Saturday, December 1, 2012

Syria internet killswitch

  • Syria Hits Internet Kill Switch; Blackout Continues

    The government of Syria Thursday apparently hit a "kill switch" for the country's Internet, and more than 24 hours later, the country's broadband Internet connections remained offline. In addition, many of the country's private branch exchange (PBX ...

  • Syria Cuts Of Internet as Fighting Continues in Damascus

    An entire country has essentially dropped off the Internet. Syria has thrown the Internet kill switch and cut off nearly all Internet and mobile communication traffic in the war-ravaged country.

  • Syria throws kill switch on internet, phones | Bangkok Post: news

    Syria was working to repair a breakdown in the main internet connection, the government was quoted as saying by state television, raising the possibility it might have been an attack by an anti-government group.

  • USA Internet Blackout Unlikely, Experts Say

    (Internet returned to two Syrian cities on Saturday, according to reports.) But in the U.S., plans for an Internet "kill switch" have met with much resistance. After two bills failed to progress in 2009, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) in 2010 ...

  • Internet back on in Damascus after 'kill switch' blackout

    Residents in Syria's capital of Damascus confirmed Internet services were back up and running on Saturday afternoon, following a two-day communications blackout.

  • Google Helps Syrians Call in Their Tweets by Phone

    "[These networks] perhaps [are] not subject to whatever killswitch was thrown today within Syria," Renesys wrote in a blog post.

  • Syria Drops Off the Face of the Internet, Both Sides Blame the Other

    This isn't the first time Syria's had Internet troubles. There was a short blip back on November 25th and, while Renesys skirts away from saying this was a trial of some kind of Internet kill switch, it's easy to imagine that the government was giving ...

  • Internet down in Syria

    Internet services in Syria have been cut. The internet traffic monitoring firm Renesys says all 84 of the country's domestic IP address are unreachable.

  • Syria cut off from the Internet, activists and monitors report

    Renesys reported that a few Syrian networks were still connected to the Internet, possibly through an offshore system "not subject to whatever kill switch was thrown today within Syria." The surviving servers included several that were implicated in a ...

  • Syria's Internet Reportedly Shut Down (UPDATES)

    According to Renesys, offshore networks might not be "subject to whatever killswitch was thrown today within Syria." UPDATE 6: Content delivery network CloudFlare said in a blog post that it believes Syria's mainline to the Internet, controlled by the ...

  • Internet and telephones cut in Syria for second day amid sporadic clashes in ...

    I surmise fear of civil unrest from the populace becoming enlightened and very tired of the lying, skulldrudgery, and incessant horse manure from the politicians in this country is the reason for the push for the Internet killswitch. They already have ...

  • Blackout: Syria vanishes from Internet

    "These are potentially offshore, rather than domestic, and perhaps not subject to whatever killswitch was thrown today within Syria," Renesys said. It added that the "five offshore survivors" include the Web servers that were implicated in the delivery ...

  • UN to Seek Internet Kill Switch Next Month, Documents Show

    Warning that the secretive ITU is a terrible vehicle to address Internet issues because only governments are allowed to participate, he also said despotic rulers of nations like Russia, Syria, Iran, and others would abuse any potential new Internet ...

  • Shutting off the Internet in Syria, Resisting the smartphone craze, and ...

    "The difference between Syria and a Western free market democracy is that we have a completely privatized Internet system and telecommunications system for that matter," says Biddle.

  • Syria suffers Internet 'blackout'; cut off from the outside world

    Syria suffers Internet 'blackout'; cut off from the outside world. Summary: Syria, ravished by civil war and internal conflict, is no longer connected to the wider Internet, in a move that is reminiscent of the final weeks of the Gaddafi regime. Zack ...

  • Syria's Internet blacks out

    While these networks used Syrian-registered IP space, Renesys CTO said they were potentially outside of Syria "and perhaps not subject to whatever killswitch was thrown today within Syria." Akamai, a global content delivery network operator and service ...

  • Syria Experiencing Internet Blackout

    "These are five networks that use Syrian-registered IP space, but the originator of the routes is actually Tata Communications.

  • What's Your Country's Risk of Internet Blackout?

    And, in light of the Syria situation, it has conducted "a census, from our own view of the global Internet routing table, of all the domestic providers in each country who have direct connections (visible in routing) to foreign providers.

  • Syria cut off from Internet: monitoring firms

    Akamai, one of the firms which monitors global traffic, said traffic stopped from 1026 GMT, and that this supports the observation from another IT firm, Renesys, "that Syria is effectively off the Internet." Renesys said in a blog posting that its ...

  • Syria 'cut off' from internet, US blames Bashar al-Assad

    SYRIA has been cut off from the internet, technology companies which monitor web traffic reported yesterday, as the US government blamed the embattled regime of Bashar al-Assad for the move.

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