Friday, August 31, 2012

Combat trauma

  • Obama Extends Help for Veterans With Mental Health Problems

    WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama, responding to unprecedented waves of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffering from combat trauma, has ordered an expansion of mental health services including a beefed-up suicide hotline and more ...

  • NFL, Army both work to combat traumatic brain injury

    NFL, Army both work to combat traumatic brain injury. August 31, 2012. By David Vergun (ARNEWS). Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno holds an official NFL football signed by NFL.

  • AF trauma chief cites sweeping changes in critical care

    These advances have led not only to the nation's highest combat survivability rate in history, but also to countless saved civilian lives, said Air Force Lt.

  • Couples Therapy May Help Combat PTSD

    14 (HealthDay News) -- Although most treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) focus on the affected individual, researchers report that a new therapy that includes the patient's partner not only improved symptoms, but also increased the ...

  • Combat nurse gets Bronze Star for removing grenade from Marine's leg

    Stationed in an Afghan battle zone, Navy trauma nurse Lt. Cmdr. James Gennari gained plenty of experience treating the wounds of war.

  • Degenerative Brain Disease Threatens Afghan War Vets

    The enduring repercussions of a decade of war range from CTE and other forms of combat trauma to severe physical wounds and difficulties adjusting back into the civilian job market, education and social scene.

  • Rebooting Wounded Warriors: How Can Civilians Help?

    Unlike traditional psychotherapy, the HH4Heroes® innovative virtual program is results driven, helping veterans learn how to manage the post-combat side effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), MSA (Military ...

  • Simulators could end training on live animals

    The Defense Department uses more than 6,000 animals a year for combat-trauma training, according to congressional representatives and animal-rights groups that have criticized the practice as inhumane.

  • Medical Unit Deployed Sept. 11, 2011 Returns

    The unit treated 200 cases of combat trauma and saved 300 lives, both American and Afghan. The deployment is especially hard on families left to carry on at home.

  • How trauma haunts and distorts journalism

    Hemingway may be the most well known fiction writer who also worked as a reporter and whose writing was deeply affected by traumatic events from early childhood losses (suicide of father, distant mother) to war (ambulance driver in combat in World War ...

  • Carnegie Mellon's Jeffrey Hollinger Leads Research Team Developing New ...

    Carnegie Mellon's Jeffrey Hollinger Leads Research Team Developing New Tools To Ease Pain of Combat Injuries. Published: August 31, 2012 ... "Our tactic is to develop a solution that will control the pathological growth of bone in muscle and tendons ...

  • Poor Mental Health Before Combat Increases Chance of PTSD

    Poor Mental Health Before Combat Increases Chance of PTSD Provocative new research suggests that among military personnel, war is not necessarily the sole cause of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In the study, investigators discovered that a ...

  • Yoga, deep breathing used to address soldiers' post-traumatic stress

    Treating PTSD often involves medication and psychotherapy to force patients to grapple with their trauma. But yoga and meditation could be a gentler, less invasive way to treat the effects of combat stress, said Jack Nitschke, one of the lead ...

  • Gauze With Hemostatic Agent Kaolin Shown To Stop Bleeding In Severe ...

    Application of QuikClot Combat Gauze® shows 100% success in achieving hemostasis in swine with arterial bleeding in extreme physiologic conditions often associated with military combat, trauma, and law enforcement related injuries. WALLINGFORD ...

  • Grassland: These boots are for raising hope

    Estimates show more than 300,000 veterans are suffering from combat trauma, and 75 percent of these men and women will not receive adequate treatment.

  • Chicago soldiers teach rapid trauma response in Botswana

    Soldiers from the Botswana Defense Force learn about the importance of the combat-applied tourniquet during medical training at Thebephatshwa Air Base, Botswana, during Southern Accord 2012.

  • BRETT: Psychological trauma continues

    BRETT: What you need to know about brain injury. Are you a combat veteran with traumatic brain injury (TBI)? Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • Living with PTSD

    The illness can develop from a wide range of trauma experienced at any phase of life. Combat exposure is just one trigger.

  • Comment of the Day: PTSD Comes from Combat Day after Day

    Etterlee had limited combat experience, but was exposed to a handful of traumatic events, which caused a host of problems later on, including "intense distress at exposure to similar events.

  • Tips for talking to your children about the Perry Hall shooting

    He's written extensively about the psychology of combat, and he's worked with mental health professionals after mass school shootings all over the United States, including at Virginia Tech.

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