Thursday, November 29, 2012


  • In Depth

    Spending a year or two reporting is not unusual for the writers at Narratively, a digital publication that launched this past September, though founder Noah Rosenberg has been working on the idea for over two years.

  • Mauvaise fille: Film Review

    PARIS -- Less a full-fledged drama than a mildly intriguing glimpse into one celebrity child's tumultuous life, Mauvaise fille is a decently played, narratively innate freshman feature from actor-turned-filmmaker Patrick Mille (Love Crime). our editor ...

  • Make Friends And Influence People In This Far Cry 3 Co-op Trailer

    Tweet. A new addition to the Far Cry franchise is co-op. The mode seems completely divorced from the single player, narratively taking place some six months before. Here's Ubisoft's trailer for it: ...

  • 'Dhamarukam' ? stretched and narratively lackluster (Telugu Movie Review)

    In a desperate attempt to marry socio?fantasy with modern day fiction, director Sreenivass Reddie doesn't inspire with his partly visually pleasing picture "Dhamarukam", which happens to be stretched and dreary overall.

  • Pi a dazzling exploration of the spiritual world

    ... an exciting dimension to filmmaking (check out Coraline or Avatar for early well-made examples) to being a way to milk a few extra bucks out of filmgoers while adding nothing intrinsically valuable, either visually or narratively, to the movie it's ...

  • Chuck Koplinski: Stark approach reinvigorates 'Wuthering Heights'

    ... an exciting dimension to filmmaking (check out "Coraline" or "Avatar" for early well-made examples) to being thought of as a way to milk a few extra bucks out of filmgoers while adding nothing intrinsically valuable, either visually or narratively ...

  • This could be the beginning of beautiful friendship

    "Vegas" continues to get better and better, not only starting to find its rhythm narratively but also by doubling back and building on stories it's already established.

  • Rome Review: Peter Greenaway's 'Goltzius And The Pelican Company' Dazzles ...

    Visually extraordinary, but narratively frustrating, "Goltzius and the Pelican Company," which showed here at the Rome Film Festival after premiering in The Netherlands, is every sumptuous inch a Peter Greenaway film.

  • Heaven's Gate

    Each film's story, too, dramatizes a less than narratively tidy historical event with a love triangle and a few socioeconomic contrivances.

  • 'Halo 4' review: Everything you want out of a 'Halo' game, except anything new

    She's falling into "rampancy," a synthetic dementia that causes emotional outbursts at narratively convenient moments.

  • This Week at the Movies

    "Rust and Bone" may not be on the same level as Audiard's previous picture, which was an Oscar foreign film contender and Cannes Film Festival winner, but it's an intense experience all the same.

  • Review: Cooking Ghosts, Camden People's Theatre, London

    It feels like a quest, full of abstract imagery that is more psychologically led than narratively. At points it's confusing - such as when Fredricksson enacts her Grandmother's thoughts - and we feel lost.


    Of course, much of that strength comes from the importance and meaning that the audience imparts onto the film, but it says something to have a film that is that amiable to such interpretation without having it also feel like an overly ambiguous ...

  • Gamakhulu Diniso to take SHARP*VILLE to the stage in December

    The play narratively portrays a piece of socio-political South African history set against the tragic Sharpeville Shooting to the meaningful Sharpeville Signing of the Constitution.

  • The Best of David Foster Wallace

    Following a large cast of characters, it's narratively nested and embedded and nested again, and, for the first couple of hundred pages, seems to have no through line.

  • Television review: 'Liz & Dick' romance fizzles in graceless biopic

    It's narratively absurd, but during these scenes one does see a glimpse of what Lohan might have been able to do if screenwriter Christopher Monger hadn't decided to do it all.

  • Documentary bears fruit

    A documentary that's all over the place, literally, narratively and in mood (from apocalyptic to playful), The Fruit Hunters is about people who really, really like fruit.

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    ... as it is strange. That the film is incoherent—narratively, yes, but also ideologically—makes it unsatisfying, but in a way it's preferable to something more streamlined and tidy, where any chance of friction is minimized once the edges are sanded ...

  • The 100 best books of 2012

    Structurally and narratively, this is more a collection of linked stories than a novel, each episodic chapter self-contained, perfectly formed and featuring Philip Fletch, an odd yet likeable man who is baffled by the world and his place in it.

  • Daily Hollywood – INXS Over, New Rihanna Video, And More

    Lilian Min |. 1352712941. November 12, 2012 | 1:35 a.m. PST. PST. story. Music Editor. Share this. (Daily Hollywood/Neon Tommy). Azealia Banks continues her streak of visually stunning, narratively bizarre music videos with this one for "Atlantis ...

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