida teachers were rated "effective" or "highly effective" within hours of putting it up.

  • 2011-2012 Florida District And State Teacher Evaluation Data

    The Florida Department of Education has released 2011-2012 teacher evaluation data. The Florida Department of Education released some teacher evaluation data for the 2011-12 school year on Dec. 5. This is the first time the state has released data for ...

  • Florida Department of Education retracts teacher evaluation report

    Florida's first-ever release of a teacher evaluation report did not go the way officials had hoped. Late Wednesday, Department of Education officials retracted data released earlier in the day.

  • State: Almost half of local teachers are highly effective

    ... Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 1:30 p.m.. SARASOTA - Roughly 97 percent of Florida teachers received favorable marks under the state's new teacher evaluation system, an indication that the grading system may not be as punitive as critics feared.

  • State pulls back data on teachers

    The Florida Department of Education released statewide data on the new teacher evaluations Wednesday only to pull it back in the afternoon.

  • Florida's teacher evaluations aren't ready

    So it is with a flawed evaluation system for Florida's teachers. Accountability is needed, no debate there. The effectiveness of the teacher is the most important factor in education.

  • Teachers in Leon County Schools overwhelmingly received high ratings in the ...

    "Florida teachers are not afraid of accountability - we welcome it," said Andy Ford, the teachers union's president, Wednesday in a statement.

  • Tony Bennett Talks Florida Job, Glenda Ritz & Future Plans

    Bennett was speaking to reporters after overseeing the final approval of the last of his administration's "bold" and controversial initiatives - an overhaul of the state's teacher licensing rules known as "REPA II." Still clearly saddened by his loss ...

  • Report: Brevard teachers outperform peers across state

    More than a quarter of Brevard public school teachers are considered highly effective, the highest possible ranking in a new state evaluation system rolled out last school year.

  • State: More than 1300 Manatee teachers were 'highly effective' in 2011-12

    Among teachers evaluated with new data-driven formula, 22 percent were ranked highly effective; 75 percent were rated effective and barely 2 percent were told they need improvement.

  • Florida releases first report on test-driven teacher evaluations

    Three in every four teachers were effective in Florida classrooms last year, but 2 percent need improvement, according to a state report released Wednesday.

  • Florida teachers upset with new evaluation system

    Florida teachers upset with new evaluation system. 5:26 PM, Nov 20, 2012 | comments. Third grade teacher Margaret Goodwin of Westgate Elementary in St. Petersburg says the new evaluation system for Florida teachers is demoralizing and unfair.

  • Teachers wanted to study Gullah culture of GA, SC

    (AP) -- Two university researchers are looking for dozens of teachers to travel to Georgia and South Carolina to study the culture and traditions of the Gullah, descendants of slaves living along the Southern Atlantic coast.

  • Give thanks for Florida's teachers

    As we enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend, we should remember our teachers when we give thanks. We entrust them with our most precious assets, our children.

  • Juliet Hibbs, Florida Teacher Accused Of Turning Teen Student Gay, Battles ...

    Florida teacher Juliet Hibbs is fighting the Broward school district over its handling of an accusation against her that she contributed to girl's homosexuality.

  • Former South Florida teacher accused of soliciting massages from elementary ...

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A former Broward County teacher accused of soliciting massages from students has lost her license to teach in Florida. The state's Education Practices Commission issued an order this month to Cheryl Grampa, 46, who taught at ...

  • Just How Potent Are Florida's Teacher Unions?

    Florida, for example, mandates collective bargaining yet ranks 50th in overall union strength. (Only Arizona has weaker teacher unions.) That's largely because the Sunshine State does not allow unions to automatically collect 'agency fees' -- the ...

  • See Brevard teacher evaluation results

    See how teachers at every Brevard public school fared on the new evaluation system, which aims to better differentiate struggling employees from those outperforming their peers.

  • Confused, discouraged teachers file complaints over new reviews

    When Central Florida teachers got their final job evaluations this month, many were puzzled or discouraged by how student test-score data affected their reviews.

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