Friday, November 30, 2012

School seclusion

  • Seclusion And Restraint In Schools: Parents Fight Back Against 'Deadly' Tactics

    There are currently no federal standards for the use of seclusion and restraint in schools, and only 17 states have explicit laws that limit the use of such punitive measures.

  • Death at School: Parents Fight Back Against Deadly Discipline

    Officials from the Deer Valley Unified School District said that, because of the pending lawsuit, they could not respond to questions about the case.

  • School critics open new front in seclusion-room complaints

    Federal law requires the department to investigate claims that special-needs students' right to an appropriate public education were violated and issue findings within 60 days. If the department finds that Columbus school employees misused seclusion to ...

  • Group pushes state law on seclusion in classroom

    Under the proposal, it would create statewide definitions on seclusion and restraint, it would require schools to notify parents if their child was secluded or restrained, and lastly create training and reporting for teachers and administrators. "We ...

  • Seclusion-room policy: State plan a burden, schools say

    The department collected comments on the draft of a policy that for the first time would regulate Ohio schools' use of seclusion rooms and physical restraint. More than a dozen Ohio school officials wrote to the department, most using such terms as ...

  • 'Isolation Booth' At Mint Valley Elementary School Has Parents Outraged

    Bate is furious that the seclusion room has been an institution at the school for four years. She told KATU that her 8-year-old son wasn't placed in the booth, but was forced to sit near the booth for hours as punishment for horseplay.

  • Kentucky considers rules for handling unruly children

    The state Department of Education, for example, is proposing administrative regulations creating guidelines for the use of restraint and seclusion in schools, as well as requirements for training teachers on de-escalating and other techniques, and ...

  • Parents furious over school district's use of "isolation room"

    LONGVIEW, WASH. -- An isolation room in the Longview School District has triggered an investigation into possible mistreatment of children.

  • Death at school: Parents protest dangerous discipline for autistic, disabled kids

    "I didn't know anything about restraint and seclusion therapeutic holds until this happened." A school surveillance video that Foster shared with ABC News shows her son shooting baskets, and then being shoved into a gymnasium wall, surrounded by a ...

  • 'Calming rooms' no way to deal with special-needs students

    In the 1950s, prior to widespread recognition of children's rights and the advent of inclusive education, seclusion rooms were often used in institutions for the disabled to control violent behaviour in the absence of modern approaches to psychiatry ...

  • 'Scream room' TV segment postponed

    Seclusion or isolation rooms are commonplace in most districts, but the public was largely unaware of their existence until allegations were made in a letter from the Farm Hill School PTA to the Middletown Board of Education in January that the ...

  • MEA: 'Dozens' of educators assaulted in wake of changes to restraint rules

    AUGUSTA, Maine - Four education associations in Maine have asked state government to renew its focus on rule changes regarding the restraint and seclusion of students, claiming new rules have resulted in numerous injuries to teachers already this ...

  • First Bell: A peek into next year's legislative agenda for education

    The State Board of Education has since adopted new guidelines requiring every district to spell out the procedures to be used, the training to be provided to school employees, a procedure for written notification of parents when seclusion and restraint ...

  • SEPAC Surveying Special Education Experiences in LPS

    Special education has grabbed its share of the spotlight in recent months following the revelation earlier this year of the usage of seclusion rooms within the Lexington Public Schools. A little more than two weeks after allegations of mistreatment of ...

  • ABC News investigation sparks memories of local case

    Congress has been looking into a federal law that would restrict the use of seclusion and restraint methods, but it's been stalled.

  • 'Football junkie' has seen all formations in his 88-plus years

    "I'll go into seclusion for about three weeks and decide," he said. "I do that every year. The last thing I want to be is a distraction.

  • Second Family Alleges Abuse of Mentally-Ill Son in Russellville Elementary School

    A Department of Education investigation in the Spring of 2012 did find instructors at Sequoyah placed Cody in a seclusion room too frequently --- 64 times in a seven month period. They did so, the ADE report says, without obtaining the proper written ...

  • Principal of teacher who 'molested girls blindfolded like Helen Keller ...

    Amid disturbing accusations an elementary school teacher molested his students while blindfolding them in seclusion it was the principal who took the stand in her own defence on Thursday.

  • Daily Five: The School Board, A Christmas Tree and No Smoking In Parks

    The Groton Board of Education will hold special meetings at 5:30 p.m., 6:45 p.m. and 7 p.m. today in the school administration building.

  • Former Beatty Park aides fight back

    Harrison and Polk, both longtime school workers, were said to have dragged a child into one of Beatty Park's seclusion rooms, pinned him down in a way so dangerous that it could have killed him, and then told no one. Harrison also is accused of ...

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