Sunday, December 2, 2012

Octomom home alone

  • Octomom nominated for four awards for her porn video

    2 that AVN nominated "Octomom Home Alone" for "Best Celebrity Sex Tape" and "Best Solo Release." In addition, Octomom was also nominated for "Best DVD Extras" and "Best Marketing Campaign.

  • Octomom AVN Awards: Nadya Suleman 'Blown Away' By Porn Award Nomination

    She has been nominated for Best Celebrity Sex Tape, Best Solo Release, Best DVD Extras, and Best Marketing Campaign surrounding her controversial video, "Octomom Home Alone." "I'm totally honored and blown away to even be nominated," she tells ...

  • EXCLUSIVE: How Octomom Got Out Of Debt

    ... she also gets $10 a minute from people she calls "supporters" under her arrangement with Dial-A-Star. And, the biggest money maker of all - she gets residuals from her self-pleasure video, Octomom: Home Alone. PREVIOUS: Octomom Going To Rehab!

  • Octomom to get 'another visit from Child Protective Services after anonymous ...

    But thanks to a pay-out from her recent adult film Octomom: Home Alone, Suleman was recently able to purchase a new property for her brood - a six bedroom, 5,000 square foot properly in Palmdale, California.

  • The Octomom's Kids Record a Christmas Song

    Nadya Suleman got five of her 14 kids - she's decided to call them the "Roctuplets" - to record a holiday song, which was released on iTunes and Amazon today.

  • Is That a Lightsaber in Your Pocket or is the Force with Star Wars Porn Parody ...

    ... is known locally for distributing the Club Jenna oeuvre of porn goddess-turned-Huntington Harbour mom Jenna Jameson and Octomom Home Alone, the solo masturbation flick by La Habra-turned-Palmdale-turned-Orange rehab resident Nadya Suleman.

  • Diver surprised by reaction to his octopus hunt

    At the family's home in Maple Valley, Mayer's mother, Denise Mayer, has taken to answering the phone "Octo-Mom" in an effort to maintain a sense of humor in a situation that quickly became anything but funny, with critics commenting online that they ...

  • Musicĺs 3Rs 11.12.12: Donĺt Put Your Dick In Itů

    *Surveys the broken landscape of this week's Ridiculousů* Hey, don't look at me that way, Babies. It was that way when I got here.

  • What does Obama's victory mean to you?

    Says Beck: "He should have just left the auto issue alone." November 7, 2012 at 7:17 am | Reply. Daniel. he should ..... There is no incentive for workers, I work 3 jobs and my husband works, and we are having to pay for your A– to sit at home and do ...

  • 美国八胞胎母亲为养孩子表演脱衣舞

    当地时间7月13日,美国迈阿密,36岁的8胞胎母亲娜德雅·苏尔曼首次公开表演脱衣舞。单身母亲娜德雅·苏尔曼现在是14个孩子的母亲,迫于抚养孩子的经济压力,苏尔曼今年夏天出演了一部名为"Octomom: Home Alone"的成人电 ...

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