Friday, November 30, 2012

School physical punishment

  • Thwaites: Teachers need training in alternatives to slapping

    On Tuesday Thwaites, while reiterating his opposition to corporal punishment in schools, suggested that the practice could be carried out by principals in extreme circumstances.

  • Ban on corporal punishment in Patna schools only on paper

    PATNA: Punishing children is regarded a normal and acceptable practice, be it in the family or in any institution. However, clause 17, Chapter IV of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act says, "No child shall be subjected to ...

  • Piya's death forces schools to review anti-corporal punishment measures

    JAIPUR: The death of nine-year-old Piya Chaudhary due to cancer arising out of injuries inflicted on her head by a school teacher in 2010 has triggered a fresh debate on corporal punishment in schools. Every year, hundreds of students suffer stress and ...

  • Corporal punishment still commonly used in schools

    Corporal punishment is still imposed in most elementary and junior-high schools around the nation, an executive of the Humanistic Education Foundation in Taipei said on Tuesday, citing the results of a survey.

  • Growing Movement Would Ban Corporal Punishment In Schools

    Believe it or not, paddling used to be the norm in schools, but if you think wood paddles are a thing of the past, think again.

  • Paddling in schools still legal but not allowed

    Although corporal punishment is legal in Texas schools, it is not being implemented, Alice Laffere, education program coordinator, and Teresa Robledo, early childhood center teacher, agree.

  • Physical punishment: Changing law alone is not enough

    ISLAMABAD: For Halima* and her brother Asim*, physical punishment is just a 'tool' used by teachers to discipline students.

  • Egyptian fatwa forbids corporal punishment at schools

    "The truth is, school beatings these days have been stripped of any educational value and have instead become a way for excessive corporal punishment and sometimes used for revenge and this, without doubt, is forbidden," according to the fatwa. Since ...

  • Children raised with corporal punishment at greater risk of developing cancer ...

    Corporal punishment was first banned in the home and school by Sweden in 1976, and since then almost another 30 countries enacted similar legislation.

  • Corporal Punishment in Libyan Schools

    A study from the Plymouth University's School of Psychology found that in societies where corporal punishment is considered normal, "the use of corporal punishment is sufficiently stressful to have the same kinds of long term impact as abuse and trauma ...

  • Corporal punishment still prevalent in schools

    Corporal punishment is prevalent in schools and homes in Ghana despite legal and administrative measures to discourage the practice.

  • Parents want corporal punishment outlawed in schools

    SOME parents in Lagos State have called for the abolition of corporal punishment in primary and post-primary schools across the country. The parents said the use of corporal punishment, including caning to correct misdemeanour among students, was ...

  • Education Ministry to probe use of corporal punishment at Kensington

    Education Minister Ronald Thwaites has denounced the use of corporal punishment, which is a contravention of the island's education policy, at the Kensington Primary School in St Catherine. Consequently, the Ministry of Education is to launch an ...

  • Principal held for caning UKG boy

    HYDERABAD: A principal of a school was arrested on Thursday for handing out corporal punishment to an upper kindergarten (UKG) student, accusing him of repeatedly going to the washroom .

  • Ministry to probe reports of flogging

    Education Minister Ronald Thwaites says his ministry will be launching an investigation into reports over the weekend that teachers at Kensington Primary School in St Catherine have been carrying out corporal punishment against its students. The school ...

  • Taiwan teachers abuse students despite ban: poll

    About 30 percent of the 1,122 junior high schoolers interviewed by the foundation said they themselves had received corporal punishment at schools, along with 24 percent of the 1,112 elementary schoolers surveyed. The survey results suggest that a ban ...

  • Jennings Sunday: Schools chief seeks suspension of spanking

    NORTH VERNON - While some might worry it might spoil the child, the Jennings County Schools is nevertheless sparing the rod.

  • Student complains of corporal punishment

    A case of corporal punishment has come to light from Atam Devki Niketan School in Kidwai Nagar. The punished child complained that his teacher slapped him for no fault of his own and was taken to the coordinator, who also slapped him repeatedly.

  • FTU claims corporal punishment still occurring

    The Fiji Teachers Union claims there are cases of students being beaten by teachers in schools. Save the Children's Fiji revealed to FBC News, that corporal punishment in schools tops list for child abuse cases in Fiji. FTU General Secretary - Agni Deo ...

  • Stay-at-home mothers hit their kids most often: Survey

    The Supreme Court had banned corporal punishment in schools in 2000 while the Right to Education Act reiterated the ban recently.

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