Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weird news chicago

  • Wild coyotes 'kind of chilling' by Wrigley Field

    24, 2012 photo provided by Will Byington, a pair of wild coyotes stand near Wrigley Field on Chicago's North Side. Byington was photographing a band at an entertainment complex nearby when told about the coyotes.

  • Marvel Comics Glass Murder: Erik Jensen Allegedly Stabbed Cousin To Death ...

    ... Marvel Comics Murder, Weird News Chicago, Chicago News. A bizarre and tragic scene unfolded on Chicago's northwest side when a man allegedly stabbed his own cousin to death with a pair of scissors--all over a broken Marvel Comics collector glass.

  • From CHA To CHI: Sixers Wrap Up Back-To-Back With Journey To Chicago

    The repercussions from that playoff series are still being felt in Chicago as the Bulls struggle to tread water without Derrick Rose, who is still out of action after tearing his ACL in Game 2. The 76ers and Bulls both find themselves in odd positions ...

  • Local teen lands role on 'Chicago Fire'

    "This has been awesome," Cody said Thursday at Starbucks on Beal Parkway. "I do think I look weird on TV, but it's fun watching yourself.

  • The NFL's drug-testing process: Mystery, dishonesty — and no clarity

    RENTON - It felt normal, which means it felt weird, too. The Seahawks did their best to shove their cornerback controversy into the background Wednesday, focusing on the Chicago Bears instead of the performance-enhancing drugs innuendo hovering over ...

  • Harris: Groupon's Andrew Mason faces questions about his future as CEO

    It would be weird if the board wasn't discussing whether I'm the right guy to do the job. It's actually their chief responsibility to ask that question, as they have asked that question in ... reported that Groupon board members "have been seriously ...

  • Chicago Bears notebook: Mike Florio is weird, J.J. Watt is Justin Bieber, Jay ...

    Florio being bad and weird is hardly breaking news; like the first paragraph says, he's been doing this for years. It was a Wednesday appearance on Chicago sports talk radio, though, that cemented Florio's off-kilter lunacy and proved to be example No.

  • Groupon rival LivingSocial to lay off hundreds in US: report

    Employees of the biggest rival to Chicago-based Groupon Inc. are hearing bad news this week. Washington, D.C.-based daily deal site ... It would be weird if the board wasn't discussing if I was the right guy for the job." So, is he? asked Mr. Blodget ...

  • Radkey's self-taught sound opens doors

    An invitation to play a New Year's Eve show in Chicago, opening for Naked Raygun and the Dwarves, had to be declined because of a scheduling problem.

  • Hicks: Lindsay Lohan update -- actress faces charges in 2 separate incidents

    It was a little weird. Stewart has been more willing to embrace feminine frocks in recent years, Swennen added. "One of the things that I love about her is that she is willing to take a risk.

  • Groupon CEO Mason: Would be 'weird' if board weren't discussing my role

    The planned discussion at the regularly scheduled meeting comes amid fractures among the Chicago-based daily deal site's co-founders - Mason, Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell, who all sit on the board, two people briefed on the matter told the Journal.

  • 'Hobbit' fans rejoice as movie premieres in New Zealand

    "So playing a dwarf didn't seem that weird, actually. Perhaps the most well-known celebrities to walk the carpet were Cate Blanchett and Elijah Wood, who reprise their roles in the LOTR in the "Hobbit.

  • Sizing up the new Dave & Buster's in Dallas: A more open game destination with ...

    While fun, and perfect for the short-burst arcade design, it felt weird paying money to play Temple Run while it's free to play on the iPad.

  • Celebrities we hope stay scandal-free

    Claire Zulkey Charles Barkley had a point when he declared that athletes shouldn't be role models (which, perversely, is one of the many reasons I very much like Sir Charles) but still, I can't help but hold my breath a little bit for Chicago Bulls ...

  • Hey, I Need to Talk to You About This Brilliant Obama Email Scheme

    And as revealed in a new report from Joshua Green*, there was a high-powered viral media outfit lurking in Chicago. The lessons from the campaign aren't just a ... It's a weird publication to be sure, assembled from your mom's emails, your friend's ...

  • News of the Weird

    In October, a federal appeals court overturned the bribery conviction of a City of Chicago zoning inspector—on the grounds that the bribes he was convicted of taking were too small to be covered by federal law.

  • Hicks: Angus T. Jones won't leave 'Two and a Half Men"

    SHIA LEBEOUF LEAVES GIRLFRIEND FOR TEEN: Shia LaBeouf might be some sort of weird thespian genius. Then again, maybe one of those Transformer ... Former Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde died in Chicago at age 83. Former General Motors chief ...

  • LivingSocial cuts 400 jobs worldwide

    The job cuts came a day after Groupon CEO Andrew Mason said "it would be weird" if his board wasn't discussing whether he was the right person for the job amid the company's poor stock performance.

  • Economy makes for tougher Thanksgiving journeys

    CHICAGO - Millions of Americans piled their families into cars, hopped on buses and waited out delays at airports Wednesday as they set off on Thanksgiving treks that many said required financial sacrifice, help from relatives to come up with airfare ...

  • Food Informants: A Week In The Life Of Matthew DuTrumble, Executive Chef Of ...

    We're currently planning for our Movember-themed one. It's going to be hilarious. Mustache painting booth for the ladies, Mustache Competition for the men and mustache chocolate cookie making in the kitchen!

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