Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Funny or die

  • 'PediaMeat' Video From Funny Or Die Pokes Fun At Vegans And Vegetarians

    The Funny or Die video touches on a couple stereotypes inspired by the food community, like the crunchy hippie and the organic nut.


  • James Bond lost film 'To Have and to Gold' surfaces on 'Funny or Die'

    0. Submit · Email this story. A lost James Bond film To Have and to Gold has been released on comedy website Funny or Die. The 'movie' stars Gil Edmundberry (comedian Chris Kattan) as James Bond. Edmundberry also wrote and directed the '70s classic.


  • 'Lost Bond Film' Starring Chris Kattan Mocks Classic 007 Intros (VIDEO)

    The former "SNL" cast member stars as Gil Edmundberry, an unlikely Bond that made a 007 film of his own back in the 70s that never saw the light of day, until now.


  • Milwaukee brothers recruit John Goodman, other celebs for Funny or Die video

    Well, kind of. John Goodman, the actor who brought the unhinged bowling nut to life in the Coen Brothers cult comedy classic, makes a cameo in the latest Funny or Die bowling trick shots video from Milwaukee filmmaking brothers Nick and Jack Packard.


  • Funny Or Die's Romney Boys Election-Eve Special (VIDEO)

    When he's not <a href="http://www.funnyordie.com/articles/3ccd8ee535/mitt-rob-rob-delaney-s-romney-tweets-gets-illustrated" target="_hplink">brutally mocking Mitt Romney on Twitter</a>, Rob Delaney is portraying him for "Live Funny or Die.


  • VIDEO: Kids re-enact the entire 2012 presidential campaign

    Everything from the 2012 presidential campaign made it into the "Children's News Network" re-enactment posted to Funny or Die last week. The kid anchors explain that the mounds of political B.S. shoveled during the election is proof that politics isn't ...


  • President Camacho From 'Idiocracy' Takes Over Funny Or Die With Election ...

    Camacho, who was a highlight of the 2005 Mike Judge comedy "Idiocracy" and whose full name is Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, has taken over Funny Or Die today to give some advice to President Obama and Mitt Romney in the week ...


  • Funny Or Die's Children's Theater Critic With Alfred Molina (VIDEO)

    ... but as far as this children's theater critic is concerned, that couldn't be farther from the case. Katie's work in "Annie" was sub-par and Brandon's performance in "Charlotte's Web" was embarrassing.


  • FUNNY OR DIE'S BILLY ON THE STREET to Return to Fuse, 12/7

    Fuse, the national music television network of The Madison Square Garden Company, announced today that FUNNY OR DIE'S BILLY ON THE STREET will return to Fuse on Friday, December 7 at 10pm EST.


  • President Camacho Says Politics Is A 'Pimp-Ho Game'

    In what was the shortest press op of my media career, Terry Crews portrayed Idiocracy President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in a Funny or Die conference call that, like most political media events, was about nothing. That seems to ...


  • Funny or Die Targets Women for Romney

    I stumbled upon a video titled "The Woman For Mitt Romney with Selma Blair" over at Funny or Die, Will Ferrell's online home for humor.


  • Chelsea Handler & Kristin Chenoweth: Funny or Die Therapy!

    Chelsea Handler & Kristin Chenoweth: Funny or Die Therapy! Chelsea Handler & Kristin Chenoweth: Funny or Die Therapy! Chelsea Handler plays a therapist to Kristin Chenoweth's distressed dog owner in this new sketch from Funny or Die. The clip was ...


  • 'Philly Justice': 'Parks And Recreation' Inside Joke Coming To Funny Or Die

    Now, according to a tweet from Dylan McDermott (who in Poehler's elaborate "Philly Justice" mythology was cast as a fill-in for Paul Rudd's fill-in Dermot Mulroney) the show will actually see the light of day on Funny or Die. Funny or Die confirmed to ...


  • Funny Or Die: Nick Offerman Strips For Charity (VIDEO)

    To do his part to raise money, "Parks and Recreation" star Nick Offerman has generously offered to strip. That's right: full nudity.


  • Courtney Stodden In On Her Own Joke? Teen Bride Laughs At Herself… And ...

    Courtney Stodden teamed up with Funny or Die to make an, ahem, ambitious comedy vid where she re-reads old Twitter messages and put them in a different context!


  • All Star Bowling Trick Shots, The Most UPROXX Video Of All Time

    'All Star Bowling Trick Shots' combines everything UPROXX loves: Funny Or Die videos, trick shot videos, celebrities doing weird stuff (like Craig Robinson dunking, or John Goodamn, or all intents and purposes the most bowling-related celebrity in the ...


  • VIDEO: Betty White Featured in FUNNY OR DIE Video

    Watch this hilarious video on Funny or Die featuring Betty White and Ben Feldman from 'Mad Men' as they get ready for American Humane Association Hero Dog AwardsTM.


  • 'Average Joe' Brings Judd Apatow-Style Buddy Comedy To Funny Or Die

    'Average Joe' Brings Judd Apatow-Style Buddy Comedy To Funny Or Die. By Sam Gutelle November 09, 2012. 'Average Joe' Brings Judd Apatow-Style Buddy Comedy To Funny Or Die. Joe Flanders, who sports tousled hair and a soft, passive voice, seems ...


  • Wilson Bethel on CWD collaboration: 'Stupid Hype' is 'Zoolander' for 90s hip-hop

    After Wilson Bethel convinced his Hart of Dixie co-star Rachel Bilson to perform an original rap, "Call Me Doctor," for Funny or Die, the Powers That Be at their network took notice of his quadruple threat talent and knew they had to lock him in to ...


  • Courtney Stodden Poetry Slam Video: Funny Or Die Features Child Bride ...

    Interestingly enough, Stodden's tweets have an odd amount of sexual innuendo in them, which turns the seemingly-innocent tweets into something dirty, and could easily be misconstrued as dialogue from an adult film.


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