Friday, November 30, 2012

Diversity visas

  • House passes bill to cancel diversity visa lottery

    The House voted Friday to cancel the annual diversity visa lottery and give those immigration visas to high-tech foreign-born who earn advanced degrees from American universities, as Republicans powered through their chamber the first major immigration ...

  • Rep. Gutierrez: STEM Visa Bill a 'Shell Game' that Starts Immigration Reform ...

    "I want Republicans to know that Democrats support STEM visas. We don't need to kill other legal immigration programs to create a STEM program.

  • Reforming Immigration Piecemeal

    The bill would replace the current diversity visa program, which grants 55,000 immigration visas a year through a lottery, with one targeting those completing post-graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering or math fields.

  • STEM legislation includes a deceptive ploy

    There is one part of the STEM bill that Republicans aren't as quick to tout: the abolition of the Diversity Visa program.

  • STEM Act Receives Official Opposition From White House

    Diversity visas have long been a target of Republicans, although a relatively small number are distributed and a huge backlog already exists.

  • House to vote on increasing advanced-degree visas

    A major point of contention is that the bill offsets the increase in visas for the highly educated by eliminating the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. This year the program made 50,000 visas available to people from countries with traditionally low ...

  • Immigration Reform Is Not A Zero Sum Game

    The Heritage Foundation, NumbersUSA, and many politicians have proposed eliminating the main legal avenues low-skilled immigrants have to enter: certain family-based immigration and the diversity visa. Just this week, former-Congresswoman Heather ...

  • The Registration for 2014 Diversity Visa Program (DV-2014) has been Closed

    According to the latest announcement by U.S. Department of State, the registration for 2014 Diversity Visa program has been closed.

  • Technology visa proposal foiled by partisan politics

    In the Republican bill, the new slots would be offset by eliminating a "diversity visa" program that currently admits the same number of people from countries that send few immigrants to the United States.

  • House Poised to Pass STEM Immigration Bill

    The bill would eliminate the Diversity Visa Program and shift up to 55,000 green cards a year to foreign students who graduate from qualified U.S.

  • IEEE-USA Report Shows STEM Visas Can Promote Diversity & Have Positive ...

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Replacing the diversity visa lottery with a program requiring higher technical education will continue to promote diverse immigration, while providing our nation with the benefit of U.S.

  • As STEM Act Vote Nears, Some Experts Dispute High Tech Worker Shortage

    On Capitol Hill, the bill has drawn fire from Democrats who don't think the diversity visa program needs to be lost to create new immigration slots.

  • Dems slam GOP's House immigration bill as two-faced

    It would function by eliminating the Diversity Visa program, an initiative that gives visas to immigrants from countries—typically in Africa and Latin America—with low rates of U.S.

  • Obama Turns His Back On Silicon Valley

    The reason: In exchange for making thousands of new visas available to STEM workers, the STEM Act abolishes another visa program, called the "Diversity Visa" program, which distributes 50,000 visas through a lottery to a pool of nearly 15 million ...

  • SEIU: STEM Jobs Act Unfairly Benefits Some at the Expense of Others

    This measure would increase visas for businesses seeking high-skilled workers, partly by eliminating the Diversity Visa program, which allots almost half of its visas to African immigrants.

  • GOP immigration bill keeps the well-educated

    It would offer as many as 55,000 immigrant visas a year to people in science, technology, engineering and math fields, and would free up those visas by eliminating the diversity visa lottery, which offers green cards based on random chance. "We cannot ...

  • High-skill green cards get lame-duck push in Congress

    Passage of the visa swap would fulfill a goal of reigning House Republicans to gut the annual "diversity visa lottery," which randomly awards 50,000 green cards for permanent residency to people from countries with low rates of immigration to the ...

  • OVERNIGHT TECH: House set to approve tech visa bill

    House Democrats have also criticized Smith's bill because it would eliminate the Diversity Visa program and wipe out a legal avenue of immigration to the United States.

  • Obama administration comes out against STEM bill

    House Democrats, along with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Congressional Black Caucus, have sounded alarm over the bill's proposal to eliminate the diversity visa program, which allocates visas to people from countries with low rates ...

  • House Republicans Show Movement on Immigration

    The House took a run at this right before the election, but they put it in a position to fail, both by taking away visas from the Diversity Visa Program for every one it added for STEM graduates, and then by putting the bill on the suspense calendar ...

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