Monday, December 3, 2012

Alec baldwin new deal

  • Alec Baldwin Signs New Universal TV Deal

    Alec Baldwin is sticking with TV. According to, the "30 Rock" star has signed a new two-year contract with Universal TV.

  • TVLine Items: Baldwin Inks NBC Deal, Jere Burns Enters Bates Motel, Gingrich ...

    With the end of 30 Rock drawing near, the Emmy-winning actor has inked a two-year overall deal with the network, Deadline reports.

  • Alec Baldwin versus the New York Post

    Oh, Alec Baldwin, you're like Trump with better politics and hair. Don't ever change! And who was the object of his Irish temper?

  • Woman locked up in Alec Baldwin stalking case

    NEW YORK (AP) -- A Canadian actress accused of stalking Alec Baldwin has been locked up again. New York City police detectives arrested ... A judge had ordered Sabourin to stay away from Baldwin following her arrest earlier this year on harassment ...

  • Baldwin Trashes Post, Says NYC Rag Is 'Worst Newspaper In Human History'

    Before Baldwin laid into the Post, the woman who has been reportedly stalking the 30 Rock star and new husband of Hilaria Thomas, Genevieve Sabourin, was arrested again for violating a restraining order.

  • 'The 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors' to be Broadcast Wednesday ...

    Performers and presenters included Alec Baldwin, Jeff Beck, Jack Black, Jason Bonham, Tracy Chapman, Gary Clark, Jr., Alina Cojocaru, Billy Connolly, Angel Corella, Robert De Niro, Tina Fey, Foo Fighters, Morgan Freeman, Marcelo Gomes, David Hallberg ...

  • Kyle Smith

    We've all had a good laugh at Alec Baldwin's "stalker," just as we've all been horrified by the "cannibal cop" and the guy in Ohio who "bullied" a kid with MS.

  • Sheep in wolf's clothing

    And not just for the 20 minutes it takes for him to fulfil his contractual obligations to talk about Rise of the Guardians, a new animated film in which he voices the Easter Bunny, but in real life - working on causes such as climate change or poverty ...

  • CHAREN: Sore winners

    But we must protest, or someone new to politics may assume that we concede the point. Appearing on "Meet the Press", documentary ... Alec Baldwin, among others, had threatened to leave the country if Bush were reelected. Burns' flippant reference to ...

  • While you were working ...

    In a new Funny or Die sketch, he says he'd like to give back all the money he made from projects like "Studio 60," "Mr. Sunshine" and "Go On," but not "Friends" because he's not a "f--ing moron.

  • Alec Baldwin sharpens Claus for Rise of the Guardian role

    Alec Baldwin is widely recognized for the huge variety of roles he's played throughout his long, successful career, but you might not have expected him to tackle his latest character in the Dreamworks animated film, Rise of the Guardians.

  • Alec Baldwin gets animated about new movie

    Except for the interruption of Superstorm Sandy, things have been lining up for Alec Baldwin. The major weather event knocked out power at his Greenwich Village digs, in New York City, for a few days. But the electricity is back, and so is Baldwin - on ...

  • OSCARS: Animating 'Rise Of The Guardians'

    Katzenberg was essential in getting the studio's first choices for casting: Alec Baldwin as North, Jude Law as the villain Pitch, Isla Fisher as Tooth, Hugh Jackman as E. Aster Bunnymund, and Chris Pine as Jack Frost.

  • Alec Baldwin: Secessionists Should Call New Country 'United States of Caucasia'

    It's trending. Hashtag secession. It's all over Twitter. All over Twitter. LETTERMAN: Well, that's interesting because you just hear that people are enthusiastic on this topic and then you do the math and it's not that big a deal. BALDWIN: It's a spit ...

  • 30 Rock Review: "Mazel Tov, Dummies" (Episode 7.07)

    Liz is insistent that her nuptials are no big deal and that all the hoopla surrounding weddings is unnecessary and not for her.

  • Adele Sets New Record For US Album Sales

    Adele Sets New Record For US Album Sales. News > Showbiz News ... Case: Actress Re-Arrested. Police have surprised a Canadian actress accused of stalking Alec Baldwin by locking her up again at the close of an otherwise routine court appearance.

  • "Rise of the Guardians" Barrier-Breaker: The First African-American to Direct ...

    It tells the story of a group of mythological heroes like Santa Claus (voiced by Alec Baldwin), Jack Frost (Chris Pine) and the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman) who team up to prevent the Nightmare King (Jude Law) from plunging children around the world ...

  • MVHS National Honor Society induction

    A total of 48 new members were inducted into the Laura B. Koons Chapter of the National Honor Society at Mount Vernon High School on Wednesday morning.

  • Audra McDonald new 'Live From Lincoln Center' host

    "Live From Lincoln Center" is in its 37th broadcast season. In recent years, artists and actors including Yo-Yo Ma and Alec Baldwin have filled the host's job that previously saw long tenures by famed opera singer Sills and TV personality Hugh Downs ...

  • 12. Tom Clancy

    1 New York Times bestsellers), he has co-branded three series with other writers and co-created an 18-book YA series, Net Force.

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