Tuesday, December 4, 2012


  • Rob Kardashian trashes ex Rita Ora in Twitter tirade, claims he got her ...

    The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant has since deleted all traces of Ora from his Twitter page, including an image of the two of them cuddling up, with the caption "Me and my baby.


  • UPDATE 1-Pope gets more than half million Twitter followers

    Pope Twitter followers growing by the minute. * Pontiff receives tweet from Israeli President Shimon Peres. * Will send first tweet on Dec. 12 (Adds followers, different language versions).


  • Television & Social Media: Viewers Use Twitter As A Part Of The TV Experience

    NEW YORK -- Television viewers were once called couch potatoes. Many are becoming more active while watching now, judging by the findings in a new report that illustrates the explosive growth in people who watch TV while connected to social media on ...


  • Twitter Users Vulnerable To SMS Spoofing Attack

    "Messages can then be sent to Twitter with the source number spoofed," according to a blog post from security researcher Jonathan Rudenberg, who discovered the vulnerability.


  • Twitter postings by teens show best and worst

    I saw the best of social media and the worst of it in a bit of browsing on Twitter this morning. In the best, a concerted effort by teenagers in the 518 area code convinced football player Tim Tebow and Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin, the heroes of ...


  • Twitter: Hillary Clinton in 2016, not 2013

    Twitter lit up with a disbelief after a report surfaced that Michael Bloomberg had asked Hillary Clinton to run for New York City mayor in 2013.


  • Firsthand Fund Raises Twitter Stake

    The Firsthand Technology Value Fund (SVVC) has increased its stake in Twitter Inc. to 8.3% of the firm's gross assets. This sets SVVC up to do for Twitter what it did for Facebook (FB) earlier this year. Namely, it will be one of the few places ...


  • Chris Brown returns to Twitter, gets philosophical on Instagram

    In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Chris Brown returned to Twitter for real over the weekend, just about a week after he took his Twitter toys and went home in the wake of a vulgar exchange with female comedian Jenny Johnson. While his nearly 11.7 ...


  • Suit settled over value of Twitter followers

    COLUMBIA, S.C.—A South Carolina Internet company has settled a lawsuit with one of its former employees over the value of Twitter followers. Attorneys for Noah Kravitz said Monday that their client had settled a suit filed against him by PhoneDog LLC, ...


  • On Twitter, Obama puts question mark over mortgage deduction

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Taking to Twitter to press his case in "fiscal cliff" talks with Congress, President Barack Obama said on Monday that tax breaks benefiting middle class families such as the mortgage interest deduction could be at risk if rates ...


  • Twitter SMS bug lets hackers tweet via other users' accounts

    Twitter users who post tweets to their feeds via SMS could be vulnerable to a security flaw, according to a security consultant.


  • Twitter Creates A Timeline For Its API Announcements

    Do you know when Twitter will be sunsetting an API, or when it will be releasing a new API it has in the works? You can always follow the social network's engineering blogs for the info, but there was no central location for all of this information ...


  • Take Twitter Campaigns To The Next Level With SEO Data

    Marketers usually answer this by scrolling down their Twitter stream, scanning and searching for keywords and hash tags that will give them a fair idea of what interests their audience.


  • Cauley-Stein: Twitter less 'fun' in college

    Disgruntled supporters could call into radio shows, leave comments on message boards and boo from the bleachers, but the growth of Twitter and other social media outlets have given that same group the opportunity to express its frustration without any ...


  • Obama answers questions on Twitter

    President Obama will answer questions about his tax plan via Twitter on Monday. "Good to see lots of folks on twitter speaking out on extending middle class tax cuts. I'll answer some Qs on that at 2ET," the president tweeted. "Ask w/ #My2k." The White ...


  • Ford, Jimmy Fallon Ask Twitter Users to Help Pen Super Bowl Jingle

    On Wednesday, Fallon will begin his writing process by sending a single tweet, after which the Twitter universe will take over, working with the comedian to "steer the script" - which is, coincidentally, the same hashtag users should attach to their ...


  • News of William & Kate's Baby Brings Twitter Spoofs

    Within minutes of the announcement from the royal family that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting a child came a flurry of Twitter handles spoofing the news. Twitter names including "RoyalFetus," "RoyalFoetus," and "IamRoyalBaby" all began ...


  • Piers Morgan continues twitter assault on Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger

    CNN personality Piers Morgan has been a lifelong Arsenal fan and supporter. The well known pundit just yesterday launched a frustrated tirade at the Gunners' manager Arsene Wenger and according to his @PiersMorgan official twitter account on Dec.


  • B-School Twitter Roundup: 13155 Hours of Consulting

    This week's Twitter roundup of happenings in the business school world includes a Duke MBA alum who made an appearance on the Today Show, an MIT student launching a business in Sierra Leone, and students at Thunderbird who logged more ...


  • Why Couldn't Chris Brown Stay Off Twitter?

    There's something about the allure of Twitter that keeps dragging even the most reluctant artists back to the service after they vow to abandon it forever.


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