Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food humor

  • To Counteract Deceptive Ads by Prop 37 Foes, Health and Consumer Advocates ...

    To Counteract Deceptive Ads by Prop 37 Foes, Health and Consumer Advocates Use Humor, Celebrities to Get Out the Vote. By Feed: Food and Water Watch. in. Gas Industry ... To combat the vast amounts of deceptive advertising funded by the giant chemical ...


  • Workplace humor part of creativity at marketing-PR firm

    The fast-food giant's current "Nocturnivore" campaign is a Fahlgren brainchild and "has been received very well," Windley said.


  • My Rockaways in Ruins

    The arcades. The Good Humor ice cream truck stationed all Summer in the circle. ... Phoebe had been out in the Rockaways earlier in the week, and as she passed out food a sad little boy of about seven looked up and asked her, "Do you have any cupcakes?


  • Phuket Humor: Death from the Ozone Layer

    "The animals, weighing from 80 to 100 tons, would eat…between 130 and 260 kilos of food every day," according to one report.


  • Restaurant on wheels

    ... Humor trucks dispensing ice cream and other summery confections, Rollin Tacos won't be motoring through neighborhoods ringing a bell.


  • Marijuana: Hickenlooper's serious about snack food

    Denver Relief Consulting understands that people are going to have a sense of humor about legalization of marijuana. That's why consultant Ean Seeb posed for a photo with Colorado Gov.


  • Southerners, Mexicans find shared tastes

    "Raleigh is really now the Ellis Island for Mexicans in the United States," Arellano jokes, pointing out that North Carolina is second in the country in immigration.


  • Reality Check: Two Years on Food Stamps

    His dry, albeit offensive brand of humor was especially jarring after the nearly 2 hours I spent standing in lines and waiting to hear my name called.


  • FILM REVIEW: Fun Size lacks humor

    The search turns into an adventure involving a wrecked car, an accident at the local fast-food restaurant, a weird store clerk (Thomas Middleditch), girls dressed as anime characters, and finally a drunk (Johnny Knoxville) with a large mullet.


  • Restaurateur's personality added spice to meals

    Returning from the war, Mr. Kostas bought what became the Richland Restaurant from his oldest brother, Angelo, and made it into a community institution with his excellent service, his sense of humor and his always-fresh food. It also had a very busy ...


  • Food Network's Jeff Mauro is serious about the sandwich, food's 'class clown'

    "I want to be the funniest guy on the Food Network. While keeping the culinary aspect legit, of course." You'd expect him to be chuckling or giggling or something, but his tone is surprisingly sober as he makes that pronouncement.


  • Humor and Satire | Intrepid hero charts new world past Raymond Ave

    There's a Taco Bell, a Rite Aid…my God, there's even a record store. A RECORD STORE. The things dreams are made of…" Malone then began to weep, holding his head in his hands and repeating the phrase, "Why did I buy all that food from the bookstore?


  • Sara Moulton: still fighting for equality in the kitchen

    Even now, 30 years after co-founding the New York Women's Culinary Alliance, which is devoted to making a place for women in restaurants and other food jobs, she still finds that women are not welcomed in many cooking workplaces. Even now, after years ...


  • Skewering Madison Avenue for 60 Years

    The magazine is, of course, Mad, which is celebrating its history of "humor in a jugular vein," as its slogan once promised, with an anthology to be published on Tuesday titled "Totally Mad: 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity. ... More ...


  • Humor in Harmony

    The group's first single, "yUmMi3 yUm," is, as the title suggests, about food, which the ladies treat as if it were, as Bray puts it, "as hardcore and thug as doing a lot of drugs or owning a lot of fancy cars.


  • Ringling 5's humor covers range

    All their songs ripple along, sometimes in unison, sometimes in close harmony; a loving musical patter on ranch life as it's lived at the bottom of America's food chain. These are men who can laugh at themselves. As anyone who's connected with ranching ...


  • Proper food storage helps prevent waste

    License plate holders at the Statehouse Museum Shop have some swing-state humor. Read more ... The typical household tosses out 14 percent of the food it buys, according to Money magazine - or almost double what it pitched 20 years ago. Among the ...


  • Late-night humor

    Big Bird was depressed; he was just pecking at his food." "He (Romney) never answered the question about equal pay for women.


  • Letters to soldiers show Huntsville area students' kindness, humor

    Others wanted to know about a soldier's gear and what food he eats when at war. Most students commended the soldiers they were writing to on their bravery and sacrifice.


  • Onion Crunch's Lil' Nicky Doll Is Born For Happy Adults And Healthy Kids

    With the push of Lil' Nicky's hand, children and fans alike will enjoy the Onion Crunch slogan, "Crispy, Crunchy, Yum, Yum, Yum," encouraging healthy eating habits with the humor. ... amount of feedback from parents explaining how topping Onion Crunch ...


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