Saturday, December 1, 2012

Internet blackout

  • USA Internet Blackout Unlikely, Experts Say

    The global Internet intelligence company took a map of the globe and color-coded countries based on how difficult it would be to achieve an "Internet blackout" in that country. The U.S. falls in the category of least risk, according to that graphic ...

  • Could a Syria-style Internet blackout happen in the US?

    The ongoing Internet blackout in Syria this week, like the one that occurred in Egypt early in 2011, prompts curiosity as to whether such an event could happen in one's own country.

  • Syrian Internet outage persists, Speak2Tweet allows phone tweets

    It appears Syria's recent and continued Internet outage has rekindled public interest in Google's Speak2Tweet service.

  • Syria conflict: internet blackout continues - Friday 30 November 2012

    A view seen though a sniper's scope held for the photographer by a Free Syrian Army fighter shows a Syrian flag fluttering in an area controlled by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad near Aleppo's historical citadel.

  • Syrian Web blackout stirs concern

    Post reporter Craig Timberg sits down with us to discuss the Syrian Internet blackout, whether the rebels are behind it and how it may impact the continuing conflict.

  • Syria suffers Internet 'blackout'; cut off from the outside world

    Syria's infromation minister said "terrorists" were the cause of the Internet blackout, not the state, according to pro-government Ikhbariya TV reported via the Reuters news agency.

  • Syria Blackout Enters Day 2

    ... bolstered its military presence around Damascus on Friday and stepped up attacks on opposition strongholds around the capital, several activists said, but details of conflict were sparse as the country remained under an Internet blackout for a ...

  • Syria Hits Internet Kill Switch; Blackout Continues

    Renesys noted that all trace routes into Syria were also failing -- consistent with what would be an Internet blackout in the country -- and no customer networks on the country's primary Internet network, known as the Syrian Telecommunications ...

  • Syria Internet outage: How it might have happened and what it means

    As Syria's Internet and phone blackout goes into its second day, fears are building that Syrians who have relied on smartphones, YouTube and social networks throughout the two-year uprising will be cut off from their primary methods of communication.

  • Syria shuts down Internet access as country imposes nationwide online blackout

    The Internet blackout, confirmed by two U.S-based companies that monitor online connectivity, is unprecedented in Syria's 20-month-old uprising against President Bashar Assad.

  • Internet Service Goes Out Across Syria

    The government sent mixed signals about the Internet outage but denied it was nationwide. The pro-regime TV station Al-Ikhbariya quoted Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi as saying that "terrorists" have targeted Internet cables, interrupting service ...

  • Internet blackout continues in Syria

    The length of internet blackout, which continued on Friday, is unprecedented in Syria's 20-month-old uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.

  • Nationwide Internet blackout in Syria

    The blackout, confirmed by two U.S-based companies that monitor online connectivity, is unprecedented in Syria's 20-month-old uprising against President Bashar Assad.

  • Entire country of Syria now offline, gov't possibly threw kill switch

    In an unprecedented Internet blackout, Syria has vanished offline - all 84 IP address blocks that connect Syria's residents to the Internet were cut off at 12:26 p.m.

  • Blackout: Syria vanishes from Internet

    The Middle Eastern country has been experiencing an Internet outage for several hours, and many people on Twitter are reporting that phone lines are down as well.

  • Syria suffers Internet blackout

    ... of keeping them safe, keeping them secure from regime tampering, regime listening, regime interruption," Nuland said during the press briefing.

  • Internet back on in Damascus after 'kill switch' blackout

    Residents in Syria's capital of Damascus confirmed Internet services were back up and running on Saturday afternoon, following a two-day communications blackout. Technical experts said the Internet shutdown was highly likely to have been caused by ...

  • What's Your Country's Risk of Internet Blackout?

    What's Your Country's Risk of Internet Blackout? For Lonely Astronauts, a Robotic Companion · The First Time Humans Saw the Structure of DNA; Special Report; Energy Entrepreneurs · National.

  • Shutdowns Counter The Idea Of A World-Wide Web

    Night falls on a Syrian rebel-controlled area on Thursday, the same day an Internet blackout struck the country. The cause is still unclear, but many claim the Syrian government was responsible.

  • The three big questions on Syria's Internet blackout

    This morning, an entire country was effectively cut off from the Internet. Web traffic in and out of Syria dropped to zero abruptly, a drastic development more than a year into a conflict that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

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