Friday, November 30, 2012

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  • Filibuster Reform Poll: Americans Favor Requiring Real Debate

    A majority of Americans are in favor of requiring senators who wish to filibuster a bill to actually stand up on the Senate floor and talk, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll. The survey finds that 65 percent of Americans believe senators should ...

  • Immigration Reform Should Be Priority: HuffPost/YouGov Poll

    WASHINGTON -- More than two-thirds of Americans believe immigration reform should be a priority during President Barack Obama's second term, according to a HuffPost/YouGov poll released Monday. The figures show growing momentum for immigration ...

  • Israel-Gaza Poll: American Opinion Divided On Conflict

    But the cease-fire may do little to quell the conflict's partisan dimensions in the U.S., where attitudes divide sharply along age and party lines, a HuffPost/YouGov poll finds. Americans support Israel over the Palestinians by a 27-point margin, but ...

  • Secession Poll: Majority Opposes Their State Seceding From The Union

    But a HuffPost/YouGov poll, released Friday, found that most Americans don't embrace their own state severing ties with the nation.

  • David Petraeus Resignation Finds Approval In Both Parties: Poll

    The HuffPost/YouGov poll interviewed 1,000 adults online between Nov. 12 and Nov. 13, with a 4.5 percent margin of error.

  • Federal Disaster Relief Poll: Majority Supports Government Help In Times Of Crisis

    A new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds that a large majority of Americans think the federal government should help provide assistance to those impacted by natural disasters.

  • YouGov/Xbox Poll Respondents Expect Obama Victory in Ohio (and the election)

    The YouGov/Xbox poll on Monday, October 29 asked respondents which candidate they were likely to support (their intention) and which candidate they thought would win their state (their expectation).

  • Climate Change Poll Finds Most Americans Unwilling To Pay Higher Energy Costs

    An earlier HuffPost/YouGov survey found that 63 percent of Americans believe human activity is at least contributing to climate change, though only half of those respondents said that it was the primary cause.

  • Election Reopens Debate Over Online Polling

    Traditional phone polling holds as one of its founding principles the idea of probability sampling; for the universe that is being surveyed, each member has a defined and equal likelihood of being selected to participate in the survey. ... CBS News ...

  • Who's The Best Pollster Of 2012? Not So Fast

    Scoring pollsters on the basis of their final poll has other problems as well. Some of the surveys on the Panagopoulos list, such as the Associated Press/GfK survey, were conducted more than a week before the election. As the HuffPost Pollster trend ...

  • Leveson Report: Do The Public Back State Regulation? Yes, But No

    YouGov president Peter Kellner explains the apparent contradiction in a blog on The Huffington Post UK. The public don't like journalists - but they like MPs very much either.

  • Obama Promises Swift Action On Immigration In Meeting With Progressives

    A HuffPost/YouGov poll released Monday found that two-thirds of Americans believe immigration reform should be a priority during Obama's second term, although they differed on how it should be completed.

  • Polls 2012: Barack Obama Leads Mitt Romney With One Day Remaining

    2012-11-05-nationalpolls.png. For much of the last three weeks, the national popular vote estimate produced by the HuffPost Pollster tracking model has been a near tie, with razor-thin margins favoring Romney by a half a percentage point or less ...

  • 2012 Polls And The Long-Dormant 'Incumbent Rule'

    WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama continues to hold narrow leads in a handful of battleground states that will likely decide the election, but some argue that Republican nominee Mitt Romney will come out on top because Obama's poll totals linger ...

  • Poll: Majority Of Americans Under Age 65 Support Legalizing Marijuana

    Separate nationwide polls by Gallup and others have previously reported greater public support in favor of legalizing and regulating cannabis.

  • Amy Gehrt: Sandy makes the case for climate change

    A HuffPost/YouGov poll taken Oct. 29-Oct. 30 finds that 61.3 percent of respondents agreed global warming is occurring, compared to 18.4 percent who said it's not and 20.3 percent who were unsure.

  • Pollsters Won, Too, With Accurate Numbers

    The most accurate national polls came from Ipsos/Reuters and YouGov, Dr. Panagopoulos found. The final Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll gave Mr. Obama a one-percentage-point edge, tying for 10th-most-accurate of the 28 firms. "It was on balance a ...

  • Polls Work, Media Doesn't Always Interpret Them Well

    Sides said a story on a single poll can not only give an inaccurate picture but can also ignore the larger narrative. For example, in ... Although the polls were released on the same day, the Huffington Post article notes they were conducted at ...

  • Carbon tax is being floated, but no one's biting—yet

    A recent Huffington Post-YouGov poll might hold part of the answer. The Oct. 29-30 poll found only one in five Americans would be willing to pay significantly more for gas or electricity, even if assured that it meant solving a climate change crisis ...

  • Cassidy's Count: A Victory for the Pollsters and the Forecasters

    For much of the final month, following the President's poor performance in the first debate, Romney led in the national polls—in some, such as the Gallup tracking poll, by large margins. But in the final ten days or so, the poll of polls, which ...

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