Sunday, December 2, 2012

Natural disasters

  • A Silver Lining in Sandy? (Part 3)

    To be clearer, the natural disasters I refer to in this post are not really natural. They are the extreme weather events influenced by anthropogenic climate change, made worse by the destruction of ecosystems and by poor building practices, and made ...

  • Natural Disasters Hinder Progress in Asia, Development Bank Says

    HONG KONG - Asia's rapid economic progress risks being undermined by the rising number of floods, landslides and other natural disasters that hit the region, according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank, published on Tuesday. Coming just ...

  • CLIMATE CHANGE: Natural disasters made history in 2011

    JOHANNESBURG, 27 November 2012 (IRIN) - Many of the worst natural disasters of 2011 were also the most severe the affected countries had ever experienced, revealed the Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) 2013, which was released in Doha on 27 ...

  • Superstorms: How to prepare for a natural disaster

    Though water was the main culprit in the destruction, it's not just coastal cities that are at risk of devastating natural disasters. Disasters of this magnitude can happen everywhere and it's important to be prepared -- no matter where you live. While ...

  • Lloyd's warns of £105bn deficit in insurance for natural disasters

    With the cost of damage from natural disasters increasing every year, Lloyd's, which is made up of 87 insurance syndicates that conduct business face to face between brokers and underwriters, issued a stark warning.

  • Asian action fundamental to preventing climate disaster

    Seven out of the 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change and disasters caused by natural hazards are in Asia and the Pacific.

  • Pets and Disasters; Presidential Security; New Album from The Killers

    But first, we tell about efforts to protect pets and other animals from natural disasters. Pets in Natural Disasters The northeastern United States continues to clean-up, repair and re-build in communities hit by Hurricane Sandy. Many people ignored ...

  • Getting Tax Relief after a Natural Disaster

    As people along the East coast continue to clean up from superstorm Hurricane Sandy, it's a good time to review the tax laws and provisions the IRS provides to help taxpayers and businesses recover financially from the impact of a natural disaster ...

  • Vulnerability to natural disasters is 'soaring', scientists warn

    Ageing populations and urbanisation could leave the world's poorest countries increasingly vulnerable to natural disasters, the UK's chief scientific adviser warned on Tuesday. "Vulnerability will go soaring," said Sir John Beddington. "Extreme events ...

  • A Silver Lining In Sandy? Changing The Paradigm Of Disaster Preparedness ...

    In 1993, flooding on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers produced one of the country's worst natural disasters at the time, killing 50 people and causing $15 billion in damages.

  • Lautenberg To Introduce Bill To Use Federal Funding To Contain Pollution After ...

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—At today's Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee hearing on Superstorm Sandy, U.S. Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) announced that he will introduce legislation that would protect public health by allowing ...

  • AECO Industry Predictions: Natural Disasters in 2012 Shed Light on U.S. ...

    Following a year in which the U.S. saw its long-neglected infrastructure system come to the forefront of national attention with natural disasters such as Hurricane Isaac and Superstorm Sandy, Microdesk predicts that in 2013 there will be a strong ...

  • Goldberg: Natural disasters can aid politicians

    Before I go on, let me say that like most people, I find the scoring of natural disasters for their political impact distasteful.

  • Partnerships in the Aftermath of a Disaster

    The images of the past month are all too familiar of a natural disaster's aftermath: homes destroyed, roadways and storefronts flooded, and families seeking refuge.

  • Federal Government responds to natural disaster inquiry

    NUMEROUS changes have already been made to communications systems in light of natural disasters in Queensland, the Federal Government's response to a 2011 Senate inquiry revealed on Tuesday.

  • Survival Kit: What You Need To Pack For A Natural Disaster

    After severe storms or other natural disasters, areas hit with extended power outages may soon suffer from information blackouts.

  • Logan Co. leaders creating plan to prepare area for natural disasters

    Those projects could include building storm shelters, designing roads and bridges that are able to withstand natural disasters, developing water supplies and public information material. The group would look for state and federal grant money to pay for ...

  • In Sandy's wake, government officials must rethink disaster prevention

    During the aftermath of major natural disasters, people often blame government officials for insufficient emergency response.

  • Carol Mansfield: Natural disasters and the role of EMS

    The televised images of the devastation these natural disasters have caused are hard to shake and make us realize how vulnerable we are to Mother Nature.

  • Beware of scams that follow natural disasters

    (Reuters) - Natural disasters can bring out the best in people, and also the worst. Following disasters like superstorm Sandy, opportunists and scam artists prey on victims as well as those who want to help.

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