Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scantily clad daughter

  • Kim Ridley Uses Scantily Clad Daughter Lexxa to Sell his Car on eBay

    When you anticipate difficulty in selling your old car, you take the best possible photos using the best possible angles and you make the car look as attractive as it can.

  • Mom surprised when scantily clad model shows up at daughter's party

    Mom surprised when scantily clad model shows up at daughter's party. Print. print. Email. Email this article. |. Tweet.

  • Man Uses Scantily Clad Daughter to Sell 1977 Datsun on eBay

    Man Uses Scantily Clad Daughter to Sell 1977 Datsun on eBay 'If I felt bad about it, I wouldn't do it' By David Gianatasio.

  • Pleasanton woman works to end child sex trafficking

    A scantily clad young girl walks hand-in-hand in a hotel hallway with a man old enough to be her father. Those children are just two of many Rachel Goble and her 14 co-workers, volunteers with the SOLD Project, see regularly in Thailand.

  • SNYDER'S STOUGHTON: Reality TV makes strange bedfellows

    "Animal Intervention" on the National Geographic Wild Channel: Clint's daughter Alison Eastwood is the host, so I tuned in.

  • War on the PPI sharks: Warning to rogue firms as pair who sent spam texts are ...

    With two scantily-clad young women snuggling up to him, he looks as though he doesn't have a care in the world. But the story of Gary .... Linda said: 'My teenage daughters slam the phone down, but it often reduces me to tears.' When I confronted Chris ...

  • 'Real Housewife' Adrienne Maloof hits the roof

    The scantily clad 18-year-old singer's 52-year-old hubby, Doug Hutchison, will be a co-producer with Stodden on the project.

  • Kourtney Kardashian's Daughter Penelope is Beautiful!

    The relationship between her mom and dad, Scott Disick, is tenuous at best--with Dad often running around with scantily clad women while Mom takes care of both Penelope and big brother Mason Disick. And despite how often Kourtney claims she truly loves ...

  • 'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Finale Results: Who Wins the Mirror Ball ...

    Scantily clad men throw Pamela around for awhile. Welcome-Back Dance #3: Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower They had ... Drew brought his daughter to dance with him! SO CUTE!!! The confession-room outtakes are way funnier than the serious ...

  • Has hell frozen over? TOWIE star Chloe Sims covers up at lads mag party as ...

    Perhaps now the single mum has become an author she has decided to dress more demurely or maybe she was attempting a stab at irony as she arrived at the party held by the magazine, which is famous for its scantily clad lady spreads, in a covered up ...

  • Learning Real Life Lessons in the Virtual World

    "Here's a news flash: your child is most likely going to online places he or she shouldn't. Like my daughter. She ended up as a scantily clad avatar dancing with a virtual man in leather pants in a virtual club in a virtual world. Only when her virtual ...

  • Naked Soldier

    Although "Sometimes Scantily Clad but Never Naked Soldier" is more like it, "Naked Soldier" otherwise delivers the goods as a cheerfully ludicrous yarn about a globetrotting squad of sexy babes programmed to kill.

  • Cameron Diaz: "Every Woman Wants to be Objectified -- It's Healthy"

    Diaz notes that she personally finds scantily-clad photo shoots to be "empowering." She says, "I'm not some young girl with the ... I personally don't want to be objectified and would like for my daughters to not be as well. She should only speak for ...

  • Games at a Glance: 2012 Capsule Reviews, from 'Halo 4' to 'Madden' 3DS and ...

    "Child of Eden" by Ubisoft for Xbox 360 - This is like a high-tech sort of "Galaga," or the rail-shooter "Perfect Cherry Blossom" or even "Tempest," the tube-shooter from 1981.

  • 'Julie' a real jewel

    While the workers celebrate outside, the white estate owner's daughter, Julie (Hilda Cronje), consoles herself over being dumped by her fiancé by hanging out in the kitchen and brazenly flirting with a black servant, John (Bongile Mantsai), as he ...

  • Kim Kardashian Replaces Justin Bieber As Most Searched Person Of 2012

    Another reason for Kim's rise to the most searched person of 2012 is down to her frequent use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which she often uses to post scantily clad pictures of herself. ... Microsoft also revealed several other ...

  • Larry Hagman, the man behind iconic villain JR Ewing, dies

    Tony Nelson, or "Master," as he was known to the scantily clad, 2,000-year-old genie played by Barbara Eden in the hit comedy, "I Dream of Jeannie.

  • TV actor Larry 'JR' Hagman dies from cancer at 81

    Tony Nelson, or "Master," as he was known to the scantily clad genie played by Barbara Eden in the hit comedy, "I Dream of Jeannie" in 1965.

  • Dear Ladies: No Tart-O-Ween This Year? (PHOTOS)

    This year the topic of scantily-clad women running around on Halloween is as hotly contested as ever (though to be honest, most of us are more interested in cleaning up our lives post Hurricane Sandy than debating feminism's role in Halloween).

  • Bikini Basketball League Is Coming to L.A. But Is It as Racy/Sexist as It Sounds?

    These ladies will travel the country competing with each other for a chance at scantily clad victory. The viewership for professional women's ... "I have a daughter, and I would not be involved if I felt it was exploitative." The team will be involved ...

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