Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Burning calories

  • Burning Off Calories On Thanksgiving

    BILLINGS - Many people in their Magic City, along with the visiting relatives from across the country, made time to burn off some calories before eating the big Thanksgiving dinner Thursday morning. 2012 is the second year for the Run Turkey Run 5k and ...

  • What burns more calories: short bursts of exercise or longer workouts?

    The idea that every kilometre burns the same number of calories goes back to a classic 1963 study by Italian physiologist Dr.

  • A Little Intense Exercise Burns Holiday Calories

    Researchers found people can burn an extra 200 calories a day by getting in a total of two and a half minutes of hard exercise during a 25-minute workout.

  • Burning off those Turkey Day calories

    MARQUETTE -- After getting their Thanksgiving fill, dozens of YMCA members in Marquette worked to burn off those calories. Each year the YMCA hosts Fitness Feast, a marathon of fitness classes the day after turkey day. The five-part series included ...

  • How Heavy Weight Lifting Benefits Women

    For every pound of muscle you gain, your body naturally burns an extra 35-50 calories per day, just by obtaining muscle! Therefore, a weight lifting session continues to burn calories even after your workout is over with where as cardio stops burning ...

  • Runners shed calories and guilt at annual Turkey Trot

    DURHAM -- About 700 Triangle residents probably feel a bit less guilty about stuffing themselves full of turkey and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving Day - they spent the early hours of the holiday burning calories at the Turkey Trot 5K charity run at ...

  • Dancing And Sex Cardio Cocktail! Cameron Diaz's Tip For Burning The Most ...

    Cameron, who has been a fixture on every men's magazine hot list for over a decade, was asked by the British magazine what burns more calories; 30 minutes of dancing or 30 minutes of sex? PHOTOS: Cameron Diaz Strips Down For Esquire UK. "Depends ...

  • Fat Acceptance at the Gym Burns More Than Calories

    Fat Acceptance at the Gym Burns More Than Calories. By Emily Anderson. WeNews guest author. Sunday, November 25, 2012.

  • Burn, baby, burn: Add oomph to calorie-burning

    Some of you may also be having this problem, so here's a fun fact: Did you know during 30 minutes of active sex, a person will burn around 200 calories? Not to mention all the muscle conditioning! So call your partner over and see how many calories you ...

  • Low-cost ways to battle fitness myths

    You will burn a larger PERCENTAGE of calories from fat during moderate exercise, but overall you are still burning fewer calories than you would from a high intensity session. Higher intensity workouts burn more calories from fat AND carbs, and have an ...

  • Hop off the treadmill, pick up a dumbbell for faster results

    Chambers says that just a short period of weightlifting can burn calories for hours afterwards. (One study even found that people who weightlifted were still burning calories the next morning!) The benefits can go even longer than that. Having more ...

  • Gaiam Releases Colleen Saidman's Yoga For Weight Loss To Promote A ...

    "Weight loss does not simply occur from eating less and burning more calories; it involves other factors such as, surprisingly, proper relaxation.

  • Burning calories easier with mate?

    Burning calories easier with mate? Posted on: 04 Dec 2012, 06:00 PM. Burning calories easier with mate? Loading image.

  • Top 10 Workout Songs for Burning Holiday Calories

    ... Chinese buffet. What we're getting at is that once 2013 is here and life goes back to the peak of droll mundanity, it's gonna be time to put down the pie and pick up the dumbbell.

  • Banish Frequent Heartburn by Burning More Calories

    In theory, losing weight is easy - you simply need to burn more calories than you eat. In practice, this can seem hard.

  • Snowshoeing melts calories

    A: Snowshoeing is low impact, highly aerobic, works all of the major muscle groups, and, according to American College of Sports Medicine fellow, Michael O'Shea, " [Snowshoeing] burns more than 600 calories an hour - 45 percent more than you'd burn ...

  • 'Burning calories easier with a team mate'

    People who exercise with a teammate, whom they perceive to be better, increase their workout time and intensity by as much as 200 per cent.

  • Calories out, charity in at one DeKalb gym

    For at least 10 years, the exercise instructor has held a charity exercise session - the "Be Thankful Workout" - at the Haish Gym & Sports and Recreation Center, in which people could donate canned food or money before burning calories. On Thursday ...

  • Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker Review: Motivation Provided

    It also measures distance, calories burned and stairs climbed, as well as tracking sleep. These are really useful for anyone who likes to try and set goals or generally improve fitness.

  • Calorie burning drink brand Celsius selects Shanghai Honglu for Chinese foray

    Shanghai Honglu managing director David Chang said: "Celsius is shown to burn calories, reduce body fat, energize metabolism, and provide lasting energy.

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