Saturday, December 1, 2012

Usa internet blackout

  • USA Internet Blackout Unlikely, Experts Say

    Renesys points out that the U.S. is served by a huge number of Internet service providers, more than 40 in all. Like Canada and the Netherlands, it is a "global Internet economy" -- which means that even if the government wanted to black out the ...

  • Internet, phone service restored in Syrian capital

    BEIRUT (AP) - Syrian authorities on Saturday restored Internet and telephone services in Damascus following a two-day, nationwide communications blackout that came during some of the worst fighting to hit the capital since July. The state-run SANA news ...

  • Internet down nationwide in Syria

    The blackout, confirmed by two U.S-based companies that monitor online connectivity, is unprecedented in Syria's 20-month-old uprising against President Bashar Assad.

  • Syria shutdown extends to second day #thecircuit

    Syria: The Internet shutdown in Syria has stretched into a second day, as experts speculate about why the country has gone offline.

  • Notre Dame sports all-black uniforms for Kentucky game

    #blackout Game vs Kentucky #gametime (Photo: via @PlanePat24). Well, everyone was ... Tim McGarry is a social media editor at USA TODAY Sports. He is a big fan of college football season, the Internet and 140-character limits. Send Tim McGarry a ...

  • Online travel CEOs: How to serve travelers better

    2012 - Faced with a rapidly changing online and mobile landscape, the pressure is on for online travel companies to adapt and innovate successfully.

  • Anonymous takes on Syrian government

    Beginning at 9:00 PM ET USA [on Thursday] Anonymous will begin removing from the Internet all web assets belonging to the Assad regime that are NOT hosted in Syria.

  • High Tide: From the FSA's Asset Management Bribery Review to A Third Mayoral ...

    Regulators issued an enforcement action against Helm Bank USA for violations of Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering laws.

  • Pakistan's radio silence

    The blackout of cell phone communications in most parts of the country affected not only the GSM and CDMA based mobile and SMS communications, but also major business houses, banks, multinational corporations and their remote camps using PTCL ... Over ...

  • Google Transparency Report Shows Government Surveillance On The Rise In ...

    Wikipedia is planning <a href="

  • Pictures Of The Day Live: 29th November 2012

    Two US-based Internet-monitoring companies say Syria has shut off the Internet nationwide. Activists in Syria reached Thursday by satellite telephone confirmed the unprecedented blackout, which comes amid intense fighting in the capital, Damascus.

  • Media, Murdoch and Leveson

    The 'Murdochgate' phone hacking scandal brought out into the public arena the huge power that the press barons wield - intruding into the lives of any of us; threatening politicians with unfavourable coverage if they dare to defy their interests; using ...

  • The Dark Side of Free Speech

    Information like updates on the location of the storm, where people could find access to the Internet and news on what parts of the city were under blackout, circulated across the curated channels. But not all of the information swirling across these ...

  • Fans agonize after Yahoo fumbles fantasy football service Sunday

    The outage, though, occurred on a day there were relatively few last-minute roster changes due to injuries, observed Dan Williams, co-founder of FantasyAlarm.

  • Seven And A Half Things To Know: Hurricane Sandy Damage Costs Mount

    This morning we'll find out how many jobs the U.S. economy added in October, and with the election so close that data "will be met with a deluge of political spin and hyperbolic analysis," notes The New York Times' Annie Lowery.

  • 'Our economy among FIRST TO COLLAPSE amid mounting govt debt'

    China has progressed so much and so fast that even USA is borrowing from China (this was unthinkable some ten or twenty years ago).

  • Siria senza internet, Google aiuta col servizio Speak2Tweet

    Si tratta di un disservizio che riguarda sia internet che le linee telefoniche, sebbene qualcuno riesce a effettuare chiamate. Proprio per questo motivo, Google ha sottolineato che il servizio Speak2Tweet, già utilizzato in Egitto nel febbraio 2011, è ...

  • "A Internet pode ajudar a democracia por ser descentralizada"

    Mas em termos do que um país investe para controlar a liberdade de expressão é quase de certeza a China – só que a China tem 400 milhões de pessoas online, a maioria usa o Sina Weibo [rede tipo Twitter, com mensagens curtas], e os sistemas de ... O que ...

  • dpa-AFX Überblick: UNTERNEHMEN vom 23.11.2012 – 15.15 Uhr

    ... III": Bundesbank droht US-Banken mit schärferer Regulierung FRANKFURT – Die Bundesbank droht den USA wegen des dortigen Widerstands gegen die Einführung schärferer Kapitalregeln für Banken („Basel III") mit einer schärferen Gangart in Europa ...

  • Revolution: oggetti tecnologici che mancherebbero al cast in caso di blackout

    Eric Kripke: internet, dove passa molto del suo tempo; la buona notizia è che scriverebbe di più e più in fretta, ma pensa che sarebbe ucciso entro 48 ore dal blackout. Elizabeth Mitchell: il cellulare, che usa per rimanere in contatto con tutti. JJ ...

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