Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food politics

  • The Politics of Cooking: A Night of Edible Education at UC Berkeley

    That's the gist of Edible Education 103: Telling Stories About Food and Agriculture, a sixteen-week class on food politics sponsored by Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard Project and open to all UC Berkeley students: Yes, the revolution will be brought to ...


  • McGeehan Brings Food to NJ

    By JOSELYN KING - Political Writer , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register. Save | Post ... Instead he organized a weekend effort to drive food to New Jersey residents who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy and a subsequent winter storm. McGeehan ...


  • Fast food politics

    Voters practice politics in Lucas County like they approach the comfort food menu at a fast food joint. The relatively smart and healthy choices are usually ignored for less challenging options.


  • Ohio food stamp checks are about to shrink

    Politics: Ohio food stamp checks are about to shrink. Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday November 12th, 2012. Robert Laurie.


  • Prop 37: Why California's Ballot Initiative on GM Food Is About Politics More ...

    Californians will go to the polls today knowing that their votes for the presidential election will be virtually worthless. President Obama has a double-digit lead over Mitt Romney in this bluest of states, and by the time polls close in California ...


  • Political Junk Food: Why Pundits Will Survive the Moneyball Election

    This year's election already seems to have a name, and that's the Moneyball election. In short, people are saying that "call-it-by-the-gut" pundits like Joe Scarbough were shamed by the nerdy quant-jock-turned-celebrity Nate Silver.


  • Farm bill could hinge on budget talks

    Stallman said he thinks the bill can move very quickly once lawmakers find a compromise on the food stamp issue. "When political leadership decides they want something done they will craft a path to make it happen," he said. "But that hasn't happened ...


  • Red vs. Blue: Divided by politics, united by food

    Not only does the NPD study quash conventional beliefs that folks from red and blue states have widely different eating habits, but it can ultimately affect the way food makers and sellers market, distribute and sell food. And, for those consumers ...


  • What Your Fast Food and Social Media Preferences Reveal About How You'll Vote

    ... which studies polling data and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) 'likes,' digital agency Engage has teamed up with news site Buzzfeed to analyze user preferences for food, movies, books, and games, among others, and determine if there's any political correlations.


  • RIVERSIDE: Students threaten food fight over politics

    Poly High School Principal Wade Coe chats with students as he passes by during lunch at the campus in 2010. Coe shortened the lunch period by 10 minutes Thursday after some students threw food. Student arguments about presidential politics escalated ...


  • Payroll deduction, food labeling measures rejected

    Sacramento - A ballot measure to limit political fundraising by organized labor was rejected by California voters Tuesday. An initiative to force retailers to label genetically modified foods was also defeated. Union payroll deductions: Proposition 32 ...


  • What Your Food Choices Say About Your Politics

    It's almost over. After a mere 1,854 or so months, election season is mercifully finally coming to an end. No longer will you have to plug your ears with wads of toilet paper and cover your eyes with bumper stickers in order to avoid the incessant ...


  • Public health at issue in election

    Sugar-sweetened beverages (sodas, for short) are a good example of how the interests of food and beverage corporations dominate American politics. Because regular consumption of sodas is associated with increased health risks, an obvious public health ...


  • Professor to lecture on politics behind food marketing

    Nestle, who has spent countless decades studying the politics behind food marketing and dietary choice, will present her lecture, "Food Politics from Farm to Table: A Recipe for Change," on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Hendricks Chapel. Nestle is the ...


  • Hackett on Politics: Power outages, storm debris, food drives — and an election

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  • Lawmakers' food, farming votes tracked

    Washington -- Food and environmental activists unveiled a new "scorecard" for Congress on Wednesday that will track members' votes on food and farming issues in an attempt to give a political voice to the food movement that spread from the Bay Area to ...


  • 2 Charts That Explain What Your Food Says About Your Politics

    Engage, a digital agency based in Washington D.C., will be teaming up with BuzzFeed through the election to break down what your preferences - for food and alcohol, television and books, movies and games - say about your politics. Using data from its ...


  • USDA sending food aid to Sandy victims

    USDA announced Monday that the department is working with the state of New York and local food banks to distribute 1.1 million pounds of food to victims in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester and Rockland counties. USDA worked with New Jersey ...


  • Food labeling initiative draws most mentions on Twitter

    While the study is hardly a predictor of voter behavior, it signals increased interest from the public as election day nears and the airwaves are flooded with political ads. Tweets mentioning most of California's ballot measures have spiked in recent ...


  • Food stamps surge to all time high

    The Obama administration has finally released its report on the number of Americans receiving food stamps. This report was released days after the 2012 election, nine days past its traditional release date.


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