Friday, November 30, 2012

Filibuster reform

  • The Morning Plum: Skittish Democrats putting filibuster reform in peril

    Republicans have threatened all out war in order to block Democratic efforts from reforming the filibuster. But it turns out the real obstacle to changing the Senate rules may be Democrats themselves.

  • Filibuster reform could fix a dysfunctional Senate

    It appears not to have occurred to the irony-impaired Kentucky senator that if Republicans had been genuinely inclined toward bipartisanship, there would be no need for filibuster reform. Instead, the fix-the-filibuster movement is gathering steam ...

  • Today on The Cycle: filibuster reform

    Harry Reid's filibuster reform effort received a boost from the president on Wednesday when the White House released a statement backing the decision.

  • Filibuster Reform Poll: Americans Favor Requiring Real Debate

    A majority of Americans are in favor of requiring senators who wish to filibuster a bill to actually stand up on the Senate floor and talk, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll.

  • Full speed ahead on filibuster reform?

    On the Senate floor today, Harry Reid offered the clearest confirmation yet that he will move forward with filibuster reform at the start of the new Congress. He confirmed he is proposing to "do away with filibusters on the motion to proceed," which ...

  • Talking Revenue, Filibuster Reform and Transition to Senate With Jeff Flake

    RAY SUAREZ: The man who will be leading the Senate in the next Congress, Harry Reid, says he's taking a serious look at filibuster reform, bemoaning the fact that getting 60 votes for anything is becoming increasingly difficult. Is it worth a look ...

  • Obama backs Reid's filibuster reform effort

    President Obama supports Senate Majority Harry Reid's efforts to reform the filibuster, a White House spokesman said Wednesday.

  • Filibuster Reform Is a Partisan Power Grab

    There are some "filibuster reform" ideas on the table, including Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley, Tom Harkin, and Tom Udall.

  • Filibuster Reform Opposed By Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader

    None of the proposals for filibuster reform have actually called for ending the practice, and lawmakers from small states are especially wary of giving up the ability to check the majority.

  • Beginning of the end? Half the Senate now supports filibuster reform

    It appears that Tuesday's results have resulted in a bit of a milestone in the push to fix our broken Senate: Half of the 2013 Senate now supports some form of filibuster reform. The train seems to be moving forward. The math is convoluted, but it gets ...

  • Harry Reid's Power Grab: Filibuster Reform

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is pushing forward with a legislative ploy that would dramatically reshape the way the legislative process works.

  • Obama On Filibuster Reform: White House Embraces Harry Reid's Rule Changes

    This endorsement of Reid's effort to reform the filibuster is the firmest White House statement to date on the matter.

  • Filibuster reform: Avoid the 'nuclear option'

    ... Senate and our democracy, not just what's best for the majority. Read more from Opinions: Jonathan Bernstein: Reluctant Democrats should step up on filibuster reform · Jonathan Bernstein: Of course Republicans will filibuster Obama's Cabinet ...

  • Dems Defend Filibuster Reform Effort: 'McConnell Has Broken The Social Contract'

    On the Senate floor Monday afternoon, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell railed against his counterpart, Harry Reid, and a "cohort of short-sighted Senate sophomores," for proposing to modify the Senate's filibuster rules on the first day of the ...

  • Why Republican Threats Of Retaliation Call For More Filibuster Reform, Not Less

    When Republicans became the Senate minority in 2007, the number of Senate filibusters immediately spiked to unprecedented levels - the number of votes seeking to break a filibuster doubled. So it's unsurprising that these same Senate Republicans are ...

  • What Filibuster 'Reform' Is Really About

    Written by Mark A. Calabria, Director of Financial Regulation Studies at the Cato Institute. Posted with permission from Cato @ Liberty.

  • Steve Speak: Reforming the filibuster won't help

    Filibuster reform is badly needed. It would be good for the system. But there's a problem: the rules changes that Democrats have in mind really won't change anything.

  • Dems short on votes for filibuster reform

    Democrats don't have the 51 votes they need in the Senate to change filibuster rules that could make it harder for the GOP minority to wield power in the upper chamber.

  • Reid, McConnell Suggest Filibuster Reform Talks

    In their second straight day of floor debate on potential rules changes, Senate leaders raised the prospect of direct talks that would avert Democrats' proposal to change Senate rules in January by a simple majority.

  • Reluctant Democrats should step up on filibuster reform

    Yes, I'm blogging a lot about filibusters - because it's really the biggest open question in determining how the federal government will operate for the next two years, and because the decision will probably come soon.

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