Tuesday, November 13, 2012


  • Plum Bistro's Makini Howell Establishes the Vegan Brand of Seattle

    The earliest roots of Plum Bistro and Restaurant Group began with a family business started by Makini Howell's parents in the early 1970s, Howell made the decision that she wanted to turn their string of vegan restaurants into a Seattle brand. With a ...


  • Recipes for a vegan Thanksgiving

    While most put their focus on the turkeys and hams, here we put the focus on recipes for those who are vegan and vegetarian.


  • Christelle Baccigotti conducts vegan outreach day in Montreal

    On November 10, 2012, Christelle Baccigotti took a stand against animal exploitation and abuse. With the help of other animal activists, she distributed information regarding several topics that concern all animal advocacy activists.


  • Lenox: Berkshire Vegan Network plans Thanksgiving event

    Guest speakers are Miram Jones and Aram Polster of the V.I.N.E. (Veganism is the Next Evolution) Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Springfield, Vt.


  • Vegan restaurant hopes to influence Athens food culture

    She just opened her almost-vegan eatery and coffee shop on West Broad Street and the almost-vegan description captures her philosophy perfectly: She serves no cheese, or eggs or other animal products, except for coffee creamers and milk.


  • Try Guy goes vegan for a week

    True veganism includes the belief that animals should not be used in clothing, including products with wool, silk and leather.


  • Vinh Loi Tofu or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mock Meat

    There was a time when I firmly believed that vegetarians and vegans with their mock meats were themselves a mockery to the culinary world.


  • Arian Foster Is Vegan, Except For When He Eats Chicken

    Arian Foster Is Vegan, Except For When He Eats Chicken When Arian Foster announced that he was switching to a Vegan diet this summer, the doubters appeared.


  • Vegan Thanksgiving Preparedness: How To Talk About Your Diet Without ...

    Thanksgiving is coming up, and if you are part of a family with vegans and meat eaters, this could prove to be a stressful time of year.


  • PETA's Thanksgiving Ad Asks Kids Would You Eat Your Dog?

    The group, known for its often controversial advertisements urging people to "Go vegan" or not to buy fur, intends to put up the billboards Reno, Nev.


  • 'Stay Firm and Fresh' PETA Ad Heavily Suggests Going Vegan Will Help Sexual ...

    The ad below features a bunch of men with phallic-looking vegetables sticking out of their pants. The aim? To show that a vegan diet can help sexual stamina. The ad is so lewd and full of so much thrusting though, we're almost inclined to never want to ...


  • 5 Reasons to Go Vegan

    Bill Clinton did it. So did Ellen DeGeneres. In fact, millions of people around the nation have taken the pledge to go vegan. November is considered World Vegan Month, and it is a great time to take a look at what veganism is and why so many people are ...


  • Adventures in Veganism: The Spot in Hermosa Beach

    The menu at Hermosa Beach vegetarian restaurant The Spot Natural Food Restaurant indicates that the place serves desserts, but unless you're the reincarnation of Andre the Giant, you'll never know for sure.


  • Student goes vegan for a week

    Itseasybeingvegan.com defines a vegan as "someone who doesn't eat any animal products including meat (red meat, poultry and seafood), eggs and dairy.


  • Week of vegan diet incurs grumbling stomach, newfound admiration

    In a state where beef is, and has long been, what's for dinner, most people who hear the words "Nebraska" and "vegan" in the same sentence would wait for the coming punchline. However, Katie Kellogg hasn't touched meat, dairy or anything containing ...


  • Viva La Vegan in Rancho Cucamonga offers local variety

    For Iftikhar and his partner Arlo Toews, the vegan diet, that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients also include foods processed using animal products.


  • That Musical About Veganism Starring Jon Secada and Based on the Poetry of ...

    Kelly Packard "is well known for her acting work on Baywatch," the emcee in a tux told everyone within earshot Saturday afternoon as Packard approached the red carpet, just before the debut of a new musical playing for one day only, titled Loving ...


  • More Vegan Celebrities Tout the Animal-Free Diet's Benefits

    While vegan seems to become a hotter buzz word all the time, it's a lifestyle that less than one percent of the U.S. has adopted.


  • Dining options restrict vegan possibilities

    Chin-Hong Chua, Chartwells interim service director, said vegan students like Stuhlman are not restricted to only salads, and the university provides a variety of foods for special dietary needs.


  • Alicia Silverstone seeks vegan pregnancy input for next book

    It goes without saying that veganism, a diet that eschews all animal products, is more popular than ever. But for women who are vegans and wanting to have children, there still remain some misconceptions and many more questions about the safety of the ...


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