Friday, August 31, 2012

Voter id

  • Voter ID cases: Invisible voter versus imaginary fraud

    In Pennsylvania, a state trial judge upheld the newly enacted voter ID law under the state's constitution, while Thursday in Washington, a federal panel rejected Texas' similar ID law under the federal Voting Rights Act.

  • South Carolina voter ID law trial winds down

    WASHINGTON - Attorneys planned to wrap up testimony Friday in the federal trial over whether South Carolina's voter ID law discriminates against minority voters.

  • Voter ID Laws, In Texas And Elsewhere, Face Continued Legal Wrangling

    A federal court struck down a Texas voter ID law Tuesday, in a major blow to Republican legislatures and governors around the country that are pursuing such legislation.

  • Hosemann studying Texas voter ID case

    JACKSON, Miss. -- The Mississippi secretary of state's office is studying a court ruling that struck down the Texas voter identification law before determining if it will have any impact on Mississippi. A Mississippi law that would require people to ...

  • Lewis Diuguid | Voter ID laws going way of dodo bird

    The voter ID laws in the 21st century are as transparent as grandfather clauses, poll taxes and literacy tests imposed in the Jim Crow South to keep black voters from casting ballots in elections in the 20th century.

  • Texas voter-ID law is blocked

    A federal court on Thursday blocked a Texas law that would have required voters to show photo identification, ruling that the legislation would impose "strict, unforgiving burdens" on poor minority voters. Describing the law as the most stringent in ...

  • Court Tosses Texas Voter-ID Law

    WASHINGTON—A three-judge panel rejected Texas' voter-identification law, saying it violates civil-rights protections by putting an unfair burden on poor and minority voters, in a ruling that adds to a legal fight between the parties heading into the ...

  • Stop defending voter ID and discriminatory districts

    Yesterday, when a federal court blocked Texas' voter ID law, the three-judge panel didn't mince words. The state's evidence that the law doesn't discriminate against minorities, it said, was "unpersuasive, invalid, or both.

  • WND Exclusive: Texas voter ID ruling based on 'faked' data

    The voter ID data collected by the group, the Brennan Center for Justice, has been called into question by experts and has been contradicted by other credible studies.

  • Texas Voter ID Law Struck Down by Federal Panel

    In the Texas case, the Justice Department called several lawmakers, all of them Democrats, who said they detected a clear racial motive in the push for the voter ID law. Lawyers for Texas argued that the state was simply tightening its laws. Texas ...

  • Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law, Citing Racial Impact

    WASHINGTON - A federal court on Thursday struck down a Texas law that would have required voters to show government-issued photo identification before casting their ballots in November, ruling that the law would hurt turnout among minority voters and ...

  • Federal court blocks Texas voter ID law

    The Obama administration has used the Voting Rights Act to counter the new wave of Republican measures that include voter ID requirements, redistricting maps and new ballot formats. Since the 2010 election, there have been more lawsuits under the ...

  • Pa. voter ID opponents appeal to high court

    Challengers seeking to block the new voter ID law argued in a filing with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Thursday that a lower court decision applied the wrong legal standards in assessing the potential harm of the requirement.

  • New GOP officer wants voter ID

    A winner-take-all electoral vote bill has been bottled up in committee in the Nebraska Legislature, and a voter ID bill was ensnared on the floor earlier this year by an effective filibuster.

  • BREAKING: Texas voter ID law struck down

    (CNN) - A federal appeals court in Washington has struck down the Texas voter ID law which required photos for voters at the polls, saying the law amounts to racial discrimination.

  • Voter ID Laws an Extra Challenge to Asian Americans

    Voter identification laws have been passed or modified in 10 states since 2010 when Republicans made big gains in national politics through the Tea Party movement.

  • Testimony on SC voter ID law touches on racism

    Washington - A South Carolina lawmaker and the author of a voter ID law considered discriminatory by the Justice Department testified in federal court this week that, while crafting the bill, he had responded favorably to a friend's racist email in ...

  • Federal Court Blocks Controversial Texas Voter ID Law

    A federal court in Washington ruled on Thursday that a Texas Voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act, effectively blocking the law from taking effect.

  • Our opinion: You can get free voter ID

    If you are one of those apparently marginal Americans who somehow manages to live a life without a government ID card and you would like to vote in the Nov. 6 election, a photo ID of last resort is now available - and it's free. Beginning this week ...

  • Federal court rules against Texas voter ID law

    WASHINGTON - A federal court has ruled for the first time that a strict photo identification law discriminates against poor and minority voters in violation of the Voting Rights Act, barring Texas from enforcing its new requirement at polling places ...

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