Friday, November 30, 2012

Physical restraint

  • Memphis youth jail training to use "physical hold" restraint technique

    Rick Powell, the head of the Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center, had said in April that he wouldn't authorize use of the method because at least five deaths nationwide were blamed on physical restraints in which officers' surround and tightly hold ...

  • Seclusion And Restraint In Schools: Parents Fight Back Against 'Deadly' Tactics

    The school reformed its previously common use of physical restraint, instead using a point system that awarded good behavior.

  • Maine teachers union reports 'dozens' of student-on-teacher assaults

    "While well intended, the latest version of Chapter 33 and the rules governing physical restraint and seclusion are causing a great deal of confusion and disruption in the classroom," MEA Executive Director Rob Walker wrote in the letter to Bowen.

  • Death at school: Parents protest dangerous discipline for autistic, disabled kids

    Sheila Foster's son Corey died after being restrained face-down by staff when he allegedly refused to leave the basketball court at Leake & Watts school in Yonkers, N.Y.

  • Nursing home residents have rights, too

    The right to be free from physical and chemical restraints is so important, and yet can be so challenging for the facility. Residents are guaranteed the right to be free from unnecessary physical restraint such as vest restraints, hand mitts, four ...

  • Shackled for want of care

    There is no specific law about physical restraint in nursing homes in China and it has become a common practice for city nursing homes to physically restrain older residents, especially those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, dementia or other mental ...

  • Missouri's legal definitions of rape

    This may include drugs, intimidation and physical restraint. Punishment for the crime includes at least five years in prison.

  • Services failing on use of restraint, says regulator

    It found use of physical restraint varied greatly and was often poorly recorded in services. This meant it was difficult to work out why the patient had been restrained, how often and for how long and lessons were not learned from them, the CQC report ...

  • 'Comfort Is Largely a Social Construct': The Unsettled Design Ethos of the Chair

    Sitting, therefore, concerns designers as much if not more than any other physical activity. But that's no .... The official name for a headrest in an automobile is a head restraint, and it is only there to protect the head against severe whiplash ...

  • Mental health report card highlights the many problems patients face

    However, a third of those who get help via a hospital are there against their will and many are subject to physical restraint such as a locked door, straps or belts or sedation, the National Mental Health Commission says. National Mental Health ...

  • IF Sloth Bear is Pregnant

    The procedure was done without any anesthesia or physical restraint. Dr. Sara Herris, from the Idaho Falls Veterinary Emergency Clinic, brought over a portable ultrasound machine to perform the procedure.

  • Restraining disruptive students has been made needlessly difficult, teachers say

    What's happening in Maine, however, is that state rules were revised recently to increase reporting and follow-up requirements when restraint, which also includes physical isolation, was used. The experiences of some educators since that change ...

  • Aamir Khan's 'Talaash' : 'Story is the actual hero', critics review round-up

    Aamir gives a very restraint performance and stays away from the stereotype, giving depth to his character. He plays a gritty cop ... In Talaash, Aamir's physical persona, especially his eyes, enable his performance far more than the sharply written ...

  • Climate Change Mental Inertia

    It requires intentional planning and coordinated actions, or activities of restraint ("inaction"), during the course of the execution of the plan.

  • Tame Impala's Lonerism: Band Leader Kevin Parker Admires Batman

    Because, when you're physically alone, you don't feel alone at all, you feel great. For me, at least. It's the kind of lonerism that ... The idea of renting a studio for two weeks... just the idea of a time restraint is frustrating. So how long did the ...

  • How Rachel Weisz put depth in 'Blue Sea' performance

    As adapted and directed by British independent filmmaker Davies ("Distant Voices, Still Lives"), the film version of Terence Rattigan's heralded 1952 play is, unlike that particular scene, largely a study in restraint. Having finally awakened to ...

  • The Torah of Esau and Jacob, Gaza and Israel

    And physically, the older is for years liable to be stronger, more knowledgeable, more capable -- and sometimes, the younger brother never catches up.

  • NY Fed's Dudley: Job Growth Is 'Insufficient' To Change 'Unacceptably High ...

    Of course, there is the physical damage, which was geographically widespread, but particularly devastating in some communities right here in New York City, including Breezy Point, the Rockaways, and portions of Staten Island, and in so many cities and ...

  • Longview School District suspends use of padded room for kids

    "It is used as a treatment in lieu of a physical hold or accepted therapeutic restraint for a child." Forough feels many districts across the country are out of touch when it comes to working with special needs students.

  • More discretion, fewer arrests for Cherokee School's kids

    Teachers not only use restraint - physical management techniques have been used on out-of-control students 53 times this fall - but also practice it when it comes to pressing charges, notwithstanding the school's alarming arrest tallies.

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