Friday, November 30, 2012

Students dying in schools

  • David Little: Pleasant Valley students won't let their newspaper die

    Nobody was going to steal their First Amendment right, even if the school cut off their access to funding and computers, and eliminated the five-unit class that attracted a couple of dozen students every year to put out the student newspaper. A handful ...

  • For Certain College Students, This Test Calls for a Plunge

    Schools note the importance of being able to swim. "Anything that prevents people from dying needlessly is a valuable skill," says Fred DeBruyn, director of aquatics and assistant physical education director at Cornell.

  • Following student's death, school board changes procedures

    Two little girls never met in their respective Hillsborough County Schools, but they share a tragic bond. Both were special needs students who lost their lives much too soon. One died on the school bus, and the other drowned after leaving a gym class.

  • Briana Augustenborg hoax: Woman 'tricked high school into raising cash for ...

    When students at a Colorado high school heard about a nine-year-old boy who was dying from leukemia they wanted to help, raising money and dedicating a football game to the brave youngster.

  • State requirements may stifle enrollment at N.J. technical schools

    "Some programs are dying and new ones are coming on," Capodice said by phone on Nov. 28, after just recently taking on the job as acting superintendent.

  • Running is dangerous?

    A university student, Chen Jie, died of cardiogenic shock hours after the November 18 marathon. In September, over 30 university students "felt dizzy and nauseated" and "fainted" during a school opening day ceremony in Wuhan, Hubei province, Beijing ...

  • The Tilden School Fire, a Forgotten Detroit Disaster

    Carrie Bentliff was the last of the Detroit schoolgirls to die. Three months earlier, she had burst through the doors of Detroit's Tilden School, wild-eyed and screaming, a mass of flames. Somebody on that awful December day had thrown her to the ...

  • Hartsville High's football team rises above tough season, eyes state championship

    Hartsville High School's football team faced an incredibly tough season, with the loss of two football players, and another student, in six months alone. Jymeke Sanders, a football player just weeks from graduation, died in his sleep in April and ...

  • Students told how opiates wreck lives

    Like the presentation the night before at Warrenton Grade School, students at AHS pointed to boredom, lack of parental concern and peer pressure as some of the reasons why people abuse drugs and alcohol.

  • 'The moment you stop dreaming is the moment you start dying'

    Former NFL player Steve Grant spoke to both high school and middle school students at Greece Athena last week. He was one of four speakers invited to the school in recognition of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. The programs were at no cost, ...

  • J-S Letter: A dying breed

    Then there was Stockton, who faced a school with a whopping 95% greater student population from which to select athletes!

  • Students host physician-activist for World AIDS Day

    In recognition of World AIDS Day 2012, the UMass Medical School student chapter of Health Professionals for Human Rights is hosting a lecture by HIV/AIDS physician-activist Heidi Behforouz, MD.

  • The Explorer: Students delight in Twilight

    I won't go anywhere special to see it." Some students wondered if the "Twilight" hype will stand the test of time.

  • Local student raises voice against Assad

    Darmante Gomez, left, a student at Community College of Allegheny County, and Laila. Darrell Sapp/Post-Gazette. Darmante Gomez, left, a student at Community College of Allegheny County, and Laila Al-Soulaiman, a student at The Ellis School, blow up ...

  • Caring for the Dying

    Last week in the Medical School's Foundations of Patient Care course, second-year students attended a panel discussion on death and dying staffed by an intensive care unit pediatrician, a fourth-year medical student, a gynecologic oncologist, a ...

  • See 3 BI School students act in "Moonrise Kingdom"

    You'll have to watch carefully to recognize our homegrown stars in the film, but it's a safe bet that at the library showing, there'll be plenty of people dying to help you spot them. Bill Murray hits the craft service tent. (Photo by: Kari Curtis ...

  • School's uniform code hampering individualism, student says

    She'd also actually started dying her hair blue and purple with food dye at the end of September, and the school's administration didn't say anything. Charbonneau thinks her recent dye job attracted more attention because she dyed all of her hair, and ...

  • Major Works concert has unusual theme

    When Hingham Public Schools Choral Director Joseph Young suggested the Music Department present "Memento Mori" for its upcoming Major Works concert, he admits that some of the performers had reservations.

  • Students learn about dying while texting

    NEW ORLEANS - No text message is worth dying for - that was the crux of the lesson AT&T representatives brought to students at the Academy of the Sacred Heart on Monday. The presentation, given to all the ninth- through 12th-grade students, started ...


    ... Bank and Humane Society. Old Town Hall Winery, 5475 Main St., Lexington. Donations. Play: "Who's Dying to be a Millionaire?

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