Friday, November 30, 2012

Once upon a time

  • 'Once Upon A Time' Season 2 Midseason Finale: Cast Previews Unlikely ...

    This Sunday's "Once Upon a Time" (Dec. 2 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC) promises to be a truly spectacular hour, as Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) face off against Cora (Barbara Hershey) and Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) in a desperate race ...

  • Once Upon A Time: Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin & Lana Parrilla Talk ...

    Baddies Cora and Captain Hook clash with Snow and Emma in this weekend's midseason finale of ABC's fairytale-inspired drama "Once Upon A Time," as they all fight to get to Storybrooke for very different reasons. In recent weeks, in her quest to get ...

  • Once Upon a Time Season 2 Winter Finale Spoilers: 8 Things We Learned From ...

    The Once Upon a Time Season 2 winter finale is almost here (Season 2, Episode 9: "Queen of Hearts" airs December 2), and we've already compiled a list of spoilers for you to enjoy.

  • Once Upon A Time...

    Do you remember the first time you heard that Goldilocks liked drinking other people's porridge? The first time you dreamed of your own nose growing after you'd told a lie?


    In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on fresh blood coming to True Blood and a new beauty on Once Upon a Time, as well as the mysterious new character coming to Seattle Grace later this season on Grey's Anatomy.

  • Once Upon A Time Sneak Peek: When Belle Met Hook (Access Exclusive)

    Imprisoned by the Evil Queen in "Once Upon A Time's" fairytale land, even when a handsome swashbuckler - Captain Hook - breaks into her cell, things don't end very well.

  • 'Once Upon a Time' recap: The fiery realm of sleep and focus on Cora

    The zombie craze has even hit "Once Upon a Time" -- and this "Into the Deep" episode provided the opportunity for the undead to be reanimated.

  • 'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Episode 9 Sneak Peek: Can Henry Stop Regina?

    The Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 9 sneak peek for "Queen of Hearts" below shows Henry and Ruby trying to stop Regina and Mr. Gold, but Mr. Gold easily knocks out Ruby.

  • 'Once Upon a Time' ratings bounce back, but not...

    Returning after a short break, Once Upon a Time perked back up in the ratings Sunday night, but the same cannot be said for fellow ABC dramas Revenge and 666 Park Avenue.

  • Give the Gift of Revenge, Castle and Once Upon a Time for the Holidays

    Following the success of a Lost limited edition photograph a few years back, ABC is releasing a series of limited edition numbered prints featuring the casts of Castle, Once Upon a Time and Revenge. ABC photographer Bob D'Amico helped conceptualize the ...

  • Embarrassment to commerce : A confession to a sin of shopping omission

    Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a little boy with a freckled face only a mother could love. Because she loved him so, his mother would insist every so often that he accompany her on shopping excursions to buy school clothes.

  • Once Upon a Time Midseason Finale: Three More Clips!

    A sleeping prince. An alluring conversation between pirate and queen. An Enchanted Forest jail cell exploration. We'll be treated to all three of these scenes on Sunday's Once Upon a Time midseason finale, as David's state is at the forefront of a ...

  • Once Upon A Time recap/review: Into the Deep

    After a two week, break Once Upon a Time is back for two more episodes before it's winter break. It's clear that the show saved one of its best episodes for next to last.

  • Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Into the Deep"

    Once Upon a Time viewers watched as the sleeping curse claimed one more victim on "Into the Deep," as Charming faced the fires of the Netherworld to protect his grandson.

  • Philip Pullman's 'Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm'

    On TV, "Grimm," "Once Upon a Time" and "Beauty and the Beast" (wherein the Beast has a few scars and killer abs) overhaul the classics to suit prime-time tastes.

  • 'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Episode 9 'Queen of Hearts' Preview: A Fight to ...

    Once Upon a Time season 2 continues next week with episode 9, "Queen of Hearts," the winter finale, which will show more of Hook in the past and present in Storyland and will see Emma and Mary Margaret continue to try to find a way home.

  • New 'Once Upon A Time' set photos and spoilers: More darkness coming

    "Once Upon A Time" will air its winter finale on Channel 15 in Tempe this weekend, and now fans are being given another look at the action on set and more inside scoop.

  • 'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Recap: Into the Deep

    This week on Once Upon a Time, Cora is back in the picture as she finds Hook finally coming down from the beanstalk. She is furious that he chose Emma and takes out her revenge.

  • 'Arrow' casts David Anders: The 'Once Upon a Time' star takes on Oliver Queen

    He can currently be seen on "Once Upon a Time" as the mysterious Dr. Frankenstein. On "Arrow," Anders plays Cyrus Vanch, a new threat to Starling City.

  • Person of Interest 2.08 Recap: Marital Sniping On a Whole New Level

    First off it should be said that, even though Once Upon A Time gets more press for it, Person of Interest holds the best LOST reunions.

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