Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ellen grossman

  • Ellen Grossman, Woman Who Didn't Recognize Jay-Z On Subway, Plays 'Name ...

    Most New Yorkers would probably be shocked to see Jay-Z on their daily commute, but when artist Ellen Grossman found herself sitting next to the superstar on the subway, she didn't even recognize him, asking, "Are you famous?

  • Jay-Z, Meet Ellen Grossman

    In "When My Friend Ellen Grossman Met Jay-Z," Tanzina Vega writes about the woman in the video posted above. WHERE did the rapper Jay-Z meet Ellen Grossman, a 67-year-old woman who did not know who he was? WHEN did the encounter happen?

  • Ellen Grossman Picture and Video: The 'Old Lady' Who Didn't Recognize Jay-Z

    Jay-Z performs during the closing ceremony on day 11 of the London 2012 Paralympic Games at Olympic Stadium on September 9, 2012 in London, England.

  • Subway Lady Ellen Grossman on Meeting Jay-Z: 'I Loved It!'

    The breakout star of Jay-Z's mini-documentary "Where I'm From," a look at his opening eight concerts at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, is a 67-year-old white woman.

  • Jay-Z Unrecognized by Artist Ellen Grossman on NYC Subway

    When Jay-Z took a seat next to artist Ellen Grossman on the R train last month (he was on his way to his eighth and final show at Brooklyn's brand new Barclays Arena), she had a sneaking suspicion he might be kind of a big deal.

  • Ellen Grossman, Jay-Z have adorable conversation on the NYC subway

    By Carly Maga | The Juice - 17 hours ago. When Ellen Grossman got on the subway in New York City, she wasn't surrounded by mobs of fans and flashing phones -- but the man who sat down beside her was.

  • You Never Know Who'll Sit Beside You on the Train. Right, Jay-Z?

    O.K., so Ellen Grossman didn't recognize Jay-Z when she sat next to him on the subway the other week, as touchingly demonstrated in the video below that's been making the rounds.

  • Ellen Grossman's Response To Her Recent Fame & Her Chat With Jay-Z

    Ellen Grossman is the 67-year-old woman who became an instant celebrity when she failed to recognize Jay-Z when he sat next to her on the New York subway.

  • Jay-Z's sweet subway exchange makes a star of NYC artist [Video]

    On film she identifies herself as Ellen, but it didn't take folks long to discover that she's Ellen Grossman, an artist noted for her work in drawing and sculpture.

  • Jay-Z's subway ride with artist goes viral: 'It's my 15 minutes of fame'

    Ellen Grossman, 67, sprung to fame on Tuesday after Jay-Z published a short documentary about his concerts that opened the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

  • Ellen Grossman: Get To Know The Elderly Woman Who Had No Clue Who Jay-Z ...

    Get to know Ellen Grossman, the New York artist seen in Jay-Z's documentary video who admits during a ride on the subway that she has no clue who he is.

  • On Meeting Jay-Z on the Subway

    A video that's well on its way to becoming a viral phenomenon features a Brooklyn-born 67-year-old artist named Ellen Grossman and Jay-Z, the Brooklyn-born rapper who hardly needs any introduction (but you should you want one, here's Tablet's David ...

  • Jay-Z On The Subway: Video Of Conversation With Artist Ellen Grossman Goes ...

    Opting to take the subway to his final performance, Jay-Z was swarmed by hysterical fans meeting their idol up close. Amid the mania, Jay-Z takes a seat in the R train next to Ellen Grossman, a quiet elderly woman and native New Yorker that had no idea ...

  • Jay-Z's subway chat with artist Ellen Grossman goes viral

    As the hip hop mogul's fans snap away with their smartphones and clamour to get in the same carriage as him, Jay-Z sits down next to an elderly lady who, it later turns out, is the artist Ellen Grossman. Hearing the commotion, she asks the rapper: "Are ...

  • Jay-Z's ADORBZIES Subway Commute With A Sweet Old Lady Who Doesn't ...

    Brooklyn's most beloved music-maker has got 99 Problems, but rising gas prices ain't one! Ch-ch-check out the saccharinely sweet vid of Jay-Z and his newest fan, Ellen Grossman, commuting to the Barclay Center together (above)! The Empire State of Mind ...

  • Jay-Z makes a new fan on the subway

    NEW YORK (WABC) -- Amongst the hoopla of a superstar on the subway, 67-year-old Ellen Grossman was just sliding over to make room for a new passenger.

  • Video! Subway Patron Fails to Recognize Jay-Z

    The hip-hop mogul sat next to artist Ellen Grossman on a NYC subway train last month, and she didn't know who he was. "Are you famous?

  • Jay Z Rides The Subway, Chats To Lovely Lady, Goes Viral

    It was encounters of the cute kind in New York, as Jay Z boarded the subway, only to find an empty seat next to the only person on that tube that didn't know his name: Ellen Grossman. "Are you famous?" she asked Jay Z as he sat next to her on the ...

  • To Be Fair, Jay-Z Has No Clue Who This Lady Is Either

    Where I'm From is terrific start to finish, but the highlight comes about 19 minutes into the video when Jay-Z takes the subway to his final performance.

  • Jay-Z posts a video of a conversation with a 67-year-old lady that goes viral

    Music mogul Jay-Z takes the New York subway to the Barclays Center and meets Ellen Grossman. The 67-year-old lady does not recognize Jay-Z but she notices that everyone else is taking pictures of him.

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