Monday, December 3, 2012

Look at this photograph

  • 'Look at This Instagram' Puts Modern Twist on Nickelback Song

    Now, College Humor is parodying the song in a music video dubbed "Look at This Instagram." Filled with original lyrics, the song pokes fun at Instagram users and their cliché photographs of inane crap. But why use the Nickelback song instead of, say, ...

  • Troll Your Friends With 'Look at This Photograph'

    Do your friends hate Nickelback? Of course they do, otherwise you wouldn't be friends with them. Do you want to mess with your friends?

  • Obama Extends Congratulations To Prince William, Kate Middleton Amid News ...

    May 28, 2010: President Barack Obama and Lafourche Parish President Charlotte Randolf, left, inspect a tar ball as they look at the effect the BP oil spill is having on Fourchon Beach in Port Fourchon, La., May 28, 2010. (Official White House Photo by ...

  • New York Then And Now: Stunning Portraits of Our Beloved City by Evan Joseph

    It is clear that photographer Evan Joseph knows this great love and shares this passion. His new book New York Then and Now, published today by Thunder Bay Press, is a fascinating look at this city both now and in its glorious past. Joseph, a well ...

  • Facebook bans photo of woman in the bath

    Facebook bans photo of woman in the bath. November 29th, 2012 • 7 Comments By Mof Gimmers. Have a look at this photograph of a woman in the bath. Facebook have banned it from the social network on grounds of taste and decency. Now, hands-up if ...

  • Library of Congress releases 1600 brilliant photos of America's World War II ...

    The nostalgic photos, taken between 1939 and 1944, give viewers a look at different slices of life in the then-48 states, from women working at an airplane plant in California to farmers surveying their property in New Mexico.

  • Syria Chemical Weapons Moved, US Official Says

    Two Syrian boys who fled with their families from the violence in their village, look on as one holds a gun toy at a displaced camp, in the Syrian village of Atmeh, near the Turkish border with Syria, Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012.

  • What's Going On in This Picture? | Dec. 3, 2012

    You might also consider posting two or three times as your observations about the photograph develop. What more can you see as you continue to look at it and read the comments of others? We also invite you to return to this feature again after Dec. 4 ...

  • Q&A - Frank Ockenfels (Gallery Photographer)

    If you look at all the shows that AMC has, they're not your typical shows. Everything takes a little more of a thought process, and it's like mini-movies every week.

  • A Machine That Makes Cameras: The Aesthetics of the Lytro

    The camera was as much a partner in this affair as was the photographer: Cartier-Bresson could zone-focus wide-angle lenses stopped down to medium- to small-apertures, such that he didn't have to look, frame, and focus a scene before capturing it.

  • A Brief History Of LA's Billboard Art

    "I'm an urban landscape photographer. I've always thought that L.A. had a very unique look. It's really built around people driving in their cars.

  • Dispersant makes oil 52 times more toxic

    This photograph shows windrows of emulsified oil (bright orange) sprayed w/dispersant. The photo taken on April 26, 2010.

  • Alt Text: Capture a Light-Field and Digitally Manipulate It, It'll Last Longer

    Part of the success of the Polaroid camera, of course, is that the creators had the foresight to make sure the resulting pictures strangely off-color and overexposed, giving them what reporter Edward R. Murrow called "a hip, retro look, evoking the mix ...

  • Geotagged Before-and-After Photos Show Glaciers' Recession

    Gore's clever stage-choreography epitomizes the increasingly imaginative lengths scientists must go to in engaging people on the climate crisis, but by flying through the Himalayas and creating immense, photo-realistic 3-D models of receding glaciers ...

  • A New 'Testament' Told From Mary's Point Of View

    And my father, I can't think that his name was mentioned, and there was no photograph of him on the wall or anything like that.

  • MAN's best books of 2012

    "Timothy H. O'Sullivan: The King Survey Photographs" by Nelson-Atkins curators Keith Davis and Jane Aspinwall details O'Sullivan's work with and for Clarence King, as well as the development of the American West.

  • Ohio man's Grumpy Cat photo is an Internet sensation

    The dark brown circles around her eyes angle upward onto her cream-colored fur, and look like a scowl. Add that to her sharply downturned mouth, and Tardar Sauce looks like she is pretty unhappy with the world. Grumpy Cat had speckled fur as a kitten ...

  • John Huey, A Stalwart Of Time, Packs Up

    On the wall is a photograph of William Faulkner, ''the patron saint of all hard-drinking Southern writers,'' as Mr. Huey, a native of Atlanta, describes him.

  • Photographer snaps Detroit, day at a time

    Instead, Sacka, 37, offers a look at a pulsating city where even the average person on the street has a story. "It's the conversation that happens, that's what I love the most," said Sacka.

  • Flickering Aficionados Have a Noble Gas at Release Party for New York Neon

    But it was a different photograph Mr. Friedman was interested in showing him—one of his sign fabricating father, Gaspar. Not everyone in the trade learned the art at their papa's knee.

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