Saturday, December 1, 2012

Breakup tips

  • The break-up equation

    You almost married this guy, so please, give yourself a break. There are no deadlines. You just have to keep living it. Readers? Is she ever going to stop thinking about him?

  • The Art of Breaking Up: 5 Tips to Break Up Without Breaking Down

    It's been said that the best break-up location is a public place. While that may be true for causal affairs or in situations where safety is a concern, this piece of advice doesn't hold hard and firm for long-term relationships. It's perfectly okay to ...

  • Divorce Advice: How To Curb Breakup Stress, According To The Experts

    As anyone who's ever been through a divorce will tell you, separating from your spouse is one of the most difficult experiences in a person's life.

  • High School Breakups: 5 Tips For Dealing Gracefully With A Split

    A breakup is hard enough as is: you're heartbroken, confused, and hurt. On top of the angst you're already feeling, you have to face your friends, who are naturally curious about what went wrong.

  • Tips for the lovelorn

    We all agree that breakups suck, especially when the reason behind them is not clear. My favourite breakup line is "It's not you, it's me" .

  • How To Survive The Couple-Happy Holidays: 7 Tips For The Newly Single

    The lights will come down. Perry Como will shut up. And you will have survived your first holiday season alone. Your breakup has not been a tragedy... it's been an opportunity. And I can tell you, ladies, from the other side -- life just gets better ...

  • Taylor Swift Dating: 'Red' Singer Offers Love Advice In Seventeen Magazine

    She suggests, "If you get into the habit of hiding your breakups and makeups from your friends and family because they roll their eyes at you, or no one can ever keep it straight if you guys are together or not…congratulations.

  • Do I need to break up with Facebook?

    Here are some tips to avoid an unhealthy relationship with Facebook. 1. Don't let it be a crutch. Like any other obsessive relationship, avoid turning to Facebook when you feel unloved, alone or sad.

  • Revenge Season 2, Episode 8, "Lineage," Recap: Let's Do the Time Warp ... Again

    Yes, Revenge is flashing back to a time when frosted tips, AIM, and Now That's What I Call Music were popular. ... Our girl Emily is revenging all over the place, and to make matters worse Britney and K-Fed's breakup has everyone on edge (we assume).

  • Dear Abby | Letting them down gently

    Tips when buying for teens. Q. Dear Abby: I work in a store that is popular with teenagers. Every Christmas, parents and grandparents come in here with absolutely no clue what to get.

  • 'Tis the Season to Be Stressed: A Survival Guide

    ... one of our core themes since the beginning. Two weeks ago, to mark National De-Stress Day, our 13 lifestyle sections -- from Parents to Travel to Weddings and Divorce -- featured advice, stories and tips on living with less stress (and yes, you can ...

  • Selena Gomez Beams at Bash Post-Split with Justin Bieber

    Even though her breakup with ex Justin Bieber is still fresh, Selena Gomez is out on the red carpet, looking fabulously single.

  • 18 Ways to Keep Yourself Feeling Sexy During a Dry Spell

    iStock 000014110578XSmall 234x300 18 Ways to Keep Yourself Feeling Sexy During a Dry Spell. Try a few of these tips on for size while you're weathering a dry spell.

  • What a BCS bid would mean to the Mid-American Conference

    The apparent breakup of the Big East leaves Connecticut, UC, Louisville and South Florida as rumored candidates for the ACC.

  • Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou Separate

    Cupid has some tips: 1. Couples' therapy: Sometimes all you need is an open and moderated forum in which to talk to each other - really talk.

  • What's the Right Way for a Divorced Mom to Introduce a New Man to Her Kids?

    Remember that old adage "it takes half the time you were together to get over a breakup"? I do. I also think it's a pile of horse poo.

  • Zoosk 'Communication in the Modern Day' Clinic - Sam Owen's Advice

    Last week we brought you the Zoosk 'Communication in the Modern Day' Clinic, a chance for you to get advice from expert Sam Owen.

  • Cold Weather, Long Lines, Free Prayers Greet DC Voters

    When he entered the queue for Precinct 15 at Foundry United Methodist Church at 16th and P streets NW, Joseph was on page 156 of You Never Give Me Your Money, Peter Doggett's biography of The Beatles after the band's 1970 breakup. Forty minutes later ...

  • Henry Rollins Marches Into Old Town School Of Folk For Three-Night Stand Of ...

    The legendary Black Flag frontman has been a whirling dervish since the group's 1986 breakup, working with his own band, as an actor, and as a spoken word artist.

  • When You're Single for the Holidays

    She suggested these tips for coping with the loss and any loneliness: Determine your triggers. Maybe you and your ex had a tradition of going to ... You still might feel raw after your breakup. But while healing takes time, it will happen. Practice ...

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