Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stress relief

  • Stress relief tips from around the world

    Holidays can be stressful. If it's any comfort, our friends around the world are juggling a lot now, too. "What constitutes stress is not having the time or help to meet demands in your life, whether you're in Texas or Taiwan," says Alice Domar ...

  • Jersey Shore Community Stress Relief Day: Free massage and yoga set for Dec. 1

    "We've had two Community Stress Relief Days already -- and they're a great way to help people find relief, find healing and also to connect and come together.

  • Surefire Stress Relief, Part 4: Decreasing Drama in Your Life

    If you think you're constantly getting barraged with other people's drama, consider this: Most drama in people's lives is internal.

  • Surefire Stress Relief, Part 1: Breathing Through Your Heart

    She is a key spokesperson on heart intelligence and the role of the heart in stress management, performance and wellness. For more by HeartMath, click here.

  • Boomers and Beyond Holiday Stress Relief and Sweets

    Come join your friends at the Y on Monday, December 17th at noon for a Holiday Stress Relief talk given by Karen Searls, a certified Self-Help Teacher.

  • Stress relief for weary

    With the semester coming to a close, stress levels peak and students struggle to rest as they put in their final efforts. The library is full of last-ditch efforts by students to finalize projects, study for tests and nap.

  • Ohio police officer recruits use yoga as stress reliever

    The Dayton, Ohio police academy has given its recruits something extra for their tool belts by teaching yoga as a form of stress relief. On Nov. 24, the Dayton Daily News reported that Chief Richard Biehl is showing police officers in training how yoga ...

  • Yoga offers pre-exam stress relief

    These aren't just trendy exercise programs - there's science to back up the health and stress-relieving benefits of yoga and meditation.

  • Workshop provides laughter and stress relief for the Ho-Ho-Ho Holidays

    The "Stress Relief for the Ho-Ho-Ho Holidays" workshop takes place 6:30 to 9 p.m., Friday Dec. 7, St. Joseph's Hospital, 2605 Harlem Rd.

  • Stress Test: Is Your Stress Self-Served?

    In my last post I mentioned that I'd been working on an article about stress and how people often choose it. Then of ... Believe me, it not only works for reducing the stress you've already served yourself, it also helps with practicing portion control ...

  • De-stress From Distress Through a Little Soul Searching

    My boss told me of a complaint she'd received about my attitude, management style and performance which I felt was grossly unjust.

  • Surefire Stress Relief, Part 3: Thanksgiving as a Wellness Practice

    By Deborah Rozman. Celebrations of a day of thanks are common around the world. Whether these observances mark an annual harvest, peace or something else, their underlying theme is appreciation and gratitude, sentiments that seem to be innate in ...

  • Stress Relief: 3 Ways To Do It Better

    Notice people who seem to be handling stress a little more effectively than you are. Maybe it's the guy at the cubicle next to you who manages to take 30 minutes away from his desk for lunch each day.

  • Divorce Advice: How To Curb Breakup Stress, According To The Experts

    We've gathered 10 of our best blogs that are focused on relieving stress during divorce. From re-establishing friendships, to getting in some exercise, click through to read our experts' tips, then share your best stress relief advice in the comments ...

  • Holiday Stress Relief: 10 Ways To Feel Great (And Stay Body-Positive!) This ...

    The holidays can be stressful for many reasons, from choosing gifts for everyone on your list to looming college application deadlines to spending time with family member you may or may not get along with.

  • Peddling stress relief for growers

    Te Puke kiwifruit growers hard hit by the vine disease Psa-V are being offered the chance to find some stress relief by joining weekly mountain bike rides.

  • Cheryl Cole Uses Gym for Stress Relief

    Cheryl Cole Uses Gym for Stress Relief. By Staff. Nov 21, 2012. Cheryl Cole. Sexy X Factor beauty Cheryl Cole relaxes with some time in the gym.

  • Trends: Handling stress for the busy season

    Apps: Download stress-relief apps for tablets and smart phones. You can find relaxing vistas, sounds such as waterfalls and woodflutes and windchimes, some where you can influence the background and create different patterns, white noise for better ...

  • Let's talk - My daughter cuts herself for stress relief

    Self-cutting is occurring in children and adolescents. Many are following each other while some are emotionally distressed. Some teenagers are under undue stress and say that they find temporary relief when they cut themselves. Some teenagers are ...

  • Stress Symptoms: 8 Surprising Signs You're Maxed Out

    However, these dreams might help you pinpoint what exactly is stressing you out -- and can <a href="http://www.fitnessmagazine.

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