Saturday, December 1, 2012


  • Syrian Internet, phone service restored in 'most' areas

    The Washington Post. BEIRUT - Internet and telephone lines were largely restored across Syria on Saturday after a two-day blackout, according to activists, as fighting raged around the Damascus International Airport between rebels and government forces.

  • USA Internet Blackout Unlikely, Experts Say

    Renesys points out that the U.S. is served by a huge number of Internet service providers, more than 40 in all. Like Canada and the Netherlands, it is a "global Internet economy" -- which means that even if the government wanted to black out the ...

  • Shutdowns Counter The Idea Of A World-Wide Web

    "The pattern seems to be that governments that fear mass movements on the street have realized that they might want to be able to shut off all Internet communications in the country, and have started building the infrastructure that enables them to do ...

  • Internet Radio Fairness Act debate opens in Washington

    The jockeying has begun on Capitol Hill over congressional legislation known as the Internet Radio Fairness Act, or IRFA (HR 6480 and S3609), with many musicians, record companies and performing rights organizations lining up in opposition to the bills ...

  • Governing the Internet

    Represented -- more than a 190 countries are gonna come together next week for huge conference in the Middle East their job is to make decisions on how to oversee the Internet. There is a lot of unease amid critics who say they're worried those ...

  • Syria Plunges Into Internet Blackout

    Internet access in Syria has once again been cut off, and while Syrian officials claim the outage was caused by a cut cable, network analysts are skeptical.

  • China's Internet Challenge

    Internet firms like Baidu (ticker: BIDU) and Sina (SINA) have been among the most-favored ways to play China. Unlike some other large companies, these firms are not state-owned, and are driven more by the growth in Internet usage than global economic ...

  • Dear ITU, please don't bill Internet use like phone calls

    If that request was put into practice, service providers get to prioritize certain types of Internet traffic and "the sending party"—a network generating content, like Netflix, Youtube, and maybe even Google or Ars—has to pay for the privilege of ...

  • Five Ways Indian Internet Users Are Fighting for Free Speech

    Although not many have petitioned the Supreme Court like the 21-year-old Ms. Singhal, thousands of social media users, civil society groups, lawyers and activists have protested Section 66A and the Internet laws in recent weeks. If readers believe the ...

  • Putin Cracks Down on Russian Internet

    Russia's Vladimir Putin has declared war on the Internet, and not just within his country's own borders. Putin's war may be coming soon to a laptop or smart phone near you.

  • Internet down nationwide in Syria

    Authorities often cut phone lines and Internet access in select areas where regime forces are conducting major military operations to disrupt rebel communications.

  • Internet sales taxes attack states' rights

    Proponents of Internet sales taxes are asking the lame-duck Congress to bless their state tax cartel as part of a larger tax reform package by passing the Marketplace Equity Act (H.

  • Appellate judge compares Aereo's antennas to tax dodge

    Aereo is the Barry Diller-backed Internet video service that currently provides users in New York with live TV. For $12 a month, Aereo will connect subscribers, via the Web, to a tiny antenna that captures over-the-air TV signals and enables them to ...

  • Syrian internet access mostly restored, for now

    History has a way of repeating itself, and the turmoil in Syria is proving no exception -- though potentially for the better. Following a communications blackout that began Thursday, reports have surfaced from Renesys, the AP, the BBC and the Syrian ...

  • Who fakes cancer on the Internet? Women

    They presumably suffered from Munchausen syndrome (which affects women disproportionately) or perhaps Munchausen by Internet, a new phenomenon that some experts would like to see included in the next edition of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and ...

  • Why 'Six Strikes' could be a nightmare for anyone with shared Internet

    See the problem? Who's responsible for each infraction? Who should be punished? The entire complex, by throttling or at some point terminating our Internet service? Each unit in the complex pays for shared Internet equally as part of our monthly ...

  • Internet Blackout in Syria as Airport Shuts Down

    CAIRO - Syrians were unable to connect to the Internet for the second day on Friday, as flights in and out of the country's main international airport were cancelled as fighting raged around it.

  • Cutting Syria's Internet: desperate move doomed to failure

    The Syrian Internet, like the country, appears to have been collapsing into a patchwork of unconnected systems for some time.

  • SA's internet population revealed

    According to the report, one in three (34%) adults in South Africa now use the internet. Two out of three internet users (66%) speak an African language at home, although most of the them have not been educated beyond school level, and four out of ten ...

  • Internet back on in Damascus after 'kill switch' blackout

    Residents in Syria's capital of Damascus confirmed Internet services were back up and running on Saturday afternoon, following a two-day communications blackout.

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