Monday, December 3, 2012

Matt rhoades

  • Mitt Romney Campaign Manager Matt Rhoades Laments Hard-Right Shift On ...

    Matt Rhoades, who oversaw Romney's campaign, gathered with other top decision makers from both Romney's and President Barack Obama's campaigns at Harvard University's Institute of Politics Thursday for the "Campaign Managers Conference," which ...

  • Election 2012: Romney's concession speech

    I want to thank Matt Rhoades and the dedicated campaign team he led. They have made an extraordinary effort not just for me, but also for the country that we love.

  • Romney told by campaign manager Matt Rhoades: 'We would rather lose with ...

    According to ABC, campaign manager Matt Rhoades told Romney: 'We would rather lose with you than win with anyone else.' Colleagues also stood and clapped for Rhoades and Mitt's 'Body Man,' Garrett Jackson who often tweeted behind-the-scenes ...

  • Romney Camp Retooling Campaign After Latest Setback

    "Obviously the defeat yesterday was tough, but we're confident we can get right back on track and win this thing in the end," said Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades, adding that the GOP candidate "won't be giving up just because of one bad day.

  • Obama agenda: Breaking bread with Romney

    How the meeting happened: "Just before Thanksgiving, the White House called Matt Rhoades, who was Romney's campaign manager, to see if Romney would be interested in having lunch at the White House.

  • Sallies' Dann named soccer MVP

    Charter, sr.; Jonathon Blumberg, Concord, sr.; Johnny Brenner, St. Georges, sr.; John Milillo, Brandywine, sr.; Matt Adams, St. Georges, sr.

  • Mitt Romney's Concession Speech

    I'd like to begin tonight by thanking Eric Fehrnstrom, Stuart Stevens, Matt Rhoades, and the rest of my team. And to all the volunteers who worked night and day on my behalf.

  • Campaign Comes Full Circle (The Note)

    On neutral ground in Cambridge, Mass. fierce rivals (think Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades and Obama campaign manager Jim Messina) will meet for the first time since the election - and many for the first time ever.

  • Obama, Romney meet, pledge to 'stay in touch' on shared interests

    During the lunch - which was organized a couple of weeks ago by Obama campaign manager Jim Messina and Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades - the governor congratulated Obama on the success of his campaign and wished him well over the ...

  • Who's responsible for Project ORCA? Romney campaign silent

    The plan was reportedly hatched by former campaign political director Rich Beeson and former deputy political director Dan Centinello.

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    Romney's campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, defended Fehrnstrom and his partners. They played, at times, pivotal roles on the campaign.

  • The Long Line Outside Romney's Door

    Campaign manager Matt Rhoades told the Governor and his wife, "We would rather lose with you than win with anyone else," sources said.

  • Romney loss: Big bucks, but less bang

    Seventeen Romney staffers made more money than Mr. Obama's highest-paid staffer, despite not commencing work until months later, with Mr. Beeson making $360,000, Matt Rhoades making $330,000 and Lanhee Chen making $320,000. Mr. Obama had ...

  • 10 breakout political reporters of '12

    The two pieces he did for Huffington., the website's new tablet magazine, are among his proudest achievements of the 2012 cycle.

  • After Obama, Christie Wants a GOP Hug

    Mr. Christie is, of course, a convenient scapegoat for a candidacy that fell short for many reasons - demographic, ideological and personal - and Mr. Romney's campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, emphasized that Mr. Christie did "exactly what a governor ...

  • Lesterville Beta Clubs Induct New Members

    New inductees were: (Sr. Beta, standing, right) Brandy Barton, McKenzie Cunningham, Willy Dement, Isaac Freeman, Kenny Lewis, Brianna Lo, Matt McCartney, Everett Pierce, Noah Rhoades, Shayla Romero, Hannah Vogt and Maddie Winn; (Jr. Beta, sitting, ...

  • Romney Airdrops Two Billion in Small Bills Over Ohio

    Mr. Romney's campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, denied that the dumping of several metric tons of money onto the state of Ohio represented a desperation move on his candidate's part: "This is all a part of our closing argument, which is, vote for Mitt ...

  • The last days of Romneyland

    ... and at what amounts to the loss of their investment.) Yesterday afternoon, campaign manager Matt Rhoades thanked the staff in one last meeting at the campaign's Boston HQ, as did Romney and his wife, Ann.


    "Romney's campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, emphasized that Mr. Christie did 'exactly what a governor should do' in a crisis.

  • Prep football all-league teams announced

    The Lions had five other all-league selections with Matt Prins, Nick Allen, Dillon Shaffer, Luke Verhoog and Brandon Parnell while Luke Zane and David Dinius were selected as honorable mention.

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