Monday, December 3, 2012


  • 4 Children killed playing with bomb in Vietnam

    At least four children died when the bomb from the Vietnam War they were playing with blew up, police said Monday. The accident occurred Sunday in a village in Vinh Long province as the kids began fooling around with the device in a field of bamboo ...

  • Children's Seizures Not Always Damaging, Study Finds

    MONDAY, Dec. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Not all prolonged seizures permanently hurt children with epilepsy, according to preliminary findings from a long-term follow-up study.

  • Obese Children More Influenced By Food Ads Than Healthy-Weight Kids (STUDY)

    Obese children may be more susceptible to food advertising than healthy-weight children, a new study finds, suggesting one reason the nation's childhood obesity rate might continue to climb.

  • Breaking news: At least 6 school children were poisoned with carbon monoxide ...

    How safe are your children at school? Today in an Atlanta elementary school the unthinkable happened. As everyone began their school day, 29 unsuspecting children, one teacher and one cafeteria worker were poisoned by carbon monoxide. "The incident ...

  • Children With Autism Arrive At Emergency Room In Times Of Psychiatric Crisis ...

    BALTIMORE, Dec. 3, 2012 -- Kennedy Krieger researchers find families with private insurance more likely to use emergency department for urgent mental health care.

  • Texas Children's Hospital announces newborn screening clinic for primary ...

    HOUSTON, Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Beginning in December 2012, all newborns in the state of Texas will be screened for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disorder (SCID) as part of the standard newborn screening panel which ...

  • Norway's Crown Princess Minded Surrogate Children

    When friends of Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit couldn't travel to India to welcome their surrogate twins into the world, the royal stepped up, minding the couple's newborns for three days and even being mistaken by hospital staff for a nanny.

  • Children's campaigner Pushpa Basnet named CNN Hero of 2012

    Children's campaigner Pushpa Basnet named CNN Hero of 2012. Pushpa Basnet, a Nepalese woman who supports children so they don't have to live behind bars with their incarcerated parents, was named the 2012 CNN Hero of the Year on Sunday night.

  • Children in Bole demand free education

    Children in Bole in the Bole-Bamboi constituency of the Northern Region on Saturday came out in their numbers to clearly demonstrate their desire for free secondary education as they joined hundreds of adults to welcome NPP Vice-Presidential candidate, ...

  • Florida police in search of parents who allegedly threatened to kill children ...

    "We just want to make sure the children are OK," Melbourne police Lt. Byron Barnes told Bay News 9. "This statement could have been made out of frustration or exacerbation because of the financial burden borne by these parents for taking care of this ...

  • Quebec police continue to probe deaths of 3 children

    Police in Quebec continue to investigate the suspicious deaths of three young children whose bodies were discovered over the weekend in a home northeast of Montreal.

  • WVU Children's Hospital Hosts Holiday Bowling Party

    Each year there are more than 13,000 children diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes it's nice for these children to get the chance to be a kid, and Sunday patients of WVU Children's Hospital got that chance. WVU Children's Hospital's Cure Kids Cancer Fund ...

  • Children of Same-Sex Unions: New Research on Family Stability and Structure

    Primary schoolchildren in married heterosexual households are 35 percent more likely to make typical school progress than peers in same-sex households, according to a new study published in the respected academic journal Demography.

  • Listen now, children, to the legend of Dom Pedro

    Listen now, children, to the legend of Dom Pedro. By Alex Baldinger. Dom Pedro is the largest cut aquamarine in the world. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post).

  • Desperate Mothers Dope Own Children

    Gulu - Extreme poverty among young mothers in northern Uganda is driving some to dose their children with medication when they go out at night to earn a living as prostitutes.

  • Beyond Dolls vs. Trucks: How Children of Same-Sex Parents May Be Less ...

    In today's society, parents and educators are increasingly realizing the benefits of playing with all kinds of toys. That is, a preschool-aged boy who happily investigates a toy kitchen is less likely to be chastised by his teacher or parents than in ...

  • How Technology is Changing the Way Children Think and Focus

    Thinking. The capacity to reflect, reason, and draw conclusions based on our experiences, knowledge, and insights. It's what makes us human and has enabled us to communicate, create, build, advance, and become civilized.

  • Child arrests continue to fall, says Howard League

    The number of children arrested by the police has fallen by a third since 2008, figures compiled by a charity suggest. Police arrested 209,000 under-18s in 2011, down from 315,923 in 2008.

  • ... Pregnant Women, Children Must Get Treatment - UNICEF

    Kano - New HIV infections in children are down, but reaching the goal of an AIDS-free generation requires treating more pregnant women and children living with HIV, a statement issued by United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to media houses on ...

  • What should children learn in RE lessons?

    When you ask children what they think about RE, they say they like it because it's the one lesson that's about what they think, rather than what they know.

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